28 June 2024

Germany Offends Our Lord Very Much

During the night, I endured much pain and suffering for the Holy Souls. Then the Angel came and said, “Come with me. The Holy Family would like to see you.”

Suddenly, I found myself in Heaven with the Angel and before us stood a beautiful building. As we entered the building, I was greeted by Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, and little Boy Jesus. Other angels and saintly people were also present.

They were all looking at a very large map hanging on the wall. As I looked closer at the map, I could see the country of Germany.

I said, “Very interesting.”

I heard the saintly people speaking to our Lord, the little Boy Jesus. They said, “Lord Jesus, You must go to Germany. It is Your duty to go to Germany and to protect it.”

As they said this, little Boy Jesus became very restless and, almost screaming, said, “No! I will not go to Germany!”

They asked, “Lord, but why do you not want to go there?”

“Because they offend Me too much. I will not go!” He said in a determined voice, feeling very emotional.

Blessed Mother, Saint Joseph, and little Boy Jesus, and all of us present, stepped out of the building and entered the heavenly garden. Blessed Mother was dressed in a very pale blue, almost off-white gown. She looked so beautiful and so young. She did not wear a mantilla to cover her beautiful flowing hair, which looked so natural.

Then, Blessed Mother entered another building while we waited outside for her. She came back carrying four small objects, all white and resembling combs. I noticed clear water droplets on all four of the items.

Turning to me, Blessed Mother handed me the white objects, saying, “Valentina, these are for you.”

I took them from Blessed Mother, saying to her, “They are all wet. They have water on them.”

She said, “This is not water—these are my tears that I shed for my children on earth. I always fear for my children. I want them to repent and to pray and to come back to my Son.”

“My children pray for the conversion of sinners.”

Thank you, Blessed Mother, Lord Jesus, and St Joseph, and holy angels and saints. Let us all pray for the country of Germany.

Whenever I receive a serious message about the world, Lord Jesus always comes as a little Boy to console me as He knows I worry.

During this experience, He came with a little water pistol similar to what little children play with. He was very playful, squirting water with it.

Suddenly, He squirted water directly on my face. I knew it was coming because He was looking directly at me, and I thought, ‘Ahh, Ahh, He is going to do something.’

Lord Jesus continued squirting water at me in a playful manner.

While our Lord was looking at me with His beautiful eyes, I could feel how His look pierced right through me, through to my soul.

Afterwards, God the Father came and began speaking to me in Italian. In a loving but concerned voice, He asked, “Did My Son bother you?”

I said, “No, Father. He was good.”

He said, “You know, He tried to cheer you up because we gave you a message that is serious for the world (Message from 26 June 2024). But don’t worry because you trust in Heaven.”

Thank You, God the Father, that all goodness and kindness comes from You.

We thank You, and we love You.

26 June 2024

You are Now Living the Last Page of the Holy Scripture

This morning, while I was praying my morning prayers, our Lord Jesus came.

He said, “Go to Mass! There are not many more available. They will abolish the Holy Mass soon, and it will be very bad after that.”

“Then they will introduce microchips to people. In everything, there will be much suffering, trouble and confusion in the world.”

“But it will all be of short duration. I will make sure that My people will not lose hope. I shall intervene with all My power.”

“Learn from the animals—when this starts happening, the animals will start gathering together. They will sense that things are not good in the world.”

“What is prophesied has to come to fulfilment. You are now living the last page of the Holy Scripture. Tell people not to be fearful. Tell them to pray and repent, and I will lead you to a New Era of Peace, that has never been before—an Era of wonders and beauty. There is something to look forward to.”

In a vision, I could see, sitting upon what looked like a long board many different kinds of animals, mainly smaller animals. I saw marsupials, such as smaller kangaroos and little possums. I saw farm animals such as sheep and many domestic animals such as cats and dogs. There were all kinds of animals sitting in a long line, all together.  Our Lord showed me the animals because they are obedient to Him. They will be confused and not at ease because they know something is coming to the world.

Looking at the beautiful animals, I said to our Lord, “Oh, how cute they are.”

He said, “Learn from the animals. They obey Me more than humans.”

23 June 2024

Our Lord Urgently Needs Our Prayers to Stop War

During the Holy Mass today, our Lord Jesus appeared to me. He said, “My child Valentina, the reason we manifested around you yesterday is to remind you to pray more and that you have to tell our children in the world to pray and to offer many, many rosaries and prayers to ascend to Heaven. I will tell you the reason why. You are now on the brink of war, and it is such a dangerous war. If that would happen, it would be catastrophic and horrific, with so much death and suffering. For now, I Am still holding it (the war) back, but I need a lot of prayers to sustain peace on earth, at least for the time being.”

