7 May 2021

Baby Jesus shivering from the cold

In the morning, while I was praying, Blessed Mother appeared with Baby Jesus as a little toddler.

Blessed Mother said, “I brought you my Son. He is very cold. He needs to be covered up and dressed.”

“Why is He cold? I asked

“He is cold because there is so much coldness from people, and rejection of my Son in the world. That is why He feels cold,” She said.

“When you speak to people about my Son, and when you praise my Son, and they listen to you, then in this way you dress Him in beautiful warm clothes.”

“The more you talk beautifully to people about my Son, and introduce Him to others, then you dress Him.”

I saw how His little Body was shivering from the cold. Nearby I saw a little child’s singlet, I took it, and I put the little singlet on Him.

He looked at it, and immediately He reacted as a child would react to something he doesn’t like.

“I don’t want it!” He said.

So, He pulled it off Himself and threw it.

In a gentle voice, Blessed Mother said, “He likes to be dressed in a little jacket.”

Nearby I saw a little white jacket, so I picked it up and put it on Him.

Then, Blessed Mother said, “He wants another jacket as well.”

Again, I saw another white jacket, slightly longer than the first one. I picked it up and put it on baby Jesus, over the first jacket.

I could see He was pleased with this.

6 May 2021

Flying around the World with the Angel


I had suffering throughout the night, but at about five o’clock in the morning, the angel came to me and said, “Come, I have to explain to you and show you the things our Lord wants you to know and to see.”


The angel took me in some kind of vehicle, flying up high. We were seated on a blue seat, next to each other, the angel seated on my right side. The angel that accompanied me was very beautiful. He was tall and strong.  I have seen him before.


I said to the angel, “We are really flying.”


Behind me, I could hear the engine whirring, like that of a helicopter, but there was no pilot, just the angel and me.


The angel said, “Don’t worry, I just want to show you above the places.”


He said, “Look how atheist the world is becoming. Our Lord is so offended. Valentina, you have to tell people to change their way of life.”


The angel showed me the trees and nature losing their leaves, all dry, and they were falling from the trees. Some trees had bundles of dried leaves tied up in a mesh wire, and they were all together, hanging off the trees. 


Referring to the dry leaves, the angel explained, “These are all souls, alive on earth, who don’t believe in God anymore.”


Some of the trees were completely covered with mesh wire, with all the dry leaves collected and tied up to the tree. But then there were brown and dry leaves scattered on the ground.


I said to the angel, “I already know about this. Our Lord showed me many years ago, all the dry trees and leaves. I saw a big patch of this.”


The angel said, “Yes, but what you saw then, that was only a small part. I am showing you how now it has spread all over the world. It is becoming so bad, that if people do not pray and convert, the less the people will believe in God, and the worse it will become. This is a big warning.”


In different places, I could see how all the trees and nature, were all brown with their foliage all falling onto the ground and crumbling. We went everywhere around the world in this helicopter-type vehicle. We were flying over the countries of the world as they are today


We flew over Europe. We could not see any people but just dead leaves and dry nature everywhere. 


I was very shocked at what I saw, I said to the angel, “But now it’s spring in Europe. All the nature should be green and alive.”


He said, “The dead nature represents the atheist world, and the dry leaves mean the people living in these places, have no life in them.”


The angel said, “The dry leaves are collected in a bunch, and that’s how people are in a big way. They are together. They are godless. They are all godless; hardly any people on earth have any faith now. And it will become so bad that the living will envy the dead, because they turned away from God.”


I listened the angel as He said, “God is the only life. He gives life. He is the Author of all life.”


We then flew over Australia. The angel said, “Well, you better warn the people of Australia and tell them to pray. Australia will be ablaze again. There will be a fire again.”


“Oh, not again,” I said.


He said, “You better warn people to pray because it is going to be horrific.”


“But when will this happen?” I asked.


He said, “Well, it’s the month of May now, and it is coming towards summer.”


I said, “I had better warn the government.”


He said, ‘Yes, you’d better tell people to pray for Australia.”


As we were moving over these places I could the engine running behind me, and the angel to my right. As we were flying over many different parts of the world, the angel continued to talk saying,  


“It is going to be so bad in the world because the people don’t pray and are not converting. The only refuge will be your prayers and going to church, attending Holy Mass, if you can go.”


