1 August 2021

Phone Call from Heaven from Father Valerian

The angel and I were in Purgatory with the souls. We then passed by and went through to another building. There I met a saintly lady wearing a very long white gown with a pale blue covering. The lady approached me and said, “There is a telephone call for you, Valentina. Quick, come!”

I said, “Telephone call? From whom?”

The lady answered, “Father Valerian is on the telephone for you.”

“Father Valerian! He is in Heaven!” I said.

“Yes, but he wants to talk to you,” she said.

I took the phone and said, “Hello?”

He said, “Hello, Valentina. This is Father Valerian speaking to you.” I could hear Father Valerian’s voice so clearly.

I said, “Oh, Father Valerian, so nice to hear you.”

He said, “You don’t know how much I want to talk to you.”

I said, “What about?”

He said, “What I want to tell you is you have to go to Rome right away. You have to go to the Eternal City and talk to the Pope.”

I said, “Oh, but I cannot go. I don’t know how to get there.”

He said, “I can book you in now if you want me to.”

“Oh Father, I have to think about all this,” I said, having in the back of my mind all what was going on with the Corona restrictions.

Father Valerian was very serious when he spoke to me. He said, “You really have to go. Look, it is not too much trouble. You go by plane, and when you come to Rome, you take the train to the Vatican. It will be all arranged, you don’t have to worry about anything, and they will help you.”

I said, “How am I going to go to the Vatican. We can’t leave to fly anywhere.”

Father Valerian insisted, “You have to go there to talk to him.”

I prayed about all of this and said, “Lord Jesus, there must be some important reason for me to go there.”

26 July 2021

God the Father Gives us Hope

When I prayed this morning, the angel appeared to me and said, “I am the angel of the Lord. He wants you to come with me. The Lord God wants to explain to you about things you do not know.” Accompanied by the angel, we suddenly found ourselves walking through the beautiful heavenly Garden, and I could see God the Father sitting there, on a most elegant bench. He was dressed in exquisite purple garments.

He looked towards me and said, “My daughter, sit down next to Me.” I sat down on the bench next to God the Father. He said, “I brought you here to Me so that I can talk to you and explain to you, things about the Coronavirus, and I want to tell you how you have all been suffering and you are persecuted, and you are not free anymore. You are all very sad and depressed. You no longer have freedom.”

God the Father continued, “All My children are in jail, by the way they are treated unjustly by the government. A lot of My children think that I, your Father desert you. No, My children! I hear your pleas and cries all the way to Heaven, and I Am also with you when you suffer, and I give you strength so that you can go through each day, through these horrible diseases, made by the evil men.”

My daughter Valentina, I want you to tell My children on earth to continue to pray and to persevere because soon this will get better. I have to intervene before you all lose hope. I know how fragile and weak you are My children, and you soon give up your will to life. Many of My children already have done that; they have suicided. That breaks My Heart to see you suffering. I give you free will to life, but the new laws they make, they go above Me. They want to control you; that is why I want to tell you My daughter, write all this that I Am telling you, and give to people hope in Me, your loving Father, and tell them not to lose hope because I Am always with you, and I hear your plea and cry. Be courageous and pray. Soon it will get better.”

Thank you, my Father for the good news. Please protect us, Amen.

He said again, “That is why My daughter I brought you here to give you happy news.” He was smiling as He said this to me.

I was so very upset the night before with all the restrictions imposed upon us. God the Father knowing how I was feeling, lovingly looked at me and said, “My daughter Valentina, above all people, you should have more faith in Me, and you are very sad and depressed too.”

I said, “I am sad because I cannot go to church, that is why.”

He said, “Do you know? That is why I have brought you here so that you can see Me and be happy, and I want to tell you that you will again go to people and share My Holy Word with them. You will see. Be courageous and trust Me, and don’t give up so easily!”

Thank you, God the Father, please help us soon. We love You, and we thank You, don’t abandon us.

20 July 2021

All the Church Bells with Ring at the same time

When I prayed this morning and offered all the petitions to my Lord Jesus, especially for the churches because we are not able to go to the Holy Mass, our Lord Jesus came almost immediately.

He said, “My Valentina, I just want to tell you, now My churches are very badly persecuted within My Mystical Body. Sadly, it will get worse before I will raise Her up. My churches are betrayed, crucified and wounded, and they need to be healed. I suffer, and My Church has to go through the suffering right now, but never defeated. Do not lose hope, for I shall raise Her to the Most High, and She will be victorious; pure, clean without any stain or wrinkle, She will be spotless.”

