19 January 2024

Lord Jesus Warns of the Coming Winter

Lord Jesus said, “Now you experience very uncomfortable heat (in Australia), but I also want to tell you and warn you—the winter you will experience this year will be very cold. Don’t put your warm clothing away because you will need them.”

“And that will show you that things will proceed to happen in the world, and they are the signs given to humanity. Pray because the night will become very cold and frozen, and it won’t go away that quickly.”

“Don’t lose hope. You must be in a State of Grace and pray until these things pass through.”

18 January 2024

Souls Suffering for Committing Adultery

This morning, the Angel took me to Purgatory, where I encountered a woman running and running. She could not stop.

I said to her, “Stop running! Why are you running?”

She said, “I am running because it is my punishment. I was married, and then I fell in love with another man who was married.”

I asked, “But you knew that he was married?”

“Yes,” she replied. “I knew, but I didn’t care. I wanted him.”

I said, “But see, you should not have stayed with a married man because he didn’t belong to you.”

“Well, I fell in love with him, and I wanted him. I chased him everywhere,” she said.

“See how you have to suffer now!” I said.

“Now I have to run and run, the same way I was chasing him while I was alive.”

I said, “You know that adultery is wrong? You knew that he was married, and you were still chasing him.”

She then revealed, “It is not only me. There are many here in this place that did what I did. They were married, and they were having affairs with other men, and now they are very much punished.”

14 January 2024

Guardian Angels Take the Poor Souls to Holy Mass

Each morning, my room is always full of Holy Souls who come begging for help. Once they die, they cannot help themselves. I usually take these souls to Mass and offer them to our Lord at the Holy Altar.

However, I could not do this during the holiday period as, on weekdays, there was no daytime Mass. There was only the early morning Mass, which I could not attend and afterwards, the Church would be closed.

So I asked my Guardian angels, one or two of them, as there are always some angels around me, to take the Holy Souls in my room to the Church. Each morning, I would say to the angels, “Please take all these Holy Souls and others too—take them to the Church before the Holy Mass is offered, and place them at the foot of the Holy Cross of the Altar and ask Lord Jesus to be merciful to them, so He would bless them and help them.”

The angels did as I asked and took all the Holy Souls to present them to our Lord at the Holy Mass.

When we cannot attend Holy Mass, we can send our Guardian Angels to take Holy Souls to Church—they can do that for us. The angels can place the offertory before the Holy Altar. During the Holy Mass, when our Lord is manifesting, they can ask Him, which the angels have the privilege to do, to be merciful to the souls, and they can ask our Lord to take them to Heaven, or whatever our Lord chooses to do with them. Once these souls are taken to the Church and offered to our Lord, they do not return.

Definitely, this inspiration would not come to me unless it was given to me by our Lord. This is something we can all do. Our Guardian Angels are waiting and happy for us to do this—to take the poor souls to the Holy Mass and offer them to our Lord.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for this beautiful grace.

14 January 2024

Golden Flame Appears on the Holy Altar During the Holy Mass

Today, during the Holy Mass, before the Consecration, our Lord asked me, “Do you believe I Am holy?”

I said, “Lord, I always know that You are holy. You are the Holiest of all Holiness.”

Then, all of a sudden, as the priest was preparing the gifts and offering prayers before the Elevation, I noticed a beautiful golden flame of Light appear on the Altar. It was on the Crucifix, just below it—a golden flame, like fire, alive and moving.

Amazed at seeing this beautiful vision, I thought, ‘It couldn’t be the light coming from the candles on the Altar as there was no candle near the Crucifix. Where was that light coming from?’

Lord Jesus said, “See, I Am showing you the flame—that represents that I Am truly present on each Altar during the Holy Mass.”

It was so beautiful. During the Consecration, our Lord is manifesting on the Altar, and the flame was there for a long time, and then all of a sudden, it disappeared.

After the Mass, I approached the priest, and said, “Father Tom, Jesus loves you, be faithful to Him.”

He said, “Thank you, Valentina. Pray for me.”

