17 November 2021

Lord Jesus is moving through the World


When I first came into the church, our Lord Jesus said to me, “Offer Me all the souls that are yearning and waiting for help. Offer Me the world. The world needs My help and My Mercy.”

“Do you know that now I pass very often throughout the world; that is why I ask you to pray for the world. People suffer now because they are very much controlled because of the injections; they suffer both mentally and spiritually from all of this. When people ask Me, I come, and I never refuse. Oh, how sad I Am when I see the poor people and the refugees dying. They need help. How it saddens Me to see all of that; it shouldn’t be like that.”

“Do you know that half of the world’s population is now undernourished and hungry, and many are dying of starvation?”

“How selfish are the governments in the world when they turn their backs on all of this, pretending to care, but they do not want to know. There are so many rich people that have too much, and they are very selfish. They are only for themselves; they are greedy. Their hearts are very hard and cold towards the poor people; they have no feelings and no compassion.”

“One day, all of them will come before Me and will give an account for all they did not do. It will be a very harsh judgement. That is why now I pass through the world very often, to give strength to my poor children.”

“Valentina, remember Esther in the Bible and how she pleaded with the King for her people. Esther pleaded from her heart with the King. She pleaded for her people, and she saved her people from not being killed. Since she pleaded so sincerely, so simply, and so beautifully, God could not refuse her plea, and He granted her anything she asked. Now is the same, as history repeats itself.”

“Now I need many Esther’s in the world to plead with Me, to plead sincerely so that their prayers can reach Heaven. When their prayer is so sincere, I cannot refuse it.”

“Most of all, Valentina, the people in the world, they need repentance. That is why, when you go to people, encourage them and speak to them of repentance and conversion, so that they can come closer to Me. “

Today, Lord Jesus was wearing a wine-burgundy coloured tunic, enhanced with beautiful golden embroidery, to remind us that He is King and that we will celebrate the Solemnity of Christ the King on Sunday. I watched as He came from the Holy Altar and passed very quickly along all the aisles in the church and blessed all the people present, and took away their anxiety and any negativity that was present in the church. Oh, how beautiful is our Lord.

As I was dictating this message to my friend, we were sitting together, when suddenly I saw glowing swirls of golden light coming towards us, to where we were seated. The golden light came and swirled between us, and with it came a most beautiful and rich fragrance.

Suddenly the air around us was overwhelmed with a sweetness; a beautiful floral scent, and a fragrance of incense, like the most exquisite perfume imaginable, made from all the most beautiful flowers in the world. It was so strong and powerful. The heavenly fragrance settled between the two of us and just above the book in which the message was being written. It lasted for quite a long time.

Lord Jesus, we praise You, and we thank You for your Holy Presence.


14 November 2021

Many Graces Lost when Churches were Closed

Today during Holy Mass, our Lord Jesus said, “Valentina, I want you to offer to Me all the Holy Souls in Purgatory.”

He lamented, “Do you know that during the Coronavirus, when all the churches were closed everywhere, many graces were lost? These graces are usually received by all the people present at the Holy Masses, and from which, they all benefit, both in their body and their soul.”

“During the closure of the Churches, even the souls had to suffer more; they had to wait longer to be offered at the foot of the Holy Altar. But today, there will be rejoicing for many souls; their liberation has come. Such a joy and praising God after a long purification.”

Smiling and in a teasing tone, our Lord Jesus said, “All these souls will be nourished by you, and I tell you, they will all be raised to Heaven, their heavenly home.”

He said, “Look, Valentina! I will show you.”

“Wow! I said, “Lord, there are so many of them.”

Suddenly I could see many souls, as they were coming from the adjacent Chapel walking in a procession into the Cathedral, through the centre and towards the main Altar, where the Holy Mass was being celebrated. They were in a large group, huddled very close to each other, all walking, taking very gentle steps. They stood in front of the Altar, aiming for relief. They were not suffering while in the Church, and our Lord permitted them to be there.

They were all happy and rejoicing and eagerly waiting.

He said, “See how many of them there are?”

“Today, all of them will rejoice. See, they will be nourished by Valentina! Offer them all to Me. It will be such a joy.”

“Lord, how beautiful,” I said.