“The whole world will know when this will happen. All the bells will ring at the same time and give glory all the way to Heaven, to their Master and King Jesus Christ. The bells will be a sign to you all to tell you that My Church has come out of her persecution and suffering.”

Joyously, Jesus said, “Such a Joy! Such a Joy!”

“Then all the glory will come to Me. People will praise Me and thank Me, and there will be no more closed doors to My people. The Church door will be open all day and night, and I shall sweep away all the evil enemy for good. Everyone will know that My churches are Holy and that they belong only to Me, your Lord Jesus Christ.”

“Pray for this to come soon,” said our Lord as He smiled.

I said, “Lord, this is very happy news.”

Our Lord Jesus smiled and then showed me in a vision all over the world all the church bells ringing, in such a beautiful melody that they reached all the way to Heaven, and a wonderful peace and happiness descended upon the people on earth.

What a joy it will be when this comes. Our Lord Jesus tries to encourage us in these times of suffering, for us not to lose hope.

Let us pray for this to come soon.

17 July 2021

Our Souls are so Fragile and Delicate

This morning while praying, I was taken by the angel to Purgatory, where I could see many souls. I sat down when one lady approached me and sat next to me, to my right. I could see she had wet hands, and she was looking at me so sadly.

She said, “I cannot wipe my hands. I cannot do anything.”

After meeting this soul, I came to realise just how fragile and how little is our soul. After our body goes, it is just a bare, little soul left there that looks like a person, the way we were on earth, but so fragile and delicate. I had never experienced this before until I came to visit this soul this morning.

Looking at my hands, I noticed I had very unusual light-coloured gloves.

The lady’s hands were constantly wet. This was part of her suffering in Purgatory. She then touched me on my shoulder.

Encouraging her, I said, “Just you wipe them on me.”

“I’m afraid to wipe on you,” she said.

After wiping her hands against me, she was feeling relief. She said, “Just to touch you; I already feel better.”

Gee, my goodness me, I never knew, but our Lord made me understand that souls are very delicate and fragile, and they cannot help themselves, so we have to help them. We don’t realise that when we are alive, we shouldn’t do the wrong things. I felt so sad for her. I offered her up to our Lord, and I hope that she will go to Heaven soon.

Lord have mercy on the poor souls in Purgatory.

16 July 2021

Open the Doors of My Churches

In the afternoon, I was praying the Holy Rosary. I prayed so that this virus would be lifted.

Lord Jesus appeared and said, “It is such a crisis in the world. Valentina! If the doors of My churches would open, the people would flood in, because they are desperate now. They are in a desperate situation, and they live in fear. But if they would come into My churches, even if they carry something on them, instantly I will heal them. Nobody would be sick because they would be in My Holy Presence, and I would heal everyone.”

I said, “Thank you, Lord, I wish they would open the churches, but they do not want to.”

Let us pray and offer all our sufferings to our Lord, so that our churches will soon be open.

14 July 2021

Little Boy Jesus Showing all the Dirt in the World

It was about ten o’clock in the evening when the Little Boy Jesus appeared. Angels surrounded Him. He looked so beautiful. He held a scroll, quite large, that looked like it was made of an unusual bronze-like paper.

I watched how our Lord was showing the angels all the dirt here in Australia and the world. He was showing them how dark brown and black and ugly it is.  He said to them, “Nothing changes in the world. People just don’t want to change! I don’t know what to do with this humanity! Nobody turns to Me!”

He unrolled the scroll and held it with both His Holy Hands, and said, “Look at it! It is all written. I can help them, I can heal them, but they don’t want Me. I just don’t know what to do with them. They want to live in the dirt. How long will it take for humanity to wake up and turn to Me? They find every excuse, even using injections, except turning to Me! I don’t know what to do!”

Exasperated, our Lord just rolled up the scroll and said, “I have no choice. I will just leave it the way it is. Let them stay the way they are, in the dirt.”

There are not enough people praying, for this situation in the world to change. People completely ignore God, they don’t mention Him, they don’t want Him, and they do everything without Him.

14 July 2021

Offer Me all the Televisions

This morning while I was praying, the angel came and said to me, “On earth, they want you to sign a paper, so our Lord wants to explain things to you. He wants you to come with me.”

I asked, “What kind of paper?” I thought maybe it is something to do with the vaccine injections.

Suddenly, I was taken by the angel to a long building, somewhere on earth. We found ourselves in a long corridor of the building. I saw some people walking here and there, and others waiting in a queue. I watched as they were called individually by name and taken into separate rooms just off the corridor, each person carrying a piece of paper with them as they entered the rooms.