8 January 2024

Prayer Group Gathering for Christmas


Yesterday, we gathered at Eric’s house to pray the Cenacle Rosary and to share in the celebration of Christmas. Veronique led the prayers and offered the rosary for the intentions of our Blessed Mother—this is what our Lady requests each time we pray the Cenacle Rosary.

This morning, when I was praying the Angelus, Blessed Mother appeared. Smiling, she said, “I come to thank you, my children, for uniting in a smaller group than your usual Cenacle Prayer Group gathering. It was good that you offered your prayers for my intentions, which I need so much now, in this time, when there is so much evil in the world—for the needy and for protection from the evil.”

“My messages are ignored and not taken seriously. My plea for the world is for conversion and repentance. Even you, my children, who are very devoted to me, take my messages very lightly. You were carried away with your talking—it was more of a social gathering than a prayer group. You should be more spiritual in your gathering. Valentina, my daughter, I could not communicate with you yesterday. It was very noisy.”

“Do you know what I desired while you were at Eric’s house? It was for the group to gather around me and take a photo with me.”

Our Blessed Mother showed me in a vision where she wanted us to stand and crouch in front of her statue, which sat on a beautifully prepared table. She said, “You would have been embraced by the Heavenly Light, but sadly, you missed it.”

Smiling, she said, “As for you, Valentina, if you would have placed both your hands on the edge of the altar, you would have experienced something wonderful.” As our Blessed Mother was telling me this, I could see in a vision the fingers of both my hands placed on the edge of the table.

I said, “Oh, Blessed Mother, I felt in my heart to place my hands on the altar but did not feel it was right to do so.”

Sadly, as a group, we missed out on graces from Heaven that were being given to us at that precise moment.

Blessed Mother, I am very sorry that we were carried away in conversation and not being obedient to you and to the Holy Will of God

7 January 2024

God the Father Appears in Royal Majestic Dress

Throughout the night, I suffered so much pain in my leg that I couldn’t sleep. Suddenly, the Angel of the Lord came and said, “Valentina, come with me. You have some cleaning to do, and souls are waiting to be helped.”

Suddenly, I found myself in a place where angels instructed me on what to do. I started washing clothing that looked like that of boys and young men.

The Angel explained why I was chosen to do this cleaning, saying, “Valentina, you are very particular and careful when you wash the clothes.”

Once I had washed the clothes and squeezed the remaining water out, I placed them in a basket. The Angel would then deliver the basket to a saintly lady dressed all in white who sat a few metres away to my right. She then closely inspected the clothing to ensure I had thoroughly washed away the stains [of sin]. This saintly lady would then decide whether this group of young men was purified enough to go to Heaven.

While washing and cleaning the clothing, a beautiful red and gold-embroidered stiff and thick woven fabric suddenly appeared to my right, slightly elevated. To my great surprise, in the middle of this fabric, sitting majestically, was God the Father!

God the Father was robed in the same red and gold royal fabric, and to my amazement, He also wore slippers of the same rich fabric. He wore a headdress of the same red and gold, similar to a mitre.

God the Father stood up and took a couple of steps towards me. He then blessed me by making the Sign of the Cross, and then He would go back. He did this three times. It appeared He was blessing the washed clothing.

I was so amazed watching Him. When He returned to sit down, I said to myself, ‘I better continue with my washing because God the Father is watching me.’

The next minute, a young man with blonde hair appeared from the corner. He brought a pair of creamy-coloured lace-up ankle boots—made of very strong, thick material. They appeared to be men’s size. The young man placed the boots right next to my cleaned washing. I was a bit annoyed that he put them so close to the cleaned clothes.

Later that day, at the High Mass, God the Father appeared. He smiled and said, “I, God the Father, come to explain to you what all you did and experienced earlier means. The cleaning, washing, and pain in your legs was for souls—a last-minute preparation for them to be released to come home to Heaven.”

“The boots you received from Me are My protection for you against the evil that is now happening in the world and also for you to walk among people to proclaim My Holy Word.”

