19 November 2023

Peace Can Only Come From Heaven, Not From the World

This morning, when I prayed to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary for the protection of everyone, I said, “Today is a new day—Blessed Mother, guide us and lead us.”

Then the Blessed Mother Mary Most Holy came. She smiled and said, “Be at peace, my daughter Valentina. The peace can only come from Heaven, not from the world. I come to tell you what you and all my children experienced on Friday, the fear and confusion—that should not have happened.”

“The person who came to your prayers and was spying on your prayer group, it would be better for him never to have come and to have interfered. For this is my prayer group, that me and my Son Jesus established for the Parramatta Church. With my plans, that me and my Son Jesus chose, for many good fruits that are produced from your beautiful devotions and prayers, that you, my children, offer to me, and they are so pleasing, and they bring joy and consolation to my Immaculate Heart, for so many offences that I receive from the world.”

“Don’t give up your regular prayers that you’ve been attending for many years. Continue to pray and fear not, for I am among you very strongly present, and I love you very much. Fear not. Be at peace, my children.”

Comment: When Blessed Mother was telling me this message, she was very sad. She showed me how the devil entered among the group and wanted to destroy everything. But we have to be strong and to not give up.


10 November 2023

During the Cenacle Prayers

Today in the Chapel, during the Cenacle Rosary prayers, after reading the message from the ‘Blue Book’, Blessed Mother suddenly appeared and was smiling and very happy.

She came to encourage me to speak up and to share with the group about my experience at the Holy Mass and Cenacle prayers with Father Luca from a few days before.

Looking at me, she said, “Well, aren’t you going to tell the whole group about the meeting you went to on Wednesday?”

“Share with them how beautiful and joyful it was—that you participated in and was witness to, and because of that, My Son blesses the prayer group in Parramatta.”

Being obedient to Blessed Mother, I stood up and started to speak. I told the group what Father Luca said: that it is important to persevere in prayer because that will help the Blessed Mother triumph through her Immaculate Heart.

I reminded the group and said to them, “Lord Jesus came and consecrated this group to Himself, which is a very big Grace given to all of you. That is why Parramatta is still number one above all prayer groups.”

I also told the group how Blessed Mother had said that everyone from the group should have gone to the retreat.

Blessed Mother said, “We love you, my children, and we always look for your prayers that are needed for the souls and for people and are distributed where needed. Remember, my children, I am the one who leads you through all your prayers, and I protect you from all evil.

“The prayer group is very beneficial for the church, for the priests and for everybody.”

After we prayed the Act of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as soon as we kneeled, suddenly, to my far right, I could see a moving gold light. It appeared to come down and flow from the Tabernacle—full, pure, thick gold light, not a mist, but really thick.

I could then see it moving in a flash, first to the right side of the Chapel around the pews, and then suddenly making its way towards me, coming to my left side, passing between me and a lady sitting to my left, but then suddenly turning towards me and surrounding me. Instantly, I felt it wrapping itself around me like a very solid gold blanket.

It was wrapping me with this light, and there was so much of it.

Oh, it was so joyous.

Not understanding what was happening, I said to our Lord, “Lord, what is all this about?”

Smiling, He said, “I come to embrace you with the Light of My Grace for being courageous.”

Our Lord was pleased that I stood up in front of the group and shared with them my experience at the Prayer Meeting.

9 November 2023

Urgent Need For Repentance Requested By Our Lord Jesus Christ

In the afternoon, while I was praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet, our Lord Jesus appeared and said, “I Am calling all of humanity to repentance and conversion, but so few hear Me and respond to My call.”

I asked Him, “Lord, why is this time so urgent to conversion and repentance, more than any other time?”

Lord Jesus responded, “Because you live in the End of Times, and big changes will happen in the world, and My Coming to the world is very close.”

“But people need to repent. Look at what is happening around the world; look at the war in the Middle East—so many die every day and are killed by evil and hate. These people who die are all unrepentant, and it will continue all over the world, with many natural disasters, they are coming,” He said.

Pointing to me, He said, “As for you, My child, make the road clean and pure for Me to come. Speak My Holy Word to people, of repentance, for this is the most important.”

“Explain to people that it is not the End of the World, but the renewal of the world, and peace will descend from Heaven. It will be so beautiful, and you have no idea how beautiful it will be. My Coming to the world will be such a joy and happiness that you have never experienced before.”

“A lot of people change and repent for a while, and then they go back to their old ways. People have to persevere and to pray and practice self-denial, to change their life and not to go back to their old ways.”

Comment: Our Lord Jesus is asking for repentance because He cannot come to a dirty and muddy world full of sin and corruption. He can only come to a world which has been renewed, cleansed and purified. Through Repentance and Reconciliation, all evil is removed.