A lady approached me and said, “You wait here, and you will get a paper, and you will have to sign too.”

I waited and waited, and nothing happened. Then all of a sudden, our Lord Jesus appeared to my right, casually dressedI noticed He brought two rolls of mud.

I said to Him, “Lord, I am still waiting for the lady to bring me the piece of paper to sign.”

He said, “Don’t worry about that. Forget about it. You will never get the paper; you don’t have to sign anything. You’re with Me.”

I could see an old glass window, and above it was some greenery.

Our Lord proceeded to show me how the world is rolling in mud. He put the balls of mud next to each other and then covered them up with fresh green leaves. He then uncovered them and let me see them again. They were sitting on very dark brown soil.

Our Lord lifted up and put the two big, dirty, brown balls of mud and joined them together. The mud was now in a ball and was rolling in even more mud; The more the ball was rolled, the more layers of mud would stick to it. The round ball of dirty mud is the world.

Our Lord then put the dirty muddy ball right next to me. I was looking at it and wasn’t very pleased and said, “I don’t want it.”

Our Lord then came really close to me and said, “See, that is what is in the world today. I just want to show you how it is in Australia and the rest of the world now; mud, rolling in dirty mud and more mud.”

“You pray to Me and beg Me, and people pray to Me, but only a very few do so.”

“But isn’t it enough, Lord?” I asked.

“No, it is always the same people who are faithful,” He said, “But other people don’t wake up, nor do the governments wake up.”

I then looked through a window and was elated to see beautiful miniature blue flowers growing upon a wall. I said, “Oh, look at those beautiful blue flowers! At least something is uplifting”. The flowers looked like tiny blue stars.

However, as I looked more closely, I noticed that the beautiful flowers appeared sad.

Our Lord explained to me, “They are the flowers of My Mother, and they are very upset because She is upset.”

Our Lord said that she could not come because she was too upset. So, she didn’t want to come. In my spirit, I could see Blessed Mother in the Garden of Heaven, looking very sad because humanity doesn’t want to change.

“She is sad because She has tried so hard to bring people to Me, but they do not want to listen,” He said.

Then the angel and I walked together in the garden with our Lord. I was also feeling sad because Blessed Mother was sad.

Our Lord said, “Do not worry about it. If worse will come to the world, then people must wake up and do something about it. The needles and all that they are doing won’t help; the virus keeps circling and returning.”

Our Lord then said to me that He would bring me home. Usually, I have to find my own way home after being taken somewhere, but today our Lord brought me back.

He said, “What I would like to ask you now is about the televisions.”

I said, “Televisions? What televisions? What do you mean?”

“Offer Me all the televisions.” He said.

In a vision, I could see many televisions, all with black images.

I said, “Lord, I commend all the televisions to You.”

He said, “Don’t forget, when you go to people, talk to them about what I tell you. Especially when you visit friends and other people, you have to tell them all of this,”

I said, “Lord, I can’t go to people; we are not allowed to visit. I don’t go to anyone now, and we can’t go out of the house; we can’t do anything.”

He said, “Don’t worry, I’m with you always, they can’t do anything, and you won’t be affected. I know they are going to threaten you very badly. The world is very bad now, but what is the worst now is the media and the governments. They suppress you.”

I said, “Lord, I offer you every channel, all the reporters, all the governments.”

Lord have mercy on us and on the whole world.

12 July 2021

Our Lord Jesus cannot be Consoled

It was about five-thirty in the morning, I could not sleep, so I prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Holy Rosary. On the third decade of the Joyful Mysteries, the ‘Nativity of Jesus’, the angel appeared to me along with a little Boy. The little Boy looked about eight years old, wearing all satiny white and was in a brilliant light. He was crying and crying, and I started to worry and thought that maybe I offended Him.

The angel said, “I have brought little Jesus here so that maybe you can console Him.”

The angel brought our Lord Jesus closer to me. Jesus said, “I don’t want to be here! I don’t want to.”

I thought, ‘Gee, maybe He did not want to come to my house.’

Our Lord repeated, “I don’t want to!”

And then I understood when He said, “They reject Me, and I don’t want to.”

I asked, “But who rejects You?”

He answered, “The people!

Little Jesus continued, “I, the Creator, have to be under the feet of men. Think! I Am God the Creator. I have come to you as a Child. Oh, how I Am offended! With all this suffering from the Virus circulating throughout the world, nobody wants to bend their knees and come to Me! They just don’t want Me! They absolutely don’t want Me!”