“My Royal Majestic Dress represents the Kingship and Royalty that My Son Jesus received through the three Wise Men and Kings who paid homage to Him, bringing Him gifts of frankincense, myrrh, and gold. They knew He is the King, the Holiest of all Holiness, and no one is above Him. He will reign forever. Tell people to honour My Son and to love Him and to praise Him.”

Thank You, my loving Father. We love You, too.

31 December 2023

Locking the Church for the Holiday Period

Today, before the conclusion of the Holy Mass, it was announced that from tomorrow, there would be only one morning Mass. After Mass, I read in the Church Bulletin that the Cathedral will be locked after the 8:00 am Mass from Monday to Friday for the holiday period.

Immediately, Lord Jesus said, “The Church should never be locked!”

“There are many people suffering and sick, and they need to talk to Me, to offer Me their problems. When they come to Me, they feel much better—they feel a release and are strengthened, and even healing comes. Healing may be spiritual or physical or both.”

“What they have done today—one day, they will regret it very much, and they will be sorry for it. My Church should never be closed.”

“Tell people not to look for entertainment on this, the last day of the year. Rather, they should be vigilant and pray for themselves and for the world.”

“My child, console Me, because tonight I Am going to be offended very much.

We need to pray as many Rosaries as we can to console our Lord.

31 December 2023

The Angel Takes Me to Medjugorje – A Second time

This message was received on 23 November 2023 and not previously published. In the morning, while I was praying, the angel came. He was smiling and very happy. He said, “Come with me. Guess where we are going? We are going to Medjugorje!”

Surprised and happy, I said, “Medjugorje again?”

Suddenly, we found ourselves near the St James Church. I could see many people outside—some sitting, some walking and others standing around. I initially thought they were all living people.

Then the angel said, “These are all souls. You can share with them and talk to them.”

There was a group of ladies, and they came closer. One lady said, “I am very sorry. I came to Medjugore several times (on pilgrimages) but I never requested and asked our Lady for what I came here. I was too proud and too shy to ask. That is why I keep coming here now. Can you please help me?”

I said, “That was the perfect opportunity, while you were in the Church, you could have asked our Lord to heal you. Our Lord doesn’t mind that you ask Him. You shouldn’t have been too proud to ask. That’s why you came on the pilgrimage.”

She said, “No, I didn’t trust and believe that healing could come in this place, and because of my ill health, I passed away. So now I am here, and I keep coming here, and I regret that I didn’t ask Him.”

Again, I said to her, “ You should have asked Him when you were in the Church.”

She said, “I didn’t have enough courage, and I was afraid that He may not listen to me.”

“Oh yes, He would listen,” I said.

I was standing there talking to her, and not too far to my left was St James Church. I said to her, “I will help you, and pray for you.”

Then, there was a man who looked about fifty years of age. He also came up to me, and he told me that while he was alive, he had lung cancer. He also came to Medjugorje on a pilgrimage.

He lamented, “I was so sick that I couldn’t breathe. I came out of Medjugorje the same as when I came there—the same—nothing happened to me.”

I asked him, “Did you ask for healing?”

“Not really. I thought my presence there would heal me.”

All of a sudden, the angel brought me a little dish of Holy Water. I dipped my hand in the water and lightly rubbed some of it on his chest and then on his back, wetting him with it.

His soul still carried the sickness of the guilt, for what he did not do right while he was alive. He was not at peace because he did not trust God would heal him.

As I was rubbing the holy water on his chest and back, I looked up to Heaven, and I said the following prayer:

May Lord Jesus heal you of all your guilt and sicknesses

And through His mercy and love, may He bring you to His heavenly home.

Rest in peace

After I said this prayer, He was looking much happier. He said, “I feel so good now. I feel at peace. I feel like I am reborn.”

I thought, ‘I never knew that I had this grace to heal.’

Lord Jesus gave me the grace to heal him spiritually. That doesn’t mean that he was healed from cancer because he had already died with it. He was healed spiritually from the guilt he was suffering.

There were many other souls with similar stories—walking or standing around the Church. While they were alive, they came to Medjugorje with sicknesses, but they didn’t trust that God could heal them. After they died, they were told that if only they had asked for healing when they were in the Church, they could have been restored to health. Our Lord and Blessed Mother would have healed them.

