24 July 2022

Be Courageous and have Hope in Me

Today, as soon as I stepped into the church for Holy Mass, our Lord Jesus spoke to me. He said, “If only these people knew that you are a prophet and are seated amongst them. Be courageous because together, you and Me, we will achieve a lot of things.”

I thought to myself, “What is going on?”

During the Communion Rite, the priest would usually stand in front of the Altar to distribute Holy Communion, but today he directed a lady to stand there, and he went to the back of the Altar.

With sadness in my heart, I said, “Lord, I have no choice but to go to the lady to receive You and let it be from Your Holy Hands.”

Our Lord Jesus was very upset when He said, “See how they sacrilege Me! The priests should never go to the back (of the Altar). They should always come and stand in front of the Altar facing the people to distribute Holy Communion, but some priests don’t do this.”

“Pray for My priests.”

“I would like you to tell them that I am not happy with them when they do this. Tell them they are not doing the right thing; they are not doing what I want them to do. They have to change.”

Lord Jesus lamented, “I Am crucified most of the time, and put back on the Cross. They are crucifying Me so badly, and My Heart is so painfully wounded.”

“In most of the churches today, they sacrilege Me, they put Me down, they push Me away, they destroy My churches. The priests and the bishops are one against another.”

“This should not be,” He said.

“My Church is My Body. They don’t stand united in My Body; instead, they are divided. The good priests, who are serving Me rightly and truthfully, they are pushed out.”

“But I tell you, My Church will triumph very soon! I was not thinking of doing this sooner, but the way My Churches are leading, I will have to intervene soon. There will be no more Communion served in the hand. All will be done properly, the way it should be. There will be no more sacrilege.”

“Not everybody, but only consecrated hands, will handle Me, and they will not distribute Me to people who are without repentance and confession. They will no longer handle Me and serve Me out like I Am some kind of sweet or biscuit. They will know how holy I Am.”

“Now they sacrilege Me so much.”

“Pray for them. Pray that this will come very soon. My Church will triumph sooner than you think.”

Our Lord can no longer watch all this sacrilege, irreverence and indifference happening in churches everywhere. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for the hope and good news you give us.

17 July 2022

Blessed Mother Weeps for Her Children

Today, in the Cathedral, when I came to pray in front of the statue of our Blessed Mother, Mary Help of Christians, I said, “Glory be to You Baby Jesus and to You Blessed Mother.”

Immediately, our Blessed Mother shed a huge tear that rolled down her right cheek. I said, “Oh, Blessed Mother, you are upset! Why are you crying?”

She answered, “I am crying for my children because they are disobedient and stubborn. They do not turn to my Son Jesus and repent. Sadly, I have to tell you so many of my children are dying, and they are losing their souls. They go to perdition, from which there is no way out. Right now, in the world, the devil is so powerful. He spreads his evil all over the world, telling people lies. With his cunning lies, he deceives so many of them, and they are blind to all of this. Tell my children to turn to God and to change their way of life.”

“You have to pray very hard for the conversion of sinners.”

“Day by day, the war in Ukraine is getting worse. In many churches around the world, they do not pray for this war to stop. They do not offer prayers, nor do they offer the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass.”

“Look around you. The whole world is suffering economically because of this war. Hunger is increasing; in some places, people have nothing to eat. That is why I cry when I see my children in such suffering. Many world leaders and many of the rich just permit this to happen. They do not want to know. The world is becoming very selfish.”

“In Heaven, my Son is so upset. He cries when He sees the suffering and misery of so many, and such little attention is given to that. Very little prayer is offered up to Him.”

I said, “Blessed Mother, but our Lord Jesus promised that He would come soon and bring justice and peace to the world. When is He coming? Many people are waiting for Him.”

Blessed Mother answered, “He will come in good time but not yet. My children, after all, you have to make a pure white road for Him to descend upon.”

She said, “Encourage one another to go to Confession and to pray. Jesus loves you all very much, but He waits for you all to come to Him and to convert. In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph. Never give up.”

Blessed Mother always says, “Renew your Consecration daily to My Immaculate Heart and through My Immaculate Heart, it goes to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. That is the salvation of the soul.”

She said, “Pray, pray, pray the Holy Rosary, which is so powerful against the evil. The greatest prayer is the Rosary which blinds the devil then he has no power over you. Help me to save souls in the world.”

While Blessed Mother was telling me this message, in a vision, I could see a beautiful straight white road descending from Heaven to Earth, ready for Jesus to walk upon. The pure white represents repentance and prayer. The tears that Blessed Mother was shedding were for her children, who were falling straight into hell.