When I came back to my pew after receiving Holy Communion, I thanked the Lord for receiving Him. After I offered the souls present at the Altar, and with the Holy Communion nourished them, I watched as a bright golden light appeared swirling above the Altar, and all the souls were swept into this light and vanished.

I didn’t know that when you offer the souls to our Lord that they still have to wait. The souls cannot help themselves even if they beg. Our Lord would not listen, but someone must direct them to Him. These were special souls who needed the benefits of this Holy Mass to be able to go to Heaven. I don’t know how long they were in Purgatory. Our Lord is so good and so kind.

A soul once described to me how they were taken to Heaven. Brilliant heavenly lights start to swirl around them, and they are powerless as they are pulled up as if by a magnet. The soul passes through a tunnel, guided by the angels; it is swept higher and higher into the Universe to their heavenly home. Then God the Father and Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother welcome the souls. There is such joy and rejoicing in Heaven for each soul.

It is never-ending with the Holy Souls, but today a large group entered Heaven.

Lord, thank you and have mercy on the Holy Souls.

Our Lord reminds me and says, “Keep praying and don’t forget there are many more souls because each day people are dying.”

13 November 2021

Lord Jesus gives many Signs in the Weather

This afternoon while I was praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet, our Lord Jesus appeared and said, “Valentina, My child, did I not say in My Scripture, in My Writings [Bible] that many false prophets will come at the end of times. They will claim that they see Me and that I speak to them, and that I appear to them, but do not believe everything you hear.”

“Do not run here and there to them because they will deceive you. They will confuse you and tell you all kinds of lies to take away all your peace.”

“All this must come to pass. I tell you, My Coming is very near, so remain very strong in Me and in your faith.”

“Now, all over the world, I give many signs in the weather. The seasons are very changeable, and the weather patterns have become disordered, as I have permitted this to happen because the sin in the world is so bad.”

“For instance, Australia is usually very hot at this time of the year, but this year the weather patterns are very changeable, where you are experiencing colder weather, wet weather and hot weather, all mixed into one season. People are saying, ‘This is unusual for our weather pattern. What is happening?’”

“This indicates that My Coming is near. I Am making all the changes in the weather because people’s lives must change. I Am patiently waiting for people to turn back to Me. Sadly only a few recognise My Signs.”

“Now, I want you to believe very strongly in Me, listen only to Me, trust Me as these times are very confusing times. That is why I want you to remain steadfast in Me.”

Lord, give us strength and be merciful to the world.


10 November 2021

Cries for Help from a Soul in Deep Darkness

It was about one-thirty in the morning when I finished my evening prayers. I switched off my light, hoping to get some sleep when, at about two-thirty, terrible loud screaming voices awakened me.

The crying and screaming were coming from deep in the ground. There must have been many souls in this place. Out of these frightening and horrible sounds, I could hear the distinct voices of two ladies.

They were screaming in Italian, “Aiutami! Aiutami!” which means ‘Help me! help me!’

I felt that these cries for help were coming from a very deep and dark place, very close to Hell.

One lady screamed, “This is horrible! I can’t take it anymore! I can’t take it anymore! This is worse than Auschwitz!”

I pleaded with our Lord and said, “Lord, please be merciful to her. Please get her out of there. This is horrible.”

I don’t know what she had done during her life. She was just screaming—such horrible screaming like she was groaning in the deepest of agony.

Shocked at the screaming and cries for help from the women, I quickly switched on my bedside lamp and, while praying the Rosary, I kept looking at the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Holy Cross on my wall.

I prayed, “Lord Jesus, please lift them up from there.”

The moment you offer to God a soul, they are already elevated to a higher level in Purgatory.

Then I thought, ‘What am I saying? Look at my sore leg.’ In that instant, I knew that our Lord would give me even more suffering to help these souls.

All of a sudden, something powerful, like boiling hot water, was poured over my leg. It went right through my leg, accompanied by searing pain, which became so severe and unbearable. I couldn’t take it anymore. The pain lasted until about six o’clock in the morning.

Lord Jesus said, “For what you ask, you must suffer.”

Lord, have mercy on the Holy Souls.