I was telling the souls, “You could have even looked up to the sky and asked Jesus to heal you—He would heal you. He likes that you talk to Him.”

So that is why these souls keep coming to Medjugorje, and they wait there for somebody to deliver them.

Afterwards, in Church, I offered all these holy souls to our Lord at Holy Mass.

31 December 2023

Blessed Mother Takes Me to Medjugorje to Visit Souls

This message was received on 26 October 2023 and not previoulsy published. Throughout the night, as usual, I had a lot of suffering, but I was also attacked by demons—that was the terrible thing. The suffering was so intense that I felt I just couldn’t take it anymore.

Suddenly, I was holding Baby Jesus in my arms. The demons were present, trying to grab Him and tear Him apart. I tried to protect our Lord, hiding Him, and I was running as the devil was chasing me, going this way and then that way.

Finally, appearing behind me, Blessed Mother came in a beautiful long, burgundy dress.

“What a relief!” I said.

There were three demons—dark, ugly-looking men, threatening me. They said, “We have come to stop you and to destroy you. You can’t do all that.”

The angel said, “Run! Run! Let us run! Let us go quickly away!”

“But, where is the Baby?” I asked the angel.

“Don’t worry, the Blessed Mother took the Baby,” he replied.

The angel and I were running and running along this road.

I asked the angel, “Where are we running to?’

“Vietnam!” he answered, “We are going to Vietnam.”

But I don’t remember getting to Vietnam, as I suddenly found myself back in my bedroom.

After returning to my room, being puffed and out of breath from the running, I noticed a fence around my dressing table, a form of protection.

I was thinking about what I had just experienced, ‘Who are these people chasing me?

I understood that the demons were attacking me as this is a spiritual battle—more people are reading the Messages I receive from Heaven and I have also been attending more prayer groups. He wants to get rid of Jesus and me, he does not want me spreading the Holy Word of God to people.

I continued to pray when, at five-thirty in the morning, Blessed Mother appeared. She said, “Valentina, come with me. There is something I have to show you and share with you.”

We found ourselves in a place—I don’t think it was here on earth, but it would be in Heaven.

She said, “Valentina, you know you promised something to me, but you didn’t fulfil your promise.”

I was thinking, ‘When did I promise?’ Usually, I pray the Consecration and fulfil my daily prayers and offerings, but after my sister Angela died just recently, all my prayers, for two weeks after her death, were interrupted.

Blessed Mother said, “Come and have a look.” She opened this tall container. As I looked inside, I saw that at the bottom of this container was quite a lot of wheat grain mixed with other dark grains. It was not pure.

She said, “See, it’s not clean because you didn’t fulfil your promise to me.”

I apologised and said, “I am sorry, Blessed Mother.” I was standing and watching what Blessed Mother was showing me. I felt terrible. It was like a knife going through my heart.

But I was thinking, ‘But do they know how much I suffered losing my sister?’ But Heaven—they see things differently to us. All the daily prayers and offerings I would make, Blessed Mother, would use them for many different things. She was not too upset, but she gently reminded me of my promise, and the feeling I had wasn’t very nice.

She was sitting down when she was showing me this, and then she stood up and said, “Let us go.”

Smiling, she said, “Guess where I am taking you now? I am taking you to Medjugorje!”

‘Oh, to Medjugorje?’ I was thinking to myself excitedly.

Blessed Mother heard my thoughts and replied, “Yes, I am taking you to Medjugorje to show you something, and I need you to help me and my Son.”

Suddenly, we found ourselves in Medjugorje.

She said, “I am not taking you to St James Church, but we are going to the surrounding areas on the outskirts of Medjugorje. There are people there that need your help.”

I saw different groups of people. There were groups of men and groups of women. Wherever I looked, I could see people here and there.

I also recognised Father Slavko Barbaric (died 24 November 2000). He looked so young and so beautiful. He wore a long brown Capuchin habit. He was smiling and talking to some people in a group.

I said to Blessed Mother, “Oh, Father died, but look at him he is alive!”

