1 October 2023

Our Lord is Sacrileged in Holy Communion

Today, during the Holy Mass, during the Communion Rite, I received Holy Communion, went back to my pew and knelt to offer praise and thanksgiving to our Lord.

Initially, the Holy Host was sweet and beautiful in my mouth. I thanked the Lord for nourishing me and for nourishing all of us. I also thanked the Lord for those that are ungrateful.

Suddenly, as I swallowed the Holy Host, a bitterness came in my mouth, so strong like a poison.

Immediately, our Lord Jesus said, “I give you the taste of bitterness that I receive at the distribution of Holy Communion. Without repentance or Confession, they approach Me full of evil and sin. I blame My priests and the church for not teaching them the truth about repentance and Confession. They don’t want to offend people.”

So our Lord gives me the taste of His bitterness. I have never experienced this before during Holy Communion.

Our Lord Jesus then asked me to do reparation in the church. He said, “Do reparation in front of the Blessed Sacrament to console Me.”

I said, “Lord, I would talk to all these people and tell them the truth, but they would not listen to me, especially in the church, as they are against private revelation, especially the priests.”

Lord, have Mercy on the church and the clergy for not speaking the truth.

28 September 2023

Soul of Priest in Purgatory Regrets Not Believing in Medjugorje

In the morning, I was taken to Purgatory by the Angel. There, we met many souls. Our Lord permitted me to talk to a group of souls about the visions and messages I receive from Heaven.

I said to the souls, “I used to tell people a lot about the messages and what our lord Jesus asks of us, but not everybody accepts or believes in them.”

Now, most of the souls I meet regret not having listened to the messages.

They said, “If only we had listened to you, we would not be here. We would be in a better place. It is always pride that keeps people away from the Truth.”

Then, we left this group and came to an open area. Suddenly, a very tall gentleman approached us.

He called me by name. He said, “Valentina, wait! Wait, I want to talk to you. I am a priest.”

“I believe you are from Slovenia. I originally come from Poland,” He said.

“Oh! That’s good. We are from the same region.”

Very happily, he said, “I never visited your country, Slovenia, but I was in Croatia.”

I said, “Oh, that’s good, we are neighbours. We are very close.”

“I know,” He replied.

Instantly, I asked him, “While you were in Croatia, did you visit Medjugorje?”

He was a little bit sad, and He said, “Unfortunately not.”

“You wouldn’t believe it, but the place I visited in Croatia was right around the corner from Medjugorje. I could have gone there, but I didn’t. Now I regret it. I heard from people who were telling me not to believe in it, but now that I am here (in Purgatory), I know that it is all authentic and true, and I have to suffer partly for this.”

Nicely, I said to him, “Father, if you had not listened to anyone and you went there, you would have been touched by our Lord and Blessed Mother, and you would have become a different person out of that.”

With sadness, he said, “I know that. Please pray for me.”

The meeting with this priest was so real, like he was alive here on earth. He had a very gentle nature and spoke perfect English. He was a very nice-looking priest, dressed in a plain top and pants — He was stripped of his priestly garments during his suffering.

Comment: Priests and bishops, even if you choose not to go to Medjugorje, don’t speak against it. Otherwise, you will have to suffer in Purgatory for not believing and telling others not to believe in the messages of our Lady, Queen of Peace.

26 September 2023

Warning from Our Lord to All Humanity

This morning, while I was praying the Angelus, our Lord Jesus came. He said, “My child Valentina when you talk to people, tell them to listen to My Holy Word and to repent before I turn the world upside down.”

Then, Lord Jesus raised His voice in anger and, with His Hand raised and index finger pointed, said, “I really mean it! And tell them to stop offending Me.”

As He said these words, I began to tremble and fear for the world. Suddenly, through my spiritual eyes, I could see the world tumbling upside down. He does not want us to be attached to material things.

Our Lord Jesus was serious and very unhappy to have to beg people to turn away from their evil deeds and sins.

22 September 2023

Consecrate Everyone to My Immaculate Heart

Blessed Mother keeps coming to me in a vision, reminding me, “Nothing is more important than to Consecrate everyone to my safe refuge, to my Immaculate Heart every day.”