“The whole world is now atheist. Only little groups of people are believers, but the rest are all non-believers. The Coronavirus is nothing compared to the loss of faith of the people. People lose their faith, and when they die, where are they going to go?” he asked


The angel said, ‘Valentina, when you go to people’s homes, you must tell them that God is the Author of life. He creates life. Without God, no one will exist! But today, they try to brainwash people that God doesn’t exist.” 


The vehicle we were flying in came down and landed on sandy soil.


We stepped out of the flying vehicle and onto the soft sandy ground. On a hill we could see a quite a large house. The angel did not tell me which country we were in, but I could no longer see dry leaves and dead vegetation, so I think we were in Heaven.   


As we were stepping out the angel said again, “Well Australia will have its share again. You better tell people to pray because there will be a major fire. A blaze of fire.’


 “Last time the fire came the people did not change. Catastrophic events will happen everywhere, wherever there is dryness in the world because they don’t want God.”

 The angel said, “Come a Lady is waiting for us there.”


Immediately I knew it was Blessed Mother. 


 The angel said, “We have to report what I showed you to the Mother of God.”


 We walked up a slight hill towards the big, beautiful house, with its door wide open.


We stepped inside the house, and Blessed Mother greeted us. She wore a light pale blue tunic and no veil on her head because she was in Heaven.


The angel said to Blessed Mother, “I showed Valentina everything that our Lord wants her to know.”


Blessed Mother said, “We already know all of that which is going on in the world, but we want you to witness it. That is why you were taken to see for yourself how bad the world is, how that offends my Son. People don’t believe in Him anymore. The souls are dry like the dry leaves. They keep falling off, and this is all over the world.”


I said, “Blessed Mother, there are still some people that are praying.”


“Yes,” she said, “But it is only a very small group. My Son needs people to pray more widely. People have given up on prayer.”


I said to the angel, “I think somebody has to say to the priests enough is enough. You better believe, and you better change and speak the truth to people and people you better listen because God is offended.”


Blessed Mother was sad, but she had a smile on her face. She said, “Yes, if they would listen.”


Later in the day in the church, Blessed Mother said, “All is true what the angel revealed to you today. It is all coming, and worse.”


Lord Jesus have Mercy on us and on the whole world.

6 May 2021

Listen only to our Lord Jesus


In the afternoon, I was praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet.


I said, “Lord Jesus, people I meet, know all kinds of information they receive from the internet. When they talk to me about the things they have read or listened to on the internet, I am surprised because I don’t know anything about the things they talk about.”


Almost immediately, our Lord Jesus answered, and He responded, “Valentina, the less you know, the better.”


“All the talk they spread will only upset you, and will not give you peace, and will disturb you. Listen only to Me.”


Thank You, Lord Jesus, for giving me Your peace.

2 May 2021

Holy Souls Hungry and Thirsty for our Lord

St Patricks Cathedral, Parramatta

All night long, until about seven o’clock in the morning, I endured a lot of suffering for the Holy Souls. I saw many souls. I suffered an unusual pain in my leg. It was unbearable. It felt like the flesh was being torn from my bone.

All night long, I could see the angels guarding me and protecting me from the demons.

The angel said, “Put a little Holy Water on your leg, and that will ease the pain.” I did as he instructed.

Our Lord permits this suffering for the Holy Souls and for the whole world.

Today, during the Holy Mass, after I received our Lord Jesus in Holy Communion, I went back to my pew and was kneeling, thanking and praising our Lord, when all of a sudden, I noticed many Holy Souls around me. They were all looking at me.

They said, “Valentina, how blessed you are to receive Lord Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. You are very blessed. We wish we could receive Him. We are hungry and thirsty for the Holy Eucharist. Please offer some for us. We did not receive Him whilst we were alive, and now we are suffering. Can you please, please offer some for us, on our behalf.”

The Holy Souls are always in the church waiting. They are waiting for someone to offer them up to our Lord. When I came to church, I offered the souls in the church before the mass began, but they are still present during the distribution of Holy Communion.

We should so much appreciate that we can receive our Lord Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. After people die, they know the Truth, but they can no longer help themselves. So, we should pray for the Holy Souls and offer them to our Lord at the Holy Mass.

Thank you, Lord Jesus for this beautiful teaching about the Holy Souls.

1 May 2021

Stairway to Heaven landing in my Garden

Today I was trying to get my washing done, and as I looked outside, I saw an unusual beam of light coming from the sky, shooting right down and landing on my garden.