There were many people he was talking to. These people were seated at little round tables. Father was talking to them and smiling at them, going from one table to another. I am sure that, from Heaven, he helps people in Medjugorje. Fr. Slavko was not underground but in an open space that looked like a garden.

Blessed Mother looked at the group and smiled. It looks like he is helping people there. We were some metres away from him but did not approach him. Fr. Slavko turned around and saw us.

Blessed Mother said, “I have to show you something different.”

We suddenly found ourselves walking under bridges and then through tunnels, like underground caverns with openings here and there, letting some light through. It was very unusual, and these caverns were all dirt.

As we travelled through these quite dim passages, the light reflecting from Blessed Mother showed the many people we were passing by. Some were walking in a procession—they would look at us, then, in an instant, turn right and disappear. This happened quite a few times.

I was following her, and everywhere we went, there were groups of people—men and women and young people. These were all Holy Souls, and they all appeared to be underground. It was very unusual. I have never seen anything like this before.

I wanted to follow one group, but they went around a bend and disappeared quickly. Blessed Mother said, “No, no, don’t follow them. I just wanted to show you how many there are.”

There were different tunnels left and right, but we always went to the right. Blessed Mother then let me walk in front of her, and I would ask her questions. We came across a group of men sitting on a rock wall.

I asked her, “Who are these people, and what are they doing?

She answered, “They are priests—but they did not do the right thing.” One particular priest was smoking a cigarette.

I said, “Oh, I didn’t know that priests smoke.” This priest stood up and said some not-so-very-nice words.

The souls were talking amongst themselves—complaining about having to be there, wanting to get out.

Blessed Mother said, “Remember all that I show you—you have to help them.”

“Don’t they pray in Medjugorje for Holy Souls?” I asked.

“Some people pray, and some people don’t think to pray,” she replied. I don’t know if these souls were local people or those who had come on pilgrimages to Medjugorje.

Blessed Mother then wanted to show me something else. We came across steps made from dirt. These particular steps led to the top, where I could see an opening. They were very steep and narrow. I think this is the way out for the souls.

Blessed Mother said, “You go ahead of me, and I will follow you.”

As we began to walk up the stairs, on each step, there was a little container with a loaf of bread in it and some red fruit on top of the bread. I took a few steps, and then the higher I ascended, the narrower the steps became, to the point where it became hard for me to put my foot on the step, and avoid stepping on the bread.

I said, “Blessed mother, I don’t like to put my foot on the bread.”

She smiled and said, “You don’t have to go further. What I wanted to show you—we have now completed. By coming here and with all that you went through, this is already the beautiful fruit that you have produced, the graces already coming to the Holy Souls. All these people that I showed you, you have to offer them to my Son and pray for them. Offer these souls at Holy Mass, and you have to suffer for them.”

Each square, aluminium-like container had bread with red fruit on top. That represents the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.

These souls have been here, in this place, for a long time. The place is not far from the centre of Medjugorje, but I felt we were going towards Mt Krizevac, and we were under the mountain. I had such a good feeling being in Medjugorje. It doesn’t matter that even though I would have liked to have gone to the Church, Blessed Mother wanted to show me the place where the souls are. Being with our Blessed Mother, guiding me and explaining things to me, was so peaceful and beautiful.


31 December 2023

We Need To Pray For Our Priests For Their Protection

This message was received on 5 October 2023 and not previously published. This morning, while I was praying, the angel came and said, “Come with me. I want to show you something.”

Suddenly, I found myself standing at the foot of the steps leading to the Chapel, near the statue of St John Paul II. I was standing on the first step while the angel stood a couple of steps higher.

Suddenly, I saw so many black bugs approaching the steps—there were so many of them, like an army heading towards the Chapel. They just kept coming, more and more of them.

I said, “Oh my goodness me! It’s full of them!”

I said to the angel, “I hate bugs.”

He said, “Go and get the wheelbarrow.”

All of a sudden, a wheelbarrow with two shovels appeared. The angel and I started shovelling the black bugs and the loose cement pieces beneath them into the wheelbarrow until it was full. We did not pick up the bugs with our hands but only collected them with the shovels.