Thank you, Blessed Mother. Pray for us.


17 July 2022

Blessed Mother Needs our Prayers

This morning while praying the Angelus, I suddenly saw a beautiful white light coming toward me. In the light was Blessed Mother. The next minute, I could see a black, black mist coming towards her, trying to cover her up, but she kept pushing it back.

The black mist, however, persistently kept pushing toward Blessed Mother, but she fought back against it. She permitted me to see how strong the darkness is in the world now and how incessantly persistent it is in its attack. We must help her with our daily prayers to help push the darkness back, which is trying to diminish the light.

16 July 2022

Demons Attack Me at Night

Last night I prayed to our Lord and said, “Lord, they are trying to scare us with the Coronavirus again. Please don’t let it happen again. Protect us.”

After I finished my evening prayers, I also prayed the Litany of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus and the Litany of Loreto. It was past midnight when I finished all my prayers and went to sleep.

The minute I switched off the lights, I heard the sounds of grunting coming closer and closer, and then all of a sudden, demons were surrounding my bed. There was a lady demon, who was quite large, along with six male demons of whom she was in charge. Each one of them held injection needles.

They said, “You thought you could get rid of us, but you interfered with our plans. That is why we have come to give you the needles, and you can’t run away from us. You will belong to us!”

The lady demon said, “You should respect us!’

I said, “Oh yeah! I’ll give you respect; I’ll push you off! Go away in the Name of our Lord Jesus.”

The lady demon said, “See, we will walk around amongst the public, and we will push the needle into people from the back, right through their clothing.”

I said, “Only if our Lord permits otherwise, you will do nothing, and you are nothing! Lord Jesus will not allow that.”

The lady demon responded, “Humans are dumb. They would believe anything.”

I would spray holy water at the demons, and then they would leave, but after a while, they would return. I would call upon our Lord Jesus, St Joseph and Blessed Mother, but it was not until about six-thirty in the morning when the demons left permanently.

When our Lord Jesus came, I asked, “Lord, where were you when I called you when I was attacked by the demons?”

Our Lord smiled and said, “They tried to scare you, they tried to convince you, but I will not permit anything to happen to you because I Am always with you to protect you.”

Our Lord wanted me to see how powerful the devil is right now. We must trust in our Lord to protect us.

After the demons left, the angel came and took me to console some souls in Purgatory.

There I saw an Australian lady who was familiar to me. I knew her while she was alive.

She was lying in what looked like a hospital bed, covered with terrible sores that looked like scales.

The room was all open like a warehouse, in very poor condition, and was full of beds with sickly people lying in them. There was no partitioning. The beds represent that the souls here are very sick. Each one has to suffer here and make reparation for the sins committed during their lives.

They need our help; otherwise, they will not be able to get out of those beds.

I asked the lady, “What happened to you? This is the second time I have seen you here. I thought you would be better.”

“No! I am so sick,” she replied.

Feeling pity for her, I said. “I have to pray even harder for you.”

Lord, have mercy on this poor lady and on all the poor souls in Purgatory.

10 July 2022

Pray for the Former Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe

Yesterday, when I heard the news about the assassination of the former Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, I felt very sad and hurt because I knew he was a nice person.

I was saying my prayers when our Lord Jesus appeared, and He said, “I want you to pray for Shinzo Abe, the former Prime Minister of Japan.”

I immediately did as our Lord asked and included him in my prayers.

This morning, during the Holy Mass, our Lord again reminded me when He said, “Because you attend the High Mass, I want you to offer Me the former Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe. He was a very good person, very highly respected, a good human being, and he had done a lot of good for his people. His life was cut short in a horrible way by a horrible assassination.”

“Pray for other leaders because none of them are safe. There is so much evil now in the world.”

“I tell you, all that society tells people to receive the vaccine again, it is not that they need the Coronavirus vaccine, but they are doing it to put fear into people to control them. There is hardly any virus around, but they make people believe that it is circulating.”

“It is all lies!”

“There is so much evil in the world that you have no idea, My children. I can only tell you that the road, from now on, will be very hard, rough and stormy. I want you to persevere, and I want you to stay very close to Me. I Am always very close to you to protect you from all evil.”

I said, “Thank You, my Lord Jesus, have mercy on us and protect us.”

Today, as I was lighting a candle before the statue of our Lady, Help of Christians, I said, “Blessed Mother, it is so cold today and look at the rain.”