Our Lord repeated, “You live in very dangerous times, and people take it very lightly. Tell people to take My messages seriously. A lot of things can happen, especially war—that would be the most dangerous thing. I need many, many rosaries and prayers to stop this from happening.”

“The world leaders are very evil, and they want war, but only I can stop them through your prayers. My children, pray for peace. Pray for the leaders of the world.”

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for protecting us. Have mercy on us and on the whole world.

22 June 2024

Our Lord and Blessed Mother Ask For More Prayers

Today, I prayed the Angelus at 6 p.m., when all of a sudden, my house was filled with Heavenly visitors—our Blessed Mother, our Lord Jesus, St Joseph, accompanied by Angels. They said, “We like to come and visit you. This house is very warm to us, and we also come to remind you to offer us your prayers. We really wait for your prayers.”

My Heavenly visitors continued to manifest around me. I understood that they urgently awaited my prayers

17 June 2024

God the Father  Can No Longer Watch This Sinful World

While praying the Holy Rosary, I had a vision of God the Father. I saw Him very sad and very down.

He said, “My daughter Valentina, I Am your Heavenly Father. Look at Me and at how sad I Am. I Am very concerned for humanity. I personally come to the world and beg My children to return back to Me, that they would plead to Me for My Mercy. My child, I personally want to tell you how much I Am dishonoured and blasphemed all over the world by My children. The world has become so sinful—there is no more love among nations, among people. Hatred, killing and evil is spreading everywhere, even among My Holy Churches, which is causing division and grave sin.”

“How sad I Am that I can no longer watch this sinful world. I can no longer forgive this humanity. I, your God and Creator of Heaven and Earth and of all of you, have to humble Myself to come to you and to beg you to return to Me. But tell people because of all of this evil and sin, the whole world has to suffer. I, your God and Creator of Heaven and Earth speak.”

Then, for a brief moment, our Lord Jesus appeared. He said, “Pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory because they suffer so much. Those who do not drink My Living Water—they will never have life.”

I said, “Thank You, Lord Jesus and God the Father, for warning us and helping us.”

16 June 2024

Soon, All Planes Will Be Grounded

This morning, as I prayed the Angelus, the Angel appeared and said, “I come to tell you not very good news. I announce that soon, there will be no planes flying anywhere in the world. They will all be grounded.”

I was shown in a vision how silent it would be without any planes flying.

I said, “Wow, how quiet it is. It is so peaceful.”

The Angel said, “This is very serious because people depend on the flights—they have jobs to go to, but there will be no travelling anywhere. Everything will be paralysed, and that will affect the economies.”

I asked, “For how long will this last?”

The Angel did not answer but said, “The world will be in chaos—people need to repent and to change, and to turn to God.”

He said, “Tell people to repent. It is all to do with repentance. The evil is always planning disasters in the world.”

Later that morning, our Lord Jesus said, “Valentina, My child, write down what the Angel told you. Didn’t I tell you that it is not safe to travel? People may go to distant places but then will not be able to come back.”

15 June 2024

I Will Make You Strong in the New Era of Peace

Our Lord gave me much suffering during the night. It was very intense suffering that our Lord came to me three times during the night.

Eventually, He alleviated my suffering in the early morning hours. Our Lord did not leave but remained there and, with a smile, started talking to me. He said, “Valentina, My gentle child, you are always gentle and soft-spoken to people. They ask you for prayers, and you never say no. You quickly offer everyone to Me to help them. I love you for that.”

“I love you for all your suffering and for the prayers you do. But would you like to know something beautiful? In the New Era of Peace, I will make you very strong.”

I asked, “Lord, when will this happen?”

He answered, “Sooner than you think! This is coming. Be patient a little bit longer.”

I said, “Lord, I praise You and thank You for all that is to come. I wish it would come now.”

14 June 2024

Lead Everyone Under My Holy Cross

During the Holy Mass, our Lord Jesus said, “Honour My Sacred Heart, full of love and mercy, that I have for all humanity. Every day, My Sacred Heart is pierced and agonised by all that I see in the world—so much injustice and misery and suffering of My poor children. They are dying of starvation and being killed around the world—that should not happen. There is enough food for everyone. If only the rich would help, but they are only for themselves and greedy.”