The angel said, “Take them over into the park and empty them there.”

Accompanied by the angel, I wheeled the full barrow to the park across the road and emptied them there. We then returned to the Chapel steps. To my surprise, at the foot of the steps, from where we had just collected all the bugs, sprouting from the concrete, was a little green tree, about half a metre tall and very fresh. Again, the black bugs appeared, but this time, they surrounded this little tree shoot. It was like a big circle of them all around this little tree.

I thought, ‘How can the little tree grow from concrete?”

I asked the angel, “Where did they all come from again, these bugs?”

He said, “See this little branch, so fresh—that is a new and very tender tree that has sprouted in this Church; that is the new priest who has just started here through the week.”

“He is a branch, a young one—little and innocent, but already the devil, the blackness, has encircled him.”

The black bugs represent evil. There were thousands of them, and they formed a very thick wreath around this little tree shoot.

I said to the angel, “What are we going to do now?”

He said, “Well, Valentina, they all point to you. You have to remove them again.”

“I hate bugs,” I said to the angel.

Anyway, at that moment, Blessed Mother appeared. She was standing there, smiling and watching.

She said, “You had better start praying for this Church. They want to attack this Church again.”

Immediately, I consecrated the young priest to her Immaculate Heart, for she is the Mother of all priests.

I did as the angel instructed, and again, we started shovelling the black bugs into the barrow and then wheeling them away from the church grounds, across the road to the side of the park on the footpath, this time not in the park. We left them there and watched as they all started moving away from the Church.

Back at the Chapel, the angel, standing on the steps, smiling and pointing with his finger towards the Chapel, said, “I still say that this Cenacle Prayer group in Parramatta is number one.”

The angel was very happy telling me this, for at the same time, he was giving us the courage to pray.

The vision then ended.

The explanation is spiritual. The newly ordained priest is surrounded by black bugs which want to attack him. The Blessed Mother came to his rescue because she is the Mother of the Church, the Mother of priests. He needs prayers for protection because, in the vision, the bugs came very close to the little tree, wanting to eat it.

The evil bugs represent the evil spirits that are ready to attack and discourage every priest in the world. We have to pray for them and consecrate them to the Immaculate Heart of our Blessed Mother. They are her sons, and she loves them. This will give them encouragement.

27 December 2023

Souls Desperate for Help

Throughout the day, and the two previous days, I could hear a constant buzzing sound outside my door—this is the sound of souls asking for help. There were so many of them. They want to go to Heaven for Christmas.

They are saying through the buzzing, “Me, me, me. Help, help, help.”

I have heard this many times before. They were buzzing and buzzing outside the door as they want to go to heaven.

Even in the church on Christmas Night, something touched me on my back, and I looked around, and suddenly I felt coldness. This means that there are souls among us, so desperate for help. They think if they touch me, I will automatically know who they are.

Lord Jesus have mercy on the poor souls in Purgatory.

25 December 2023

Midnight Mass – A Very Hopeful Message

On Christmas night, at the Midnight Mass, after the distribution of Holy Communion, while the Bishop and priests were still sitting down, and just before the Final Blessing, our Lord Jesus appeared all grown up. He wore a beautiful burgundy red tunic, representing His Royalty. Tonight, He was looking so beautiful and majestic and very happy.

Each Christmas, our Lord comes as a Newborn Baby, but this year, He comes as an adult, representing His strength, His majesty and His divinity.

As I was still kneeling after receiving Holy Communion, He said, “Don’t stand up. Remain on your knees.”

I said, “Lord, I thank You for this Christmas, which we still celebrate. It is beautiful, and may the peace descend all over the world.”

He said, “Yes, some parts are peaceful, but in other parts, there is still killing going on. As usual!”

“Before I say anything else to you, treasure these special moments that I Am going to reveal to you and tell you. They are very precious—treasure them and cherish them!”

Our Lord was very happy when He said, “Now I Am going to give you really joyful news.”

“But first, I want to tell you, next year, it will be very tough, so you have to be strong and pray. The year after will be even tougher. But the third year will be a New Era of Peace that you will enter into it.”