Blessed Mother responded, “My Son permits the cold weather and rain to happen because He wants people to change and to convert. Just as the weather you experience is very cold, so are the human hearts of the people very cold. People are very slow to change and recognise the signs they are being given through the weather.”

“Pray for the world. The world is in darkness, and many things will happen. Only through prayer things can change and be stopped from happening. With all the things that are happening, trust my Son.”

Thank you, Blessed Mother.

6 July 2022

The Famine is Reaching a High Peak Now

While I was praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet, I was also meditating on the message our Lord Jesus gave me about the Universal Cross. In my prayers, I offered up all the people in the world, from East to West and from North to South, as our Lord requested of me; for all the non-believers and for the conversion of sinners who offend God very much.

Suddenly, our Lord appeared and said, “Over and over, I have been reminding you, and repeating to you, about My children in the world who are dying from starvation. That upsets Me so much. I want to tell you that the famine in the world is now reaching a high peak. It is the selfishness of humanity which turns a blind eye to this. They pretend not to know as they don’t want to know. Every minute, people are dying of starvation, especially little children. That should never happen, as there is enough food for everyone, and so many rich people in the world don’t want to know about the people in the poor countries and how they suffer.”

“The day of My Justice is nearer and nearer when I will put things in the right order, and I will defeat all the evil circulating the world.”

“When I do all this, these people who are now suffering will live in harmony and peace.”

“I want you to have faith and trust Me that this will happen soon.”

Thank you, Lord Jesus. Please bless all the starving people in the world, especially the little children.

21 June 2022

War in Ukraine

Early this morning, about five o’clock, while I was suffering for the Holy Souls, Lord Jesus came.

He said, “My child Valentina, today I want you to come with Me so that I can show you, and reveal to you, things about the war in Ukraine.”

Suddenly our Lord Jesus and I found ourselves on the ground in a most distressed and ruined area of Ukraine. Everywhere we looked as we walked was very depressing, with the complete destruction of buildings and landscape. Our Lord Jesus was so sad. As we were walking, He was pointing in different directions. Then as He moved His Hands, an underground area opened up. I could see many people hiding in underground shelters and living in enormous fear of being killed. I saw many older people and some children and younger mothers. All huddled together, living in fear.

Our Lord lamented, “So many died unnecessarily! You know, I didn’t permit this war. I know many people still blame Me for it.”

Turning to me, He repeated, “I didn’t permit this war. It was all the evil-doing of one evil person. He wants to possess everything because he is greedy for things that do not belong to him. Brutally he is killing innocent people and little children.”

As we continued to walk, we could see fresh pools of blood on the ground everywhere around us. Stains of blood covered the earth, and in some places, it was seeping into the dirt, combining with it.

Lord Jesus said, “Valentina, I want you to be here with Me so that you can console My Sacred Heart which grieves so much for what I can see here, and your suffering, that I permit, a part of this is to help the Holy Souls who die in this war.”

Please pray for the people here and ask everyone to pray. If they participate and listen to My plea, I can still stop this. The Russian leader has plans to invade surrounding countries too. He wants to be victorious. But prayer from all of you can stop this. Prayer is the most powerful weapon against all evil. Spread My message across and be courageous. I Am always with You to protect You.”

Thank You, My Lord Jesus, have mercy on the people of Ukraine.

He said, “Not many people pray for the people of Ukraine.”

19 June 2022

Corpus Christi

Today at the beginning of Mass, I was surprised there was no Procession for the Feast of Corpus Christi.

During the Holy Mass, our Lord Jesus said to me, “I Am very, very disappointed today in this church. In an ordinary way, they celebrate My Corpus Christi. I was expecting more since this is the Cathedral and the High Mass. There should be a much deeper reverence for Me. This is not only here but in many other churches. Less and less reverence they give Me. Less and less important I Am for them in the churches.”

“Pray for the churches and pray for the clergy, the bishops and priests. The times are coming when they will give less and less importance to Me. They don’t understand how holy and how important I Am.”

Our Lord was very upset and sad today, as the Mass was not observed with the greatest Solemnity. They think it is not necessary.

Lord, have mercy on the clergy.

After the distribution of Holy Communion, kneeling in the pew, I again saw our Lord. First, He appeared as a beautiful image, all in white. But then in front of Him appeared a crucified Lord and then appeared, just His Body. Our Lord showed me how His Body that He offers is a Precious Holy Body, and His Blood is Precious Blood, and It comes all in one.