“The leaders in the governments are all corrupt and lying to the people. Even if a good person steps into government, they soon train that person to be unjust and to lie. That person may have a good idea to improve things, but they are soon trained not to do that. They have to obey them (the corrupt leaders) if they want to keep their job.”

“Where will all this end? Tell Me,” He said.

I said, “Lord Jesus, we trust that You are the only One who can help and change the world.”

Our Lord said, “Well, they will be severely judged. They think they can get away with everything, but they forget that I see everything. I Am merciful, but I Am also very Just.”

He smiled and said, “Valentina, lead everyone under My Holy Cross and offer Me the poor, the oppressed, the dying, the sick, the abandoned, everyone you can think of, and in that way I can still save their souls.”

Lord, have mercy on us.

7 June 2024

We Are Now Entering Into The Tribulation

This morning, while I was praying, three angels came and took me to Purgatory to visit suffering souls. As we were leaving the places we visited in Purgatory, the angels said, in a very serious tone, “Valentina, we want to tell you something.” Souls followed us and eagerly listened to what the angels were about to tell me.

The three Angels and I kept walking as they said to me, “We want to tell you that you are now fully entering into the Tribulation, and there is no way out! Even the daily Sacrifice of the Holy Mass will be abolished. You must tell people to pray and repent because there will be a lot of difficult times ahead of them. People will be sad and in despair, but tell them not to be but to trust and pray to our Lord Jesus. He will give them strength.”

The souls following us said, “See? We told you many times that you will experience a lot of Tribulation on earth.”

I was so shocked and saddened to hear this message.

Thank you, Holy Angels. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for sending us Messengers.

2 June 2024

The Solemnity of Corpus Christi

Today, during the Holy Mass, I experienced the most beautiful vision of our Lord Jesus. He stood in Heaven amongst a multitude of Saints, thousands upon thousands of them. By His side was Blessed Mother, Mary Most Holy, so glorious and majestic, radiating joy—our real Queen. They were all praising our Lord Jesus for His Sacrifice for all humanity.

I was observing our Blessed Mother, who was dressed so beautifully. She wore an all-white gown with royal blue trim and held her hands in prayer. A silver crown, adorned with a blue jewel at its centre, sat upon her head. She, too, joined in praising and glorifying her Son.

26 May 2024

Solemnity of the Holy Trinity
Prayer Gathering at Norma’s House

Today, we gathered at Norma’s house and prayed the Cenacle Rosary. As we were about to start the prayers, our Lord said, “Pray for this area (Cronulla)—they are very poor in spirit.”

Then Blessed Mother came. She was very happy, smiling, and dressed all in white.

She said, “Valentina, my daughter, we come to thank Norma for welcoming us to her house for prayer and for sharing the Holy Word and the Messages you receive from my Son and myself among my children. This is essential now in this present time that you live, in which you experience many troubles and sufferings daily.”

“Now is the time to pray. The Signs clearly indicate to you that what is happening in the world is not good with so many riots and demonstrations. Some are even deadly. That also tells you that people are not happy anymore—instead of praying, they are protesting. They do not understand that prayer is more essential than protesting.”

“Tell people to have hope because my Son Jesus will soon establish peace on earth. But He needs your help with prayer for this humanity.”

“Be at peace, my children. As a group gathered here today, you receive a very special blessing from the Most Holy Trinity.”

Then I watched as Blessed Mother raised her right hand and blessed us all with the Sign of the Cross, saying, “In the Name of the + Father and of the + Son and of the + Holy Spirit. Amen.”

Blessed Mother was smiling when she said, “We love Norma—she is very humble, she has a very strong faith, and she is determined to change people’s hearts.”

I said, “Thank you, Blessed Mother. Pray for us.”

24 May 2024

Our Lord Asks Us to Honour His Mother

During Holy Mass today, our Lord said, “Honour My Mother, and love her very much. In that way, you can console her.”

“Today in Heaven, she is honoured in a very special way—for being Mother of the True God. But sadly, on earth, not all people love her. They make vile comments about her and ridicule her, and they treat her like an ordinary woman. Many times she sheds tears of sorrow, and her Immaculate Heart is full of sorrow and pain.”

“If only humanity would understand how she constantly intercedes for her sinful children, to protect them from the snares of evil, they would love her much more deeply and give her thanks and gratitude in return. That would give her consolation.”

Blessed Mother, we love you, your faithful children, for interceding and praying for us, and we thank you.