“And guess what! You and Me, like a bride and groom, hand in hand, we will walk into the New Era.”

Surprised, I said, “Lord, me?”

“We are in this plan of change, and you are in it,” He said.

“It is a New Era of Peace, such as has never been before on earth. Never! It will be so peaceful, so beautiful that you will be so joyful—you will be ecstatic. It will be such a beautiful joy. I will create all new—a new peace, a new era. I will come to renew all the earth, and it will be a new spring, a new creation that I Am preparing, and I have already shown you before, and I have already revealed to you what is coming, and it’s here.”

“The Evil will be defeated. It will be so beautiful.”

“Wow,” I said. “Lord, I wish that we could walk into it now and forget about what is coming.”

Lord Jesus smiled and said, “What is prophesied has to come to fulfilment.”

“My Second Coming will not be as I came to earth as a little Baby, to be born again. I Am coming as a King to rule the world and to renew the world; that will be for My people, for whoever will enter into My New Era.”

“So now, you have to pray a lot and tell people this. Tell them they have to pray and be very strong to go through all of what is coming.”

“That is the good news that I give you.”

He said, “As the time comes closer, I will inform you in preparation to warn others.”

Lord Jesus is full of surprises. He waited till the last minute to give me a message of hope, something beautiful.

When our Lord told me to treasure these special moments, it was afterwards that I understood what He meant by this.

Wow!’ I thought, ‘They are indeed precious moments.’

I understood that I am part of these changes because I do and offer Him whatever He asks of me. He wants me to be a witness to them. Not only the suffering I have on earth, but He wants me to witness the joy of His Creation and the wonders of His Creation that have never been before.

He wants us to be courageous and have faith because He will not abandon us. People have had enough of this suffering. Our Lord knows because people cry out to Him. That is why in a very short time there will be such beautiful changes and rewards planned for the world.

Lord, we praise You, and love You, and thank You for revealing such a beautiful message of hope.

25 December 2023

Priests who left the Priesthood and Married now in Purgatory

After I came home from Midnight Mass, I was reading from the Gospel of St Luke when I suddenly found myself with an angel in Purgatory.

Many souls had gathered there, and one of them I noticed was a tall gentleman who was a priest.

I said to the souls, “If you don’t mind, I want to talk to this Father, the priest, privately .”

I asked the priest, “What happened? Why are you here?”

He said, “I married. I went out of the priesthood. I thought it was good. I thought that it was a blessing. I thought that it would please God.”

I said to him, “No, you should never have married. You were chosen to follow our Lord and to serve Him only.”

He thought that his marriage, in God’s eyes, was good. It is good for others but not for priests.

He said, “I have to stay here for a long time.”

He was lying down on something. He kept coming to me to talk to me. I felt like I was talking to him as if he were alive.

I said, “I will pray for you and do my best, but I don’t know how long you will have to stay here to do your penance because you offended our Lord very much by doing that.”

He wasn’t really in the darkness. There were a lot of groups of souls, and he was among them.

He said, “There are many like me here.”

Sadly, it is the woman who deceives the man, and he steps out of the priesthood. He thought God would still be happy about this, but He is not.

He was lamenting when he said, “Now I am very sick. I am really sick.”

The sickness is the suffering that the soul must endure as penance.

The souls come forward now because they become so desperate for help. It looks like God gives them the strength to come forward and to ask for help. I do pray for priests both alive and dead.

25 December 2023

Souls Released to Heaven between Christmas and New Year

I was hardly able to get any sleep this morning as I was taken to Purgatory.

I said to the Lord, “But there are still a lot of souls in Purgatory.”

He said, “Between Christmas and New Year, a lot of them will go to Heaven.”

Thank you Lord Jesus for being so merciful to the Holy Souls.

25 December 2023

Midnight Mass – Offer Me Everyone

During the Holy Mass, Lord Jesus said, “Offer Me everyone you can think of. Offer Me everyone in the world. Everywhere, there is suffering and killings. I don’t want to even mention the countries one by one—you already know.”

As our Lord was asking me to make these offerings, I could see Him, and with His Holy Finger spinning a line right around the globe.