Our Lord always manifests after Holy Communion. I watched our Lord, so beautiful all in white, as He walked through the church, passing amongst the people, and as He did so, He blessed each person. He loves people; He loves everybody. He shares His Body and Blood with people, forgiving them when they come to Him and sincerely repent and confess their sins.

I thanked our Lord so much. I said, “Lord, how beautiful You are. How graceful You are. How loving You are. You forgive us, and You are abundantly among us sinners because we are little nothings.”

5 June 2022

Pentecost Sunday

Today during the Holy Mass, new members of the Catholic Education Office were present.

Lord Jesus said, “There are many errors in the catholic education in catholic schools. They do not teach the children the true holy Catholic Faith as they should. A lot of the true teaching has been cut out, so the children are not taught correctly.”

Our Lord wants us to pray for this. There are errors being taught in the church, and so, for all of that, our Lord is sacrileged and offended in every way, in the church and in Holy Communion.

During the Communion Rite, when we received Holy Communion, our Lord manifested, all in white. He was walking throughout the church and amongst the people. A beautiful angel with huge golden wings was with Him.

Our Lord has no choice but to bless us and to manifest because the Holy Communion is His Holy Body.

He was sad and lamented to me, “They come to receive Me unrepentant again! They sacrilege Me so much.”

This is extremely painful for our Lord.

Then after the distribution of Holy Communion, I could see the Holy Souls coming to the altar. Most of them, after they approach the altar, I don’t see them anymore. They are taken by our Lord.

As today is the Feast of Pentecost, many souls went to Heaven. However, some are left behind. I could see a lady, a soul. She looked so confused and kept turning as if she was lost. She was wearing a black veil on her head. She kept looking around and appeared to be in a state of panic because she was left behind.”

I felt so sad for her.

I said, “Lord, I offer You this lady. I don’t know what she had done in her life.”

The black represents that the sin is still on her.

During the Mass, some souls are taken to Heaven, but the rest are left behind, and this lady was one of them. The ones left behind, I see them going back to the Holy Tabernacle to pray.

Lord, have mercy on the Holy Souls.

5 June 2022

God the Father speaks to His Children

Yesterday our prayer group gathered at Jan’s house for our First Saturday prayer devotions.

This morning while I was praying my morning prayers, God the Father came.

He said, “My daughter Valentina, I, your Father, I Am speaking to you. I want you to give this message to Jan, My daughter.”

“Tell her how privileged is her prayer group and how very special is her house. In her house, I revealed to you My daughter Valentina such a powerful message and a vision of My Universal Cross.”

Speaking to Jan, God the Father said, “My daughter Jan, you should be very happy that I have chosen your house for prayer and devotion. You have had many years of prayers in your home.”

“Your humility pleases Me very much. You welcome everyone, and your kindness and generosity you give to all. I love you for that very much.”

“Keep your house of prayer open for Me. Continue to pray for humanity because the world is very bad and sinful. Your prayers can touch many hearts, and you receive many graces. My daughter, I thought you would like to know how privileged you are in My Eyes. I love you all and bless you. Be at peace.”

I said, “God the Father, we love you too, very much. Have mercy on souls.”

4 June 2022

The Universal Cross above Earth

At the prayer group, when we were reciting the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Holy Rosary, and we came to the fifth mystery, the Crucifixion, our Lord Jesus lifted my spirit. I was raised high up above the people in our prayer group.

Suddenly, I was lifted high above the earth and found myself in the universe. I remained on my knees because I was meditating on the Passion of our Lord Jesus. Suddenly everything was open for me to see.

Our Lord Jesus then said and showed me, “Look at My Holy Cross, on which the Son of Man died for all humanity. Do you know this is the Universal Cross?”

“I want you to go from East to West and from North to South and round up all humanity to me. Leave them under my Holy Cross and tell them to repent and to beg Me for My mercy.”

“It is My last plea to save all before you plunge into the deepest darkness with no return.”

“My Holy Cross is universal and the most powerful. Nothing is above My Holy Cross, and no matter what, there is no Salvation without My Holy Cross. In an instant, I will forgive you and heal you when you ask Me sincerely.”

“Valentina, don’t be afraid to speak out and to spread My Holy Word as far as you can to all. I want to save the world with My universal and powerful Cross.”

“I bless you all and be at peace.”