The infant Child Jesus kept crying and crying that I could not console Him.

I said to Him, “Maybe they will change, maybe they will repent.”

Then, after a while, our Blessed Mother came and said, “See, how my Son is offended. It is terrible how my Son, who has done everything, died for everyone, created everyone, created the world, created the universe, and He has to be under the pride of man. This just cannot go on.”

Our Blessed Mother was so very upset. I said, “Blessed Mother, I can only offer the world, and I can offer Sydney.”

Our Blessed Mother said, “He appeared to you as a Child; that is how tender is His love and how offended He is.”

Our Lord is so deeply offended that He cannot be consoled.

Blessed Mother said, “People of Sydney, you must realise, and we have told you many times, Sydney is a most sinful city, which offends my Son terribly, but at the same time if people would repent and ask Him, He would forgive, but they don’t.”

She said, “People just do not want to repent and do not bend down; too much pride in them.”

Throughout the day, I thought about our Lord and how He was crying and weeping, thinking how I could console Him.

We should pray and repent of our sins, pray for the whole world, to console our Creator, the Child Lord Jesus.

Lord Jesus have mercy on us and on the whole world.

12 July 2021

Corpses of Soldiers


In the evening I was praying the Litany and a decade of the Holy Rosary for the Holy Souls. I mediated on our Lord’s Crucifixion, when all of a sudden, a vision appeared in front of me.


It was disturbing. I could see so many corpses, all dead soldiers. There were so many of them everywhere, fields and fields, hundreds and hundreds of soldiers. They were all lying on the ground, with their guns scattered beside them. It was such a depressing vision; it appeared as though the ground was all drenched from a lot of rain. I tried to dismiss the vision by looking away.


I continued to pray, when all of a sudden, another vision came, the same as the first. This time I heard the words, ‘a lot of soldiers will die.’


I questioned our Lord about the vision but all I heard was, “Wait and see.”


Lord Jesus have mercy on us.

7 July 2021

Attack by the Devil

It was in the middle of the night, about one-thirty in the morning, when I prayed to our Lord, “Lord, I know people are suffering right now, and I don’t know if it is Your Holy Will that we go all through this suffering or not. But I still ask You, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, my beautiful Mother, and through your Sacred Heart, I surrender the city of Sydney, the whole of Australia, and all the people in it. If it is Your Holy Will, please make it better, and then I consecrate the world to You; after all, You always ask me to pray for the world.”
I then said, “Thank you, Lord, if it is your Holy Will.”
I switched off the light and said, “Lord, goodnight. Blessed Mother, good night.”
A few minutes passed when suddenly the devil appeared as a most horrible creature. I screamed. He appeared as a tall, very skinny, very ugly dark figure of a person wearing a hat. He was all black and he came very close to my bed. In a most horrible, growling voice, he said, “Who do you think you are, telling people to pray? I am in control of the world now. I am in charge of everything, not Him!”
I was screaming and calling upon all of Heaven to help me. I was calling upon Blessed Mother. I screamed at the devil, and I said to him, “You are not going to scare me! You are nothing! Jesus is in charge!”
This enraged the devil even more. I kept screaming for help from Heaven, calling for the assistance of the holy angels and Blessed Mother. After some time, Blessed Mother appeared, and the devil immediately fled. With Blessed Mother’s appearance, the devil vanished in an instant.
I was still shaking after this experience. Then Blessed Mother gently took me by the hand to console me, as I was in such a frightened and shaken state.
Blessed Mother said, “Fear not. Am I not your Mother who protects you? I am the Mother of all my children. We would never allow him to do anything to you or to our children that love us. Do not believe anything he says, for he lies. All the things they are doing here on earth are his lies.”
As I was still shaking so much from this terrible experience with the devil, Blessed Mother took me to Heaven to console me and to calm me down. We found ourselves walking through a beautiful heavenly garden, walking up and down, while Blessed Mother held my arm. Smiling, she said, “Don’t you believe him, for he is full of lies. He puts fear and lies into people to control them. This is what is happening in Sydney now and all over the world. These are all his lies that he puts into people.”
As I was walking with Blessed Mother, all the fear and shaking left me. I could feel the most beautiful peace and serenity.
After I came back, I was only thinking of Blessed Mother; how beautiful and sweet she is and how she consoled me, and how the heavenly peace came to me afterwards.
Even if we cannot go to the churches in Sydney right now, our Lord desires that we make reparation for all the insults and offences committed against Him.
Act of Reparation
“Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
I adore You profoundly,
and I offer You the most precious Body,
Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ,
present in all the tabernacles of the world,
in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges and indifference
with which He Himself is offended.
And, through the infinite merits of His most Sacred Heart,
and the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
I beg of You the conversion of poor sinners.”