“Valentina, my child, there is not much time to waste. Now is the time to keep close to me and to offer to me everyone that you meet and encounter. There are great things that will envelop the world now, and you will not comprehend unless you are close to me. In that way, I will protect you and cover you with my Maternal Mantle.”

She was happy when she said to me, “But don’t be afraid, my children. There is so much to look forward to. You will be entering into the New Era of Peace. I cannot tell you the beauty that you will experience, that my Son is preparing for you.”

“Valentina, tell my children that they have to pray very hard and to have courage; it is their decision if they want to come (into the New Era of Peace). Tell them not to fear. They have to have courage and a strong faith in our Lord Jesus. He will help them.”

We thank you Blessed Mother for taking care of us, your children.

Blessed Mother wants us to consecrate all the people around us to her Immaculate Heart, as she said there is not much time to waste. We can do this by consecrating to her all the people we pass by and see — in shopping centres, on the road, in our workplaces, and elsewhere.


We can say this prayer:


“Blessed Mother, as I pass through this place,

and I meet many people along the way,

I consecrate myself and all of these people that pass me by

to your Immaculate Heart.

Please protect them and save them. Amen”

20 August 2023

Let Nothing Worry You Whatever Comes Your Way

In the morning, while I was praying, the angel came and said, “Valentina, come with me. Our Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother would like to see you.”

I thought to myself, ‘What have I done? Maybe I have done something to offend them.’

All of a sudden, I find myself with the angel in Heaven. In front of me stood a single-level house, and the front door was wide open.

The angel said, “You go in, and I will wait for you.”

As I entered, Blessed Mother sat at the head of a very long table and seated, surrounding her were saintly women. Blessed Mother was talking to the women, and I could see the women were so joyous at being in Blessed Mother’s presence.

Blessed Mother turned to me and smiled, saying, “Valentina, come in. Come and join us.”

She pointed at a chair and said, “Sit down.”

Suddenly, a very tall saintly lady came, carrying a beautifully wrapped parcel, white with pinkish-coloured little flowers. She carried it up to Blessed Mother.

Blessed Mother then said to her, “Give it to Valentina.”

As the lady placed the parcel on the table in front of me, Blessed Mother said, “Well, Valentina, open it up! See what gift you received.”

I started to open the gift when I could see fringes hanging out, like on a beach towel.

I thought to myself, ‘This looks like a beach towel. What am I going to do with this?’

Then, Blessed Mother, knowing what I was thinking, stood up and said, “Valentina, it is not a beach towel.”

Then she took the gift and spread it on the table. It was quite long and wide, like a very large shawl. It was all white with beautiful gold trimming. The gold represents graces, and the white is purity.

She said, “This is the gift My Son wants you to have. He will wrap you and protect you.”

Then, Blessed Mother took the shawl and wrapped it around me.

I said, “Blessed Mother, I appreciate this. It is so beautiful. I don’t deserve this.”

Then, after Blessed Mother explained all this, another saintly lady came carrying another gift.

Blessed Mother said, “There is another gift my Son wants to give you.”

The lady brought the gift, wrapped in beautiful paper covered in tiny flowers, and placed it in front of me.

Blessed Mother said, “Open it up.”

As I unwrapped it, I could see a beautiful sponge cake. It was very tall and round.

Blessed Mother said, “This, you have to share among us.”

All of a sudden, a little boy appeared to my right, about eight to nine years old.

I asked Him, “Can you go and get a knife so that we can cut the cake?”

“No, I am not going to get a knife,” He immediately replied.

“You can break it with your hands,” He said.

I took the cake in my hands and started to break a piece. The texture was so soft, like a feather. I then began to break more pieces to share with the people at the table.

Everybody took a piece, and there was still so much left.

I said to Blessed Mother, “What am I going to do with the rest? There is still so much left.”

She said, “You have to share it with others.”

That represents sharing the Holy Word of God here on earth to nourish others.

Then Blessed Mother stood up and approached me, saying, “I have to talk to you.”