I looked up, and I was wondering, “Where is this light coming from?”

I was amazed as I watched this heavenly shaft of light in my garden. I could see inside the beam of light were white steps, stretching all the way up.

I said, “Oh My God, what is thatIt’s like the highway to Heaven.”

All the angels were descending to Earth down these steps. I watched when they would come to the last step, they would stop and smile, but they would not touch the ground. They were coming down and going up the white steps within the shaft.

That is how the heavenly people come to my house. They travel through the shaft of light, which is connected with Heaven. It is the connection between Heaven and Earth. I knew this from before when the angel showed me. But this time, I saw it myself.

I remember asking the angel, “How do the Holy Souls know where I live?”

He answered, “Well, it’s a special light which they can see, so they know where to go. It’s a place of refuge for them.”

The shaft of light is similar to the light seen in a photo taken of me during a talk, capturing a very narrow beam of light landing on the top of my head. This is the Light of God, given to the people of the world. However, the one I saw today in my garden, through which the angels and heavenly souls travel, was much wider in diameter.

Lately, I have also seen a lot of beautiful white doves coming directly into my garden. This was a couple of days ago, late in the afternoon. They would be there for a short while, and then they would fly away. This may be in preparation for the Feast of Pentecost.

1 May 2021

First Saturday Prayer Group

Before going to my prayer group, Blessed Mother and St Joseph came to visit me in the morning. Blessed Mother was holding a brown paper carry bag with a string handle.

Blessed Mother said, “We have brought some shopping for you in this brown bag.”

Surprised, I said, “Oh Blessed Mother, thank you! What kind of shopping?” I didn’t look to see what was inside the bag.

She said, “This is because you were minding my Son.”

I said, “I’ve never seen so cute a little Baby. He was so tiny and so calm.”

Blessed Mother smiled.

Later in the day, I attended my First Saturday prayer group. Soon after arriving, I couldn’t believe what I saw! One of the ladies in our prayer group, Silvana, walked in carrying a large brown paper bag. It was exactly the same as the bag I saw earlier this morning when Blessed Mother came to me.

Silvana came up to me and said, “Valentina, I have something for you for winter.”

As she handed me the bag, I said to her, “I don’t believe it! This is exactly what I saw this morning when Blessed Mother came and gave me a brown bag.”

I didn’t know what was in it. I hesitated to look into it. I didn’t want to open it in front of everyone, so I took it home.

In the evening, when I finished washing, I said to myself, ‘I better have a look and see what Silvana bought me.’ She bought me a few items of beautiful warm winter clothing.

I thought, ‘How can Heaven know all of that?’

Thank you, Blessed Mother and St Joseph, for the beautiful surprise.

30 April 2021

This Church is Right Down to the Ground

St Patricks Cathedral, Parramatta

When I came to church for Holy Mass, I first walked into the Chapel, to the Sanctuary of Our Lady Help of Christians, lit a holy candle and said a prayer to Blessed Mother and Baby Jesus.

I said to Blessed Mother, “I love you, and I thank you for bringing me to church today.”

She said, “Me and my Son, we are so sad for this church. It is right down to the ground, and it is not getting any better. We are crying for this church. There is such a mixture of things going on here. It is so bad and so dark in this church, and nobody really cares about it. People are protesting, but nothing happens. Tell my children to pray a lot for this church as it is really bad, and I don’t know how it will end up.”

I said, “Wouldn’t St Joseph protect it?”

She said, “No, because there is too much of a mixture of things in it. The Bishop has confused everyone. The priests don’t speak up, and they are afraid of him; they don’t say anything, such as to pray for this church. They respect him because he is the Bishop. He has confused everybody, the whole church. The church is really down to the ground.”

Blessed Mother said that unless people really pray for this Church, it will continue to stay down.

After Blessed Mother told me how bad it is in the church and how down it is, I went before the Holy Tabernacle, knelt and prayed the Divine Praises to our Lord.

Immediately our Lord said, “You better write down what Me and My Mother have told you. This is a fact and the truth about what is going on in this Church. This is reality.”

So, if our Lord says this, then I believe in Him. Who is more Truth than God Himself?

Lord Jesus have mercy on this church.


30 April 2021

The World is Now in the Biggest Mud

St Patricks Cathedral, Parramatta

During Holy Mass, I said, “Lord, be merciful. I offer up the people suffering from the  Coronavirus all over the world, especially in Europe and Brazil, which is really bad. Can you please heal the world?”