7 November 2021

This Church is in Shambles

During the Holy Mass today, I had a vision of our Lord Jesus and two Saints. Saint Pope John Paul II was on His right side, and Saint Mary MacKillop was standing close by. Our Lord then spoke to me and said, “Pray for the Church. This Church is in a big shamble.”

“There are many in the world today they are like that, and they offend Me greatly, and they are disobedient to Me.”

Our Lord recommends very much to pray for this Church and others. He brought two important Saints to intercede for this Church. Lord Jesus was sitting on a chair with a brilliant light emanating from Him.

Saint Pope John Paul II was dressed as a Pope in beautiful gold-embroidered vestments, and Saint Mary MacKillop was dressed as a nun.

6 November 2021

There will be No More Petrol on Earth

This morning while I was praying, two angels came and took me to Purgatory. There I was given the task of washing a bundle of clothing, mainly blouses, but there were also some sheets. The washing I do in Purgatory helps the suffering souls.

When I finished the washing, one of the angels said to me, “Come with me; you have to witness something.”

I accompanied the two angels to a building. We entered, and inside there were more angels. I could see they were very busy writing up notes on a paper board, and I understood the written notes were being dictated to them by our Lord. Once they finished writing, they departed.

The angels and I were standing there, and I thought to myself, ‘I wonder what they are writing.’

The angel next to me said, “They are writing a very important message.”

The two angels writing on the board returned a second time to write the same message again. The angel next to me explained, “That confirms the message being written.”

“What is the message about?” I asked.

The angel answered, “Soon, on earth, there will be no more petrol.”

“What! How could that happen? People live long distances; they need cars to travel.” I said.

The angel repeated, “There will be no more petrol on earth, so people will not be able to travel by car.”

“But when will this happen?” I asked.

The angel replied, “It is coming, not right away, but it is coming.”

The angels did not explain to me how this would come about.

The two angels and I then left this place and entered a garden. As we went through this garden, I could see another angel seated there. I had a little piece of rolled-up paper in my hand, which I light-heartedly threw at this angel. He jumped up as I did so. I knew this angel from before. He was very tall and beautiful.

I said to this angel, “Did you hear what is going to happen on earth? They wrote down that there will be no more petrol on earth.”

He answered, “Well, what can I tell you? Tell people on earth to pray and to go to church. That is the only solution for everything. Tell people to return to church.”

The angel then walked away. The angel spoke in a serious tone.

I then conversed with the two angels I came with, and they confirmed, “Yes, yes, it is severe. This will envelop the whole earth. Go to church and pray and spread the Holy Word of our Lord.”



5 November 2021

Holy Souls Need our Prayers and Offerings

Today is the second week that we gathered for the weekly Cenacle Rosary in St Patrick’s Cathedral after three months of lockdown. During the Holy Rosary, people were mentioning their prayer petitions when suddenly Blessed Mother Mary Most Holy appeared.

She said, “How happy and pleased we are, Me and my Son, Jesus, that you gather together in a group once again. Today my dear children, I would like to ask you, if you will permit, to offer the Cenacle Rosary for the Holy Souls in Purgatory, since it is the month of November, so many souls would like to go to Heaven.”

“One day, you will be rewarded in Heaven with so much gratitude the souls have for those who contributed and helped them.”

“Thank you, my dear children, for helping the needy souls. Please always remember the Holy Souls in your prayers.”

Thank you, my Mother, Mary Most Holy.

2 November 2021

All Souls’ Day

This morning when I was praying my morning prayers, Blessed Mother came, and she was smiling.

She said, “Write down the good news; how many souls went to Heaven today, and they joined all the Saints, and together they praise and thank God for His mercy and His goodness.”

“After all the suffering they endured for a long time, and now having been cleansed and purified of all their sins, which they committed during their life on earth, today came their liberation.”

“They are the most happy to have entered their Heavenly home. However, not all of them went to Heaven today; those who remained behind are not yet ready to go to Heaven. Many have to stay longer in a place to be purified.”

Blessed Mother was then looking at me, and she said, “My daughter Valentina, at times it seems very difficult and hard for you when my Son permits you to endure very severe pain, but if you only knew and could see how many souls benefit from your suffering you would be more than happy.”

“My Son gives you strength every day,” she said.