So I got up, and she took me outside the building into a garden. There was another little table with chairs. She sat down, and I stood near her. She looked so beautiful. I was so grateful to her.

I bowed down, made the Sign of the Cross, and said to her, “Blessed Mother, I love you, and I adore your Queenship and your Majesty, and I am so grateful for everything.”

The little boy Jesus was not there.

Then, Blessed Mother said, “Valentina, my daughter, come closer to me.”

I did as she asked.

As a loving Mother, she said, “Valentina, my daughter, let nothing worry you or disturb you, whatever will come your way, even the future, because you belong to us in Heaven.”

She repeated, “Remember you belong to us in Heaven.”

“Be strong and have courage.”

At first, I thought she was preparing me for what is coming to the world.

Why was all this given to me? Three days later, on Wednesday, my dear sister Angela died suddenly. They were preparing me for this as we were very close to each other our whole life. It was a very painful and difficult time.

The beautiful gift that Lord Jesus prepared for me, the shawl that Jesus gives me to wrap around me, was to give me strength. Gold is grace, and white is purity.

They knew what was coming my way, so they gave me this encouragement three days before.

15 August 2023

The Assumption of Blessed Mary, Most Holy
During the Holy Mass of the Assumption of Blessed Mary, Most Holy, I was kneeling when suddenly, Blessed Mother appeared, smiling joyfully. She embraced me and said, “Valentina, my daughter, on the Feast of My Assumption, body and soul, I am honoured so beautifully by those who love me. I come to tell you that We love you and know you have a lot of suffering, but be courageous; spread the Holy Word that Jesus and I give you.”
“I want to tell you that very big things will happen throughout the world. God is very offended and denied; people do not honour God the Creator any longer. Tell people to repent and pray for the conversion of others.”
I said, “Thank you, my Mother Mary Most Holy. Pray for us.

13 August 2023

Blessed Mother asks I pour Water into the Fountain

This morning I suddenly found myself in Heaven. I was among people in what looked like a church. Blessed Mother was there praying. I looked at myself and saw I was dressed in a beautiful, creamy-white coloured gown made of soft material. There were saintly ladies around me, and we were all dressed in the same creamy-white gowns.

Blessed Mother said, “I am preparing for a lot of souls to enter Heaven for the Feast of my Assumption.”

Then Blessed Mother gave me what looked like a vase, which was not that tall, and when I looked at it, it was filled with Holy Water. Blessed Mother said, “Valentina, this is for you. Go out into the garden as far as you can, and there in the corner, you will find a little fountain. I want you to pour out this water into the fountain. Then come back.”

I started running quite fast, carrying the beautiful vase filled with the beautiful crystal clear water, which I knew was Holy Water. It was a fair distance away, about a hundred metres.

I came to the little fountain; a lot of beautiful greenery surrounded it. Holding the vase with both hands, I gently and carefully tipped over the vase and poured out the water into the fountain, just as Blessed Mother had asked me to do.

I had some water left over in the vase, so as I walked back, I started sprinkling the remaining water all over the grass around me.

That represents the cleansing of the sins and purification of the Holy Souls, and also blessings and graces to the world, because that is the Living Water from our Lord Jesus. The vase was not clear glass but was the same colour as my dress, soft creamy and embellished with some beautiful etchings, all in the same creamy colour.

As I returned the vase to Blessed Mother, I said to her, “Blessed Mother, but I still don’t feel happy. Why do I feel like that in your holy presence?”

She said, “My child, you feel like that because my Son put the sadness in your heart so that you can feel our sadness, the way we feel sad for the world. You are part of us, and you know our feelings, how sad My Son is for the world, and in that way, you console Him.”

After that, the angel brought me back home, and again I asked myself, “Blessed Mother, my Mother, why do I feel so sad?”

I kept repeating this because it was such a strong feeling of sadness.

Then I understood—it was given to me to carry with me so that I would not forget the sadness that Blessed Mother and Lord Jesus feel for the world. The world is in a grave state of sin, and people are behaving so badly.