Our Lord answered, “Valentina, I can heal the world in a minute if I want to, but I will not. People must come to Me and ask Me for repentance. If I heal the world, which I can, even if things go back to normal, people will never come to Me. They will never acknowledge Me nor what I have done for them. They will just continue to live in the mud.”

Do you know that now the world is in the biggest mud? They, in the world, are rolling in dark, wet mud, which I spoke to you about previously; the mud on earth, how much mud there is. There is so much sin that you cannot comprehend. I tell you, you had better talk to people and tell them My Mercy is limited. I keep warning and warning My people. My mercy is limited,” our Lord said.

It made me so upset to hear what our Lord was telling me. People don’t take notice of His warnings. Lord Jesus have mercy on the world.

28 April 2021

Obeying the Will of God


This message was given to Me by our Lord this morning after I prayed for my friends, two sisters, Veronique and Eileen. I prayed for them the night before and on Sunday after they had told me about money being wrongfully taken from them by a tradesman.


This morning I was in my kitchen making a cup of coffee with some toast and was just about to have a little breakfast when our Lord spoke to me.


He said, “I want you to write down what I Am about to tell you, and I want you to pass it on to Veronique as soon as you can.”


Then our Lord said, “Valentina, My child, I want you to give this message to Veronique and Eileen. Tell them that I, the Lord, have spoken. I choose Veronique to do My Will, not to raise dogs. That is against My Will.”


“I choose her to be My apostle and to help you to bring people to conversion, and to know Me. It is now very urgent that I want My children to do My Will and to obey Me.”


“I know Veronique worries how she will survive in the future with no income coming to her.”


Then our Lord spoke directly to Veronique.


He said, “I, your Father, will always provide for you and your sister. Trust Me. Your house, I choose to be a House of Prayer, not to raise dogs. I am totally against all of that.”


“I want you to make a beautiful Sanctuary for Me and My Mother. We love you very much, and you will always receive My blessings and My abundant graces that I will pour on you two.”


As our Lord was telling me this, I could definitely see Blessed Mother smiling.


He said, “Be at peace, and I, Lord Jesus, love you and bless you.”


“I, the Lord, have spoken.”


I said, “Oh Lord, how am I going to give her this message? She will not like that.”


He replied, “Tell her the Truth! It was not My Will from the very beginning to start this.”


Thank you, Lord Jesus, for this beautiful message.


28 April 2021

African American Boys with Gold Hair

In the morning, while I was praying, all of a sudden, I could see a vision come towards me.

It was a group of young African American boys, and they were all coming into my bedroom. There was so much light in my room coming from their hair. Five of the boys came forward, but there were many more behind them. They were in a big group, all joyfully talking amongst themselves. They were so beautiful and so happy.

I said, “Oh My God!” Their hair was completely gold! The brilliant light radiating from their hair illuminated my room. I have never experienced anything like it. They were so joyful.

The boys said to me, “Tell people not to mourn for us, but to pray for us because our Lord instantly rewarded us for the suffering we went through. We were innocent. We were killed by police in America, but instead of rioting, people should pray for them.”

As I was admiring their beautiful, thick, and curly golden hair, I was also listening to them. The boys were telling me how they had died; many of them were shot in the back, killed by guns. They all died as martyrs. They wanted to show me what our Lord Jesus had done for them.

Diverting my attention to their completely golden hair, they joyfully exclaimed, “Valentina, look at the reward we have received! We received the Golden Crown of Life in Heaven.”

I was so amazed, I said, “I have never experienced anything like this before.”

All these boys with the golden hair knew my name, and they came to me so that I would witness what our Lord Jesus had done for them. Now they are so happy.

I said, “Oh, this is beautiful.”

And then they left, smiling and so delighted with their reward from our Lord.

Thank You, my Lord Jesus, for giving them this special grace, the Golden Crown of Life.

25 April 2021

The Good Shepherd

St Patrick’s Cathedral


During the distribution of Holy Communion, our Lord said, “Valentina, My child, take a good look and appreciate when you receive Me in Holy Communion and be grateful. Everyone receives My Holy Body in the hand, only very few on the tongue. So much I Am sacrileged and offended, most of all they receive Me without repentance.”


“My priests and My bishops, they agree and permit all of this to happen. One day, they will be responsible for not speaking the Truth to My flock, about Repentance and Confession.”