4 July 2021

Our Lord Jesus Sings to give us Courage

When I was saying my prayers in the morning, our Lord Jesus appeared. He was dressed in a white robe with a red sash. This is the month of His Precious Blood. He said, “I have to give you courage so that you won’t be sad, especially because you cannot attend the Holy Mass today.”

Suddenly our Lord started to sing in a most beautiful, high pitch voice:

“Oh come, oh come to receive My Body.

It is the real flesh,

And drink My Chalice, which is real blood,

And I will nourish you and give you life.”

Our Lord was so joyful and cheerful when He was singing these beautiful words. It was such a beautiful melody. He continued to sing:

“Oh come to Me, oh come to Me, so freely,

and so precious is My gift to you all,

and all the world is worthless

without My Body and without My Precious Blood.


So, do not be afraid,

It is only Me who can do this, and no one else.

So, be at peace and call Me to come,

And to nourish you spiritually.”

“Have faith in Me.”

Our Lord then smiled.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for giving us courage and do not abandon us.

1 July 2021

Honour My Precious Blood in this Month of July

This morning while I was praying, Lord Jesus came and said, “My child Valentina, I want you to honour My Precious Blood in this month of July. You will console Me, and you will benefit by doing so, and tell all My faithful children to do the same.”

“Ask Me to cover you with My Precious Blood, in these critical times that you are all going through. Even the Coronavirus I can stop if you pray daily. But I tell you, the governments and society place so much fear and pressure on all the people.”

“I want you to offer Me all your suffering that you all go through, especially not attending the Holy Masses due to the locking down of all My churches.”

Our Lord shook His Head and said, “This should not happen! This is all planned by the evil society. I want you to remain faithful to Me and to pray daily so that soon I will change things for the better. You will see!”

“Trust Me,” He said, “I, your Lord, have spoken the true Holy Word.”

I said, “Lord, please help. We love You, but we also have fear.”

He replied, “You should not have fear when you trust in Me.”

Thank you, Lord Jesus.

29 June 2021

Our Lord hears all our Prayers

Today, with the help of my friend Maria, I was answering the many email letters I receive from people reading the messages. Our Lord Jesus appeared. Smiling and, in a teasing manner, He said, “Valentina, you are very popular! You receive many emails from people, and people would love to be able to speak to you. They wish they could come to be near you to ask you for personal help and to answer their questions.”

Our Lord continued, “I Am very happy and pleased that you and Maria are helping many people. You do not know how much it means to them. Always give them hope and consolation, which they need. Also, tell people that I Am with you and Maria when answering all their questions, and I know each person and what they ask. When you offer each of them to Me, that pleases Me very much. Tell them I will answer their requests all in good time. Tell them to be patient and to trust and to pray.”

“I bless you all. Be at peace,” He said.

I said, “Thank you, Lord Jesus, for being with us and for helping us.”

As much as we think that God doesn’t know about us and our problems, He is always with us, and He never abandons us; we need to trust Him. Maybe He needs some suffering from each of us that we can offer Him. Only He knows why He needs this from us. So, keep praying and trusting in our Lord, and do not fear.

29 June 2021

Feast of Saints Peter and Paul


This morning while I was praying, our Lord Jesus appeared looking very happy. He said, “On this Feast Day of Saints Peter and Paul, it should be a very joyful day. All of Heaven is celebrating these holy Apostles that I chose on earth. And you know, they all pray for you on earth. They pray for your faith so that you will retain your faith.”


I said, “That is so beautiful that we have support from Heaven! Oh, thank you, St Peter and St Paul, and all the holy Apostles and all Heavenly people for praying for us. We appreciate this.”


I felt really good knowing Heaven is thinking of us and praying for us and that we are not alone.

27 June 2021

Lord Jesus blesses Australia and New Zealand

This morning while I was praying, Lord Jesus appeared, and He said, “My child Valentina, I come to tell you today I bless Australia and New Zealand so that they can help one another and support one another. They have a lot in common. They will become an alliance. I hope people recognise My help and My blessings and thank Me for it.”

Our Lord also mentioned the Coronavirus. He said, “Once again, I want to tell you that you live in very difficult times. So do not believe all you hear about the Coronavirus. They lie to people and put fear in them. There is only some truth, but it is not all true.”

Lord, please be merciful to all of Australia, but especially Sydney.