Blessed Mother, pray for us, and Lord Jesus, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

6 August 2023

Blessed Mother asks for more Prayers to be offered


After the Holy Mass, while I was prayingBlessed Mother said, “People are curious and wondering what will happen in October. My children don’t be curious. You cannot tell God what to do. Leave all in God’s Hands. Your job is to pray and to trust in my Son. God is very much offended by the world, and through your prayers, you console Him.”


“Always we must say to God, ‘Let it be your Holy Will,’ and in that way, we respect His Majesty and allow Him to do what is right for Him to do. Your priority is to be in a state of grace and to pray for others, for their conversion and repentance.”


Thank you, Blessed Mother, for warning us and teaching us.

4 August 2023

God the Father is Really Tired of Humanity

During my morning prayers, the Angel of the Lord came. He said, “I was sent to you to take you to God the Father. He wants to see you.”

I said, “Just as well; I want to confess to God the Father since it is the First Friday.”

The angel did not respond but just smiled.

We found ourselves in a Heavenly Garden, and after walking a little distance, we came upon beautiful light blue doors. The doors automatically opened. The angel said, “You go in, and I will wait for you.”

Immediately upon entry, I kneeled, seeing God the Father sitting in the centre of a dark brown sofa which was shaped like an arc. He was dressed in Kingly royal robes, made of very thick material, of a deep red wine and purple colour with intricate all-gold embroidery. To the left and right of God the Father sat the most beautiful little angels chatting to Him and consoling Him.

He said, “My daughter, I sent for you so that you can console Me. You know, My daughter Valentina, I Am so tired of humanity. Really tired!” He leaned to His right as He was saying this to me. “They don’t take any notice of Me or obey Me. The more I try to tell them, the worse they get. I Am really tired of all humanity!” Again He leaned over, and I tried to console Him by tapping on His Arm. As I did so, I was surprised to feel how thin His arm was.

I said, “Father, You can’t give up. Think how much Heaven loves You and praises You, and we love You, Your children on earth.”

Kneeling in front of God the Father, I gently kept touching His Arm, trying to cheer Him up so He would not be upset.

I said, “Father, I thought You would confess me.”

He ignored my comment and said, “I sent for you to come here to console Me, not to confess you.” I thought to myself, ‘It looks like I was not that bad’.

Then I just listened to our Father while He lamented to me. I felt so sad for Him, for our King and Creator. At the same time, I was so upset with the people of the world that they do so much wrong and do not acknowledge how much they offend God.

But one thing that made me happy was that these beautiful little angels surrounded God the Father and were so close to Him, cheering Him up. They were chatting to Him, and He listened to them.

God the Father, have mercy on all humanity. I pray people will change.


31 July 2023

Feast of St. Ignatius Loyola

While praying my morning prayers, the Holy Angel came and took me to Purgatory. We arrived in what looked like middle Purgatory. The souls there told me they were all hungry. I helped to console these souls, giving them a little encouragement and did some cleaning to help clean their souls.

The angel said, “Now we have to leave.”

As we walked between Purgatory and Heaven, the angel said, “There is something else I have to give you.”

He held in his hand a ball. I noticed that it was mainly coloured red with patches of blue. He said, “This is for you. Our Lord wants you to have it.”

I said, “What am I going to do with this?”

He said, “You are holding the world.”

I asked, “What do the colours represent?”

He answered, “The red represents there will be extreme hot weather all over the world, a lot of fires and heatwaves.”

“The blue represents the ocean.”

I said, “What has this to do with me.”

He said, “Don’t complain; you are a part of what is happening. Pray, and tell people to convert and repent.”

27 July 2023

Our Lord reveals the Power of Prayer

When I was praying this morning, the angel came and said, “Valentina, I am the angel of the Lord. He sends me to you to reveal to you good news.”

All of a sudden, the angel and I found ourselves walking up the main steps of the St Patrick’s Cathedral leading to the Chapel. We both climbed the steps, walked through the main doors, and stepped into the Chapel.

As we came inside, I noticed some priests and a bishop sitting in the pew, and all were facing the Tabernacle. The angel smiled, pointed his hand towards them, and said, “This is the new Bishop who will soon come to this Church. He will be very kind and friendly and a good-hearted person. He will associate with people much more. Our Lord Jesus chose this Bishop himself.”