“Also, I want you to offer Me all the soldiers that died in the war, the ANZACS, in remembrance of them.”


Today, in Australia, is the remembrance day of the ANZACS that died during the wars.


Our Lord Jesus said, “They sacrificed their lives and gave their lives for their country, and I accept their suffering. I laid My life for all My sheep, to give them life and salvation.”


“My sheep, they listen and obey Me for a while, and then the worldly amusements and temptations take them away because their faith is weak. Pray for these people so that soon they will return to the Father’s House before they are lost forever. The Father is their only salvation. He gives them Light and Life.”


“Pray for them. Pray for the people so that they soon return to God Who loves them so much.”


Lord Jesus have mercy on all the soldiers who laid lives for their country.

18 April 2021

Visiting the Catacombs in Rome

In 1996, I went to Italy on a pilgrimage. I was with a group of people, about thirty of us. We visited Rome and many other places. The priest said to us, “Tomorrow morning, after Mass, we will go to visit the Catacombs.”

I heard a lot about the Catacombs in Rome, so I was curious to see them. When we arrived there, I remember standing in front of a large ancient gate, waiting for it to be opened so that we could enter the Catacomb grounds.

The priest said, “I will open the gate, and you can then all come through and follow me.”

I was near the very front of the line. As our priest opened the gate, our group started to walk through. When I came to the gate, I simply could not move; I could not go through the gate. There was some blockage there that was holding me back. It was pushing me back.

The priest spoke in Italian and asked me, “What is wrong with you?”

I replied, “I can’t go forward. I just can’t!”

He said, “Well, try.”

I said, “I am trying.”

There was something that just would not let me through; I simply could not move forward. It was like a wall in front of me. Everybody behind me was getting quite upset and started shouting at me, “Come on! Why are you holding us up?”

I felt so embarrassed. The priest then went towards a little Chapel on the side and, taking out his prayer book, said, “Oh, I understand now. I think you have some evil around you that won’t let you go through.”

The priest then opened up his prayer book and said a prayer, and then he blessed me. I was then immediately able to go through the gate and enter the Catacombs. I didn’t really enjoy my visit there.

After my pilgrimage had finished, I went back to my mother’s home in Slovenia to visit her. I think I must have brought the souls from the Catacombs with me. They haunted me. I could hear their voices, screaming and calling me, begging me for help. I was exhausted mentally. I thought to myself, never again. If I ever revisit Rome, I will not visit the Catacombs.

I told the local priest that I thought I was going mental. He said, “No, no. You are a person who attracts the souls. They all want something from you. You are in the middle, and they are all begging and begging.”

There must have been souls there from ancient times that were trapped and still needed help. The whole experience was quite amazing, and the souls wore me out.

Lord, have mercy on these souls.

18 April 2021

Blessed Mother working for the Holy Souls


This message was received on 18 March 2021. During my prayers, two angels came and took me to an unknown place. It was a dull place, and there I could see lots and lots of clothing needing washing. There were both men’s and women’s clothing, a mixture of shirts and various other items, of many different colours.


The angels said, “You have to clean these clothes and hang them up to dry.”


I did as asked, and began to wash the clothing in a basin and then hung them up to dry. Once I finished, the two angels came and said, “It is time you take down the clothes and fold them.”


A little puzzled, I said, “I don’t think they are dry yet. I just hung them out not long ago.”


The angels said, “Don’t you see that we have dried the clothes instantly?”


Then I saw that the angels were holding something round, similar to a fan, blowing onto the clothes and drying them.


Cheerfully and playfully and laughing, they said, “See, we can do anything!”


I was in the open again, and I noticed that the clothesline seemed to move up higher once the washing had dried.


The angel said, “It is pretty high up. Can you reach it?”


I said, “Well, I would need somebody to help me. I would never be able to take it all down by myself because there is so much of it.”


The angels said, “We are here. We will help you.”


So, together with the angels, we took down all the clothes from the line, which was now very high up. I was folding them neatly and putting them in order when all of a sudden Blessed Mother came. She was carrying all the whiter clothing, all nicely folded. This clothing was not coloured. I understood that it was the clothing belonging to souls that were ready to go to Heaven.


Blessed Mother put them into my arms and said, “These are all ready, and they are all finished. Take them to another room.”