I said, “My Mother, I couldn’t do it without our Lord Jesus.”

She said, “That is why you must trust Him always.”

Blessed Mother Mary Most Holy was very joyful and smiling for so many souls entered Heaven on the 1st and 2nd of November.

Thank You and praise You, Lord Jesus, for Your mercy and goodness.

1 November 2021

Solemnity of All Saints

Today I attended Holy Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta. We all needed to wear a face mask when inside the church, and I found it most uncomfortable wearing the mask.

During the Holy Mass, our Lord Jesus appeared surrounded by a multitude of Saints. He looked so beautiful, in a satiny white garment, all aglow and with beams of the most brilliant light radiating from Him. The Saints surrounding Him were all in white garments, and they were praising and glorifying our Lord. Such a beautiful vision.

Suddenly our Lord became quite annoyed and even angry. He pointed to the mask on my face and, in a firm tone, said to me, “Take off that ugly thing from your face.”

I quickly obeyed our Lord and took off the mask, and threw it into my bag. The Saints were watching us present in the church, and they could see how in the Holy Presence of our Lord we were obeying the law of the world and not God’s Law.

Lord Jesus said, “Today all the Holy Saints are present with Me, and they feel very embarrassed for Me, seeing all the people in the church wearing the masks.”

“How are you all going to join the Saints in Heaven one day if you continue to do all the wrong things here on earth?”

“I tell you, there is no Coronavirus here in this church. How little trust My priests and bishops have in Me.”

Our Lord was very serious when telling me this message.

I said, “Lord, we have no say in this. They tell us that we must wear the mask.”

Lord Jesus, have mercy on us. Holy Saints in Heaven pray for us.

31 October 2021

We should think of our Lord’s Nativity

This morning while I was praying, Blessed Mother appeared with Baby Jesus in her arms. He looked to be about one and a half years old and ever so beautiful. Blessed Mother gently placed Him close to me.

Baby Jesus looked at me and said, “Yesterday, you forgot to mention My Nativity to the people there.”

You should think of My Nativity as it is very close. People should prepare now, and they should praise Me and sing to Me!”

Yesterday we were invited to a friend’s home for a prayer gathering, where a small group of people came together to pray and listen to the Messages I receive from Heaven. I had every intention to mention our Lord’s Nativity, but as we were all conversing, it slipped my mind.

I felt deeply sad for not mentioning His holy Nativity. I said, “Oh, I am so sorry, my little Baby.”

Suddenly, to my pleasant surprise, our Lord began to sing with such a beautiful and exquisite voice.

As He was singing, He was looking up; His gaze turned towards Heaven.

Baby Jesus sang the most beautiful Christmas melody, “Glory, Glory to the newborn King….”

He said, “I sing to Myself to let you know and remind you that My Nativity is near at hand. Remember, it is the most important of all.”

I was adoring our little Lord Jesus singing when suddenly, to the left of our Lord, a wicked woman appeared. She had a hideous face and was all in black. Blessed Mother quickly lifted Baby Jesus into her arms to protect Him. The wicked woman then angrily muttered something.

I quickly made the + Sign of the Cross and made an Act of Reparation.

The evil woman disappeared.

Blessed Mother said, “Me and My Son have come to warn you and to protect you. You have no idea how many witches are hovering around now.”

Looking at me with sadness, she said, “See, how many abuses I receive. There are so many evil spirits everywhere on the horizon in the world,”

I felt so sad for Her. We should make reparation to her Immaculate Heart for all the pain and suffering she endures.

To console her, I said, “Blessed Mother, but you know how much you are loved by your children on earth.”

Later on, after I made an Act of Reparation, Blessed Mother once again appeared in my bedroom; this time, she was happy. She came to thank me for making reparation to her Immaculate Heart.

Thank You, Baby Jesus and Blessed Mother, for your protection.

30 October 2021

Offer Up Prayers and Suffering for the Holy Souls

During the prayer gathering at a friend’s home, our Lord Jesus said, “Now that November is here and you are coming closer to Christmas, you should prepare for Christmas, as you know many of My children want to go to Heaven.”