While talking to the other priests, the Bishop slightly turned his head, and I could see his happy and smiling face.

Then the angel asked me, “Valentina, are you happy to hear this good news?”

“Oh yes! I am more than happy to hear this good news,” I answered.

Then the angel smiled joyfully and said, “But I have other good news to tell you.”

“Do you know that all of these graces are coming to this Church because of the Cenacle Prayer Group here? This Cenacle Prayer Group is very powerful,” said the angel.

“Our Lord Jesus gives many graces through this group of people who come and pray very devoutly, and He blesses them in a very special way.”

The angel smiled again and said, “You should all be very proud and happy.”

I said, “This is all very beautiful news, and we all appreciate it, and we all thank our Lord Jesus for being so kind and merciful to this Church.”

In a vision, I could see a mature person dressed in a very beautiful white vestment. Over his shoulders, he wore a very short cape and had a mitre on his head. A few priests surrounded him, but they didn’t look familiar to me.

A while back, during Holy Mass, our Lord was smiling when He said, “Continue to pray because something beautiful will happen to this church very soon.” So I believe this is connected to this message about the new Bishop.

Later in the morning, during the Holy Mass, I thanked the Lord for the graces He has given us. Almost immediately, our Lord Jesus appeared and smiled.

He said, “Valentina, My child, do you know that one day, this Church will be very holy? All that I reveal to you, it is through your coming here, and that you obey Me and you offer to Me whatever I ask of you to offer Me.”

He was very happy and smiling when He said, “Would you like to hear another good news?”

“The most number of Holy Souls, that you offer Me by the thousands and thousands, come to Me from this church—from no other church in the world.”

Then Lord Jesus knowing that I don’t always feel well, said, “I know that you do not always feel good to come (to Church) because I give you a lot of suffering. It is because of that, it will make this Church so holy and special.”

“It is a special bond between Me and you, and in that way, I give you special graces and strength to help Me to save souls.”

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for all the graces and blessings You give to save many souls.


18 July 2023

A Sign from God to the World

In the morning, while I was praying the Angelus, Blessed Mother Mary Most Holy came suddenly. She said, “Valentina, my daughter, I come to tell you to increase your prayer. Pray more than you usually do, and tell my children to do the same, to pray more now.”

“I want to tell you that in October, God will give a big sign to the world, which everyone will witness.”

“God wants to steer humanity back to the times when the world was not so corrupted and evil, when they appreciated and loved God and prayed, and they lived a simple life, and God was very happy about that.”

While telling me this, Blessed Mother gently swept her right hand from right to left and then curled her hand inwards to show how God the Father would steer his people back to the early times.

Blessed Mother is asking us to increase our prayers because the prayers disperse the evil in the world, remove blockages and open the way for God the Father to come and intervene in the world.

May God’s Will be done.

Thank you, Blessed Mother, for warning your children. Pray for us.

11 July 2023

Message Sanctified by our Lord

This morning when I was praying, our Lord Jesus appeared smiling, and He said, “Valentina, My child, I want you to go to Mass today and offer Me the Message that I gave you on Sunday (9 July 2023 – Warning for the World) so I can sanctify it before it goes out to the world for people to read it.”

When I came to church, I said, “Lord, I have done what You have asked of me, and I thank You for it. May the message touch every heart that reads it.”

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for all your graces and blessings.

11 July 2023

My Body is Holy, It is Gold

In the early morning hours, while I was praying my morning prayers, Blessed Mother suddenly appeared holding little Boy Jesus in her arms.

She said, “I brought you my Son so you can console Him. He is so offended by so much sacrilege and abuse in the Holy Eucharist and through the Holy Tabernacle, which shouldn’t be.”

Then Blessed Mother gave Me her Son to hold when suddenly He slid down from my hands onto the very dirty and dusty ground. Our Lord Jesus was screaming and screaming like a child. Scattered all around Him on the dirty ground was raw white spaghetti covered in grey dust. Sobbing uncontrollably and with tears running down His Face, little Jesus tried to gather together the spaghetti strands with His little hands. It was so painful for Him to see all of that.