19 May 2024

Pentecost Sunday

During the Holy Mass, the Angel appeared, and He said to me, “Today, we are all around our Lord in Heaven, praising Him, and the whole of Heaven is rejoicing.”

In a vision, I could see all the angels and saints in Heaven praising and glorifying our Lord. Our Lord wore beautiful red garments with rich gold embroidery. He was very, very joyful because the whole of Heaven surrounded Him, praising Him.

Our Lord Jesus Himself then moved forward towards me and said, “Every year, people set a date and say: today, we will all receive the Holy Spirit that will manifest in our conscience.”

Our Lord then smiled and said, “No! My children, don’t make any dates because that is for My Father. Only He knows when, but don’t give up hope because the Holy Spirit will come when, in the world, there will be terrible trouble.”

“People will think there is no more hope. Then the Holy Spirit will come in such a power that no one will expect Him, and no one will refuse Him. Very powerfully, the Holy Spirit will bring the truth to humanity—for humanity to know that the world is under the slavery of Satan. The Holy Spirit will manifest, revealing the truth to the world, and people will say: we were all under the influence of the slavery of Satan.”

“Be courageous and pray for that. You have to prepare yourselves, and repent and be pure and holy to meet the Bridegroom.”

10 May 2024

Soon a Very Big Sign Will Come from Heaven

During the Cenacle Rosary Prayers our Blessed Mother appeared, radiating joy, and said, “My children, we always wait for this moment when you gather together around us, and offer your prayers.”

“I want to tell you how much my Son is suffering, for all the horrific things that are happening throughout the world—so much suffering that brings my Son back to His Crucifixion over and over again because the leaders of the world cannot come to an agreement for peace.”

“I want to tell you, very soon, a very big sign will appear from Heaven that will affect every human being on earth. It will manifest so powerfully in the Spirit that no one will be able to refuse it. Everyone will see the truth how God sees it.”

“Tell people to pray and to repent and to be in a State of Grace.”

9 May 2024

Souls in Darkness for Not Sharing Their Riches

In the morning, the Angel came and took me to Purgatory. At first, he took me to a shabby building, where he instructed me to wash many plates and glasses—this helps purify the souls suffering here in this place.

While I was washing and then rinsing, two young boys suddenly appeared. They were about eight to ten years old. One of them came up close to me and asked, “Are you doing the washing of the glasses? Can we have some drink?”

I said, “Yes, you can have some drink, but wait a minute till I finish.”

He then said, “Show me if you are doing a good job washing them.”

Water dripped down my hand as I raised one glass for the boy to inspect. He looked at the glass and, very happily, said, “It looks good!”

“It’s crystal clear. Good enough,” He said.

As he spoke these words, I realised He was our Lord Jesus as a young Boy. The other little boy was his Angel.

Then suddenly, my guardian angel said, “Now that you have finished here, come with me—I have to show you another place so you can help the people there who are suffering a lot.”

Suddenly, I found myself with the Angel in a Cemetery somewhere on earth. I could see some fresh graves covered with very dark dirt.

I said to the Angel, “I don’t like cemeteries. I feel very uneasy.”

The Angel said, “Our Lord Jesus wants you to help these people who are buried here. They are in total darkness.”

Suddenly, I could hear all this crying for help coming from the graves. There were a lot of voices coming from the ground.

I heard voices pleading for help. One voice said, “Lady, please help us. Get us out of this horrific darkness.”

I asked, “What did you do during your life that you are punished so badly?”

They said, “We were very rich and lived lavish lives. We had everything, and look where we are now. We were very selfish and never helped others. We have to suffer very much for not sharing with others.”

“Now it is too late for us. Please help us!”

I said, “See where you are now? You didn’t take any of your wealth with you. You should have helped others, and you would not be here.”

The soil of the freshly covered graves were all black, just like the place where these souls were now. I talked to them for a while, and then the Angel took me away.

Usually, I suffer a lot of pain in my leg, but after the Angel brought me back home, our Lord gave me extra suffering for these souls. I was in so much agony all through the night and all day long until about twenty to three in the afternoon when I was praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet and offering it up, especially for these souls. I still felt sorry for them.

After saying this prayer, the immense pain in my leg eased. Our Lord wanted me to have this excruciating suffering to liberate these souls and to raise them from this darkness. They have to learn and purge themselves of their earthly attachments.

I was grateful to our Lord for being so merciful to all these souls.