9 January 2016

I was invited to a prayer group which we have regularly, but I was thinking that maybe I won’t go today, because I have too many chores to do.

Suddenly Our Lord appeared to me, smiling and said, “Valentina, don’t neglect your prayer group, it is essential for you to attend the prayers. You can always do your chores later on.”

“Just think of how many souls you can save by going to the prayer group.”

“A lot of people are dying everywhere, either due to accidents, crimes, natural disasters, sicknesses and wars. The prayers that you My children offer Me will save their souls. You do not realise how many souls are saved through your prayers.”

“Prayers are essential. Don’t stop My children. Events are unfolding very rapidly in these times in which you are now living. There are signs in nature such as floods and earthquakes. They will become more frequent and more intense. Yet, I am so sad that all the people in the world still remain deaf and blind to these signs.”

“The earth is swallowing cars, houses and people. But still people remain blind.”

“They don’t acknowledge that something is wrong, they don’t recognise the signs. If they would only come and repent. I am so full of Love. I have so much to offer everyone.”

After Our Lord revealed this to me, I realised that the prayer group is very important. I left all my chores and in the afternoon I went to the prayer group.

At the prayer group I shared the message that Our Lord had given to me earlier in the day on how important are our prayers for saving souls.

The people there were very happy to hear how the prayers of such a little group can be so powerful. Some of them were full of emotion. Small charitable acts we offer Our Lord are also very powerful.

Thank you Lord Jesus, for reminding us to pray and to not get distracted by our chores.