I did as Blessed Mother asked and carried all the whiter clothes to a different room and placed them on a bench. There were no longer any souls in this room, meaning it was no longer a place in Purgatory. It was a place in Heaven. The clothes in this room were all clean and white. Blessed Mother had also ironed the clothes, and in this way, you see, she purified them.


These souls needed a little more prayer, meaning they needed a little more time in Purgatory, but then Blessed Mother, she interceded, she covered up for these souls. She asked our Lord to be merciful to them.


She would say to her Son, our Lord, “But Son, you know they are ready to go. It’s time they finish their suffering.”


Our Lord does not say no to her. Oh! It is such a mystery. Blessed Mother is always working; she is working in Purgatory. She comes to console the souls and to give them hope.


We then found ourselves in a little garden, and not too far from us, in the distance, on the gentle slopes of a mountain, I could see one long line of clothes drying. Most of these clothes were not white.


I said to the angel, “Gee! I don’t remember washing all these clothes and hanging them up to dry.”


The angel said, “They are dry and ready; you’d better take them down and fold them nicely.”


The angel was showing me all the clothes which were not white. He said, “See, these clothes they still need a little further purification. The whiter clothes do not need much. They are already purified.”


Our Blessed Mother is so beautiful; she comes to Purgatory to help the Holy Souls. Our Lord Jesus also comes to Purgatory, but the souls don’t know Him because He disguises Himself when He comes. Sometimes He comes disguised as an angel, and at other times He comes dressed in conventional clothing.


This dull place is a part of Purgatory, and here our Lord and Blessed Mother are preparing the souls to go to Heaven for Easter. The washing of the clothes is the cleansing of the souls from the stains of sin. The water is purifying for the souls.


Through the water, it is the Mercy of God that purifies the souls and prepares them for Heaven.

10 April 2021

Divine Mercy Sunday

At home, when I was praying, I was given a vision of an enormous body of water, as by the ocean, as far as the eye could see.

Suddenly an angel came and took me with him. He said, “Our Lord wants you to experience the Mercy of His Love.”

I asked the angel, “What does this ocean represent?”

The angel answered, “This is the Ocean of Divine Mercy, that washes away sins and restores life in full when a person washes in these waters.”

Suddenly, we came to the edge of this vast ocean, where I noticed a small wooden fence about half a metre high. This fence stopped the water from spilling over. On the inside, facing where I was standing, was a little wooden bench on which you could sit. All along the edge of this vast ocean, it was the same.

The angel directed me, “Sit on the very edge of this seat and dip your feet in the water and touch the water with your hands, splashing it around.”

I did as the angel asked.

I felt so good and peaceful. I saw other people who were doing the same. The angel then took me away.

We were being purified in the Ocean of Mercy of our Lord. When I finished, I was brought back home. I could not get over how happy and peaceful I was feeling.

Before I was brought back home by the angel, he told me, “Tell people that whoever comes to these waters, our Lord will give them enormous grace, and their sins will be forgiven. How good is He, Praise Him and thank Him.”

At the Divine Mercy Mass at 3 pm, our Lord spoke to me and said, “Valentina, My child, this year I give special graces on Divine Mercy Sunday. Last year you suffered due to the Coronavirus, and the churches were all closed, and you were all very upset, but this year I pour enormous Mercy on you, hoping that many people accept it and receive it. What I desire is repentance and conversion because this will not last. I give you a limited time now.”

“Thank Me for all My goodness and love that I pour on all of you.”

I could see the Light coming into the church and onto the people present. It was so special. I could not thank our Lord enough for this beautiful grace.

O Blood and Water which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a Fount of Mercy for us, I trust in You.


9 April 2021

Message for a Prayer Group

I visited a very lovely family for prayers and we shared God’s Holy Word and I shared my experiences with them. Our Lord wants me to share with the world.

While we were praying the Holy Rosary, our Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother Mary spoke to me and gave me a message for Olivia and her family.

“Valentina, you were called here to give the message to this family, to tell them what I want from them.”

Our Lord said, “Valentina, tell Olivia that in this house, we want to establish a prayer group. It is very essential for these times that you all live in. These are very crucial times, and we want many people, and many families to pray, and to invite others to pray, and to learn how to pray, so as to be protected from so much evil that is in the world right now.”

“I tell you, you will all receive very special Graces and Blessings if you accept My invitation. I bless you all and love you. Be at peace.”

The family was very happy to receive this message and to accept our Lord’s invitation to start a prayer group.