Our Lord was reminding me that the time from November and leading up to Christmas is another time of suffering that I must endure for the Holy Souls, as they are so eager to get to Heaven. Many souls go to Heaven not only during the month of November but also for Christmas.

During the night I had a lot of suffering for the Holy Souls and slept very little. I said, “Lord, my eyes are a little sore as I didn’t sleep very much. With my leg in so much pain, I could not have the strength to be here today to talk to these people and be among them; it is only the power which comes from You which helps me and gives me strength.”

Our Lord is asking us to offer our prayers and suffering for the Holy Souls during this time.

Lord have mercy on the Holy Souls.

30 October 2021

Our Lord’s Response to Those Wanting to Leave Australia

Recently, there have been stories about people wanting to leave Australia because of the government’s stricter control over the people, the loss of freedom, and the fear that it may worsen.

Our Lord responded to this and said, “You cannot run away from problems. From now on, each country in the world will experience problems because they are trying to bring in a One World Government. The Governments of each country will persecute their people, and they will tell them what to do, whether they want to do it or not.”

“Remain very close to Me and My beloved Mother, and offer Me everything and stand fast in your faith,” said our Lord.

30 October 2021

I Am Planning a Big Surprise Soon

Our Lord has been giving me a lot of suffering lately, especially as we are getting closer to All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day.

At about five o’clock this morning, Lord Jesus came. He explained why He gave me so much suffering. He said, “In November, a lot of souls would like to go to Heaven, to their Heavenly Home. I Am sorry to allow you to have such pain and suffering, but it is the only way that I can redeem them. Don’t despair with all that is going on in the world. Trust Me.”

Our Lord was beside me and smiling when He said, “I know how much you like surprises!”

He was trying to cheer me up. He said, “I Am planning a big surprise. I cannot tell you when it will happen, but I Am working on it, and you are going to say, ‘Lord, You are full of surprises!’ So, be at peace and be happy because it is something beautiful, and you will love it, and it will happen very soon.”

Our Lord loves it when I say to Him, ‘Lord, You are full of surprises!’

No matter what happens around us and how upsetting it can be, we should always have trust in our Lord. He knows all that we are going through, but He is also full of surprises.

We thank You, and we praise You, Lord Jesus.

29 October 2021

My Churches are Climbing a Bleeding Calvary

Cenacle Prayer Group – St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta

Today after Holy Mass, during the prayers of the Cenacle Prayer Group, our Lord Jesus spoke and said, “Valentina, My child, thank Me that you are in My Holy Presence again. I want to tell you right now My Churches are climbing a bleeding Calvary, where I carry My heavy Cross. They are crucifying My Churches the same way I was crucified. Sadly, I want to tell you that there will be more closure of the Churches because they will find any excuse.”

“The devil hates My Churches! Pray for this Church and all the Churches of the world. My people, you are all controlled by evil, and you are no longer free.”

“Nothing is certain in the world anymore, only God, Whom you should trust. My Anger is so great that it shows in the fury of the weather, severe storms and hurricanes. They never happened before in many countries in the world like they do now, and they will continue to unfold, and many people will say, ‘God is angry with us. We have to change and repent of evil deeds and sin.’ They have to ask Me to be merciful to all. How can people be so blind and so deaf? Tell them to change and repent and not to wait the last minute.”

This is our Lord Jesus speaking. Lord Jesus have mercy on us and on the whole world.

24 October 2021

My Churches Should Never Have Been Closed

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta

During the Holy Mass, at the Elevation, our Lord appeared and said, “Now the churches are open, they should never have been closed. I want My Churches to be open. But, because My Priests and Bishops were very afraid of the government and their policies, they obeyed them. They are disobedient to Me, but they obey the law of the devil.”

“Pray that you will not come to the time where you will be locked down again because you never know what they are planning. The churches are the ones they cannot stand. The first to be attacked by the devil is the Church.”

“My Churches should always be open. Pray that the Churches will remain open, and be open more and more to the people, that more people will come and worship Me.”

“Today, I Am still sacrileged in the Eucharist because people did not attend the Sacrament of Confession for a long time. I hope people will realise this and repent of their sins when they come to receive Me.”

“Pray for My Priests, pray for My Bishops so that they will have the courage to stand up for the Truth.”