In a vision our Lord Jesus showed me:

I was now somewhere in the universe with our Lord Jesus standing beside me. Above the earth, right in the centre, stood the huge Holy Cross, all aglow. It looked so beautiful and powerful standing on the horizon. It is universal and stands right in the centre, above the globe. Beams of golden light were shooting from the Cross everywhere towards the earth.

The earth looked so beautiful and so colourful. I could clearly see the oceans, so huge and the water, the most brilliant blue. I could see parts of the earth covered in greenery. It all looked so alive.

In awe of God’s Creation, I said, “Oh, planet earth is so beautiful, and we should appreciate it and thank God for it.”

It is the Universal Cross on which our Lord died for all of us to redeem us all. He also sees that we on planet earth live in terrible danger, with all kinds of ugly happenings coming towards us. He wants to save us all because He loves us very much.

Thank you, Lord Jesus. Have mercy on us all.


3 June 2022

Honour My Sacred Heart in this Month of June

Our Lord Jesus appeared and manifested while we were praying the Cenacle Rosary. He said, “Tell people to honour My Sacred Heart in this month of June. My Sacred Heart is so special and loves humanity so much, yet today people deny Me and pierce Me with so many offences coming from the world, and going straight through My agonising Heart.”

“Never in the history of humanity has sin been so terrible as now. People have lost their sense of remorse. They live so carefree as if it is all normal.”

“Speak to people about repentance and proclaim My Holy Word.”

Our Lord instantly heals us when we repent and confess to Him, and He will give us peace. Peace in our soul. God restores peace and love in each person through the Sacrament of Confession.

Lord, have mercy on humanity, and we pray that people will repent and change.

29 May 2022

Ascension of Our Lord

Pray always in Radiance to our Lord


Today during the Holy Mass, our Lord appeared all in beautiful white.


He said, “Pray always in radiance to Me and trust Me always because I Am always with you.”


“But I also want to tell you, there are many events that are ahead of all of you, which I will not reveal to you, as I do not want to put fear in you. You will experience them.”

22 May 2022

Be At Peace and Do Not Panic

This morning I was saying my prayers and making my offerings. While I was praying the Angelus, being the last prayer I say before getting up, our Lord Jesus came.

He was sad and lamented to me, “Tell M and Z that I Am not very happy with what happened in this country [Australia] and what is happening in the world. I Am very disappointed with the Election and the outcome that the people chose.”

“You see, people are blind, and they put their hopes in empty promises instead of putting their trust in Me, your Lord, and praying for a good outcome.”

“I tell you, right now, there is so much confusion all over the world. All kinds of confusion are circling, and people are running everywhere. There are so many false messages being put out for people to read, and they are not from Me, and that is why people have become so panicky and confused right now.”

“Valentina, I want you to tell people to be at peace and not have panic attacks. Tell them not to run away from where they are staying, but to stay where they are and to pray for the world and for the conversion of sinners.”

“Right now, the devil is advancing in the world. He comes to deceive many people. What I want from all of you is conversion and repentance and to become more spiritual.”

“You do not need to run away, but have more faith and trust in Me. Prayer can change many things for the better. There are people who predict what is to come, and they give you the date of when I Am coming. They say what you must do. This is not true, and it is not for you to know, for only My Father knows when all these things will happen. He reserves this for Himself.”

Thank you, my Lord Jesus, for your Holy Words and Teachings.

15 May 2022

Woman throws away petitions for other children

I was once taken to a church somewhere in the world, where there was a most beautiful statue of our Blessed Mother Mary Most Holy. I could see many photos of children lined up in front of the statue. People would come and leave petitions and pictures of their children in front of Blessed Mother and pray to her to intercede for their children.

Suddenly, I watched as a woman walked up the aisle and came before the statue of Blessed Mother. With anger, she grabbed the photos of the children, and forcefully, she threw them to the side. She then placed photos of her own children there, right next to the statue of Blessed Mother. She thought that the Blessed Mother could only pray for her children and not the others.

Blessed Mother was crying when she said, “See! Forcefully, she wants that I intercede only for her children and not the others. That upsets me so much because I love all my children.”

“I was sad whenever they would do that, and I would even cry. Some people in the world are so persistent that they only want for themselves and for everything to be answered quickly. They only think of their own children but never think of others. I love the others too, and the others probably suffer more.”

Blessed Mother was very upset. I remember this well. The way this woman threw away the photos of the other children, as in her mind, she thought, ‘you are all nothing; only my children are important.’ This is very offensive to Blessed Mother.

Graces are given to us when we pray for others because we are being charitable and humble.

Blessed Mother can intercede for all her children.