He said, “See what they are doing to Me. They place Me anywhere and take Me anywhere where I don’t want to be. I want to be in a church where I belong. That is My home. That is My House I established from the very beginning in Jerusalem, and I place it in Rome at St Peter, and that is your Faith. That represents My Church, not to be moved from one place to another. That offends Me gravely. They don’t know how Sacred and Holy is My Body.”

“It is GOLD! It is GOLD! It is GOLD!” He screamed while trying to gather the pure white spaghetti scattered everywhere over the dirty, dusty ground. I knelt on the ground, helping little Lord Jesus to gather all the white spaghetti and to console Him.

I said, “Don’t cry, don’t cry, my little Baby,” but He wouldn’t stop crying. It was too much for Him.

“What are they doing to Me?” He was crying and screaming. He was inconsolable.

The white spaghetti represents His Holy Body which is scattered now everywhere. Our Lord does not like this. Whoever does this offends Him terribly.

When Blessed Mother picked up Little Boy Jesus and held Him in her arms, she said, “See how my Son is offended. They play with my Son’s Body. So little reverence is given to My Son. He is so Holy.”

Our Lord showed me that He is deeply offended by what the priests allow—the sacrilege of His Holy Body.

9 July 2023

Warning for the World – Repentance is the Most Important 

This morning after I finished praying the Angelus, our Lord Jesus appeared dressed in a beautiful deep red robe. He was cheerful and smiling. He said, “Valentina, what I Am going to tell you, I want you to spread widely as much as you can and warn the people of the need for repentance and to change their way of life, for this is the most important.”

“The prophecy that was foretold is now all coming to fulfilment. Many catastrophic events will happen in the world. A lot of earthquakes will happen in many parts of the world.”

“Weatherwise, there will be a lot of changes; there will be extreme weather. A lot of people will die from all of this. One earthquake will not finish when another earthquake will arise, and you will all panic in all the devastation.”

“At the same time, your governments will control you, and suppress you more and more and tell you what to do. Your churches will also be controlled and suppressed. You will not be free as you are now.”

“It will not happen all in one day. It will start now in this period and will gradually spread all over the world.”

I asked Him, “Will it be for Australia as well?”

He replied, “It will be everywhere, all over the world. It will hit part of one country and then elsewhere, part of another country. Wherever it’s meant to happen, it will happen.”

“Through these earthquakes and floods, many nations will be entirely annihilated. And Valentina, there are the plates on the bottom of the sea which I previously showed you are there, and they have to be unplugged.” (Refer to Message dated 13 October 2018)

Then our Lord Jesus said, “But I will leave that until the last.”

I was conversing with our Lord when I said, “Lord, I will be really scared and fearful, and so will be the people.”

“You’re going to be scared?” He said.

Trying to encourage me, He was smiling and said, “Why would you be scared when I Am going to give you My power, the same as I have, so that you will not be fearful, and you will not be scared, and I Am going to give My power to all my faithful who really trust Me. So that’s why My children, I want you to pray. Pray very much now. Prayer will give you strength and trust in Me.”

“I want you to talk to people and tell them the Truth—to prepare and to repent. Don’t be afraid.”

“This has to come to pass before My Coming. My Coming is to purify the world of all evil.”

“After the Purification, there will be such a joy and happiness. My Churches will rise. There will be no woman around My Altar, even reading. It will be back to simplicity, to humbleness. It will only be My devoted priests who will serve Me faithfully, and they will understand how much reverence they must give Me.”

Lord Jesus is warning, “When the churches will be persecuted, so will be Rome. Watch for that! They will treat the Pope very badly. It will all start in Rome and spread to all the churches throughout the world.”

Our Lord is warning us. He wants us to be prepared, to repent and to go to Confession and to be in a State of Grace. He wants us to be ready to go through all of what is coming to the world.

Today after Holy Mass in the Chapel, Blessed Mother appeared, and she was very sad when she said, “Write down what My Son told you this morning.”

Most Precious Blood of Jesus, save us.