8 November 2023

Meeting Father Luca from the Marian Movement of Priests

Today, I attended the Celebration of Holy Mass and Cenacle Prayers led by the Director of the Marian Movement of Priests, Father Luca Pescatori, who is visiting Australia. The Blessed Mother was very happy that I went.

At first, I thought I will not go because I had other plans.

Then, this morning, Blessed Mother appeared, and with a sense of urgency, she said, “My daughter Valentina, I want you to attend the retreat of Father Luca. If you don’t go, you might regret it forever. There may not be another opportunity.”

She really urged me to attend the retreat. So, I quickly got ready and organised to go with my friends.

When we arrived, we were led into a beautiful old building surrounded by lovely gardens. The gathering of people, with the Holy Mass, Exposition and prayers, was most beautiful.

Father Luca also shared with us about the Marian Movement of Priests in the world today.

Afterwards, I was very blessed to meet in private with Father Luca, who represents the late Father Gobbi. I shared with him that we have had a Cenacle Prayer group at St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta, for more than thirty years now. He was listening and was very impressed.

Thank you Blessed Mother for leading and guiding the Cenacle Prayer Groups throughout the world.

3 November 2023

Prayer and Repentance is the Most Important Now in the World

Cenacle Rosary Prayer Group

Blessed Mother said, “My children, this is a very special moment when you gather around me and my Son. We really wait on your prayers that you offer Us. You have no idea how much prayer is needed for the world, especially for the war and many other disasters that are happening, and your prayers are consoling Me and my Son. I, as your Mother, always shed my tears for the children less fortunate than you are, especially those that die suddenly and unrepentant.”

“You don’t know the value of your prayers that you offer to us, as it helps so many children for the salvation of their souls.”

“Nothing is wasted. You receive a special blessing that my Son blesses you with. At the same time, you console the Lord, Who is so offended by the world. Valentina, my daughter, when people ask you, ‘What did the Blessed Mother say?’ Tell them that your Mother loves you all and my Son Jesus, but what We need right now in the world is prayer and repentance. That is the most important.”

Thank you Blessed Mother and Lord Jesus.

1 November 2023

All Saints Day

Today, during the solemn Mass celebrated by the Bishop, our Lord Jesus appeared above the Altar with a multitude of saints.

He said, “See today, all the saints in Heaven praise Me and love Me, for being together with Me and praising Me and loving Me. They all pray for you here on earth. You are all united as one congregation: Heaven, Purgatory and Earth.”

“As for you, My child, most souls you suffered for went to Heaven, but not all of them. I thought I would let you know so your suffering was not in vain.”

“Be happy for the release of so many souls. Your suffering produces a lot of good fruit.”

A few days later, on Friday morning (3 November 2023), Blessed Mother said, “Valentina, my daughter, accept the suffering that my Son sends you. My Son needs your suffering.”

29 October 2023

God Speaks to His Children

This morning, while I was making my morning offering prayers, God the Father came.

He said, “I Am your Father. I come to talk to you and to console you for being so sad for your sister.”

“I know how much you love her and you miss her. But be happy for your sister; she is with Me in Heaven, and nothing can ever harm her, nor can evil touch her. Be at peace!”

“But what I come to tell you is put your sadness and everything aside and do all you can to help others.”

“I need you to do your work here on earth because they are My children too, and they are walking in the darkness and running like drunken and confused, not knowing which direction they are going. They don’t turn to Me, their true Father, so you have to lead them to Me. Tell them how much I care for them, and I love everyone.”

“Now, they are all godless, and they follow the devil. But the devil only leads them to Hell and deceives them. Look at the world, how the Nations are very tense and afraid of what will happen next, the cruel war that is happening now, and everyone is worried how it will end.”

“Tell My children and the leaders of the Nations, if they would only turn to Me, all that would be resolved. But their pride and ignorance doesn’t allow them to turn to Me, their Creator.”

“Speak, My daughter, the True Word that I, your Father, teaches you. See how we are united together. I share My sorrow with you because I love you. Tell My children how much I love them too. Pray very much for the world because there are always dangers ahead of all of you. Pray, pray very much for all the world.”

Thank You, my loving Father. We love You, too. Have Mercy on us, too.


22 October 2023

Pray for our Blessed Mother’s Intentions

Today, I was invited, along with others, to my friends Veronique and Eileen’s house for prayer and sharing the Holy Word of our Lord Jesus and Holy Mother Mary Most Holy, and to pray the Cenacle Rosary prayers.

Before we started to pray the Cenacle Rosary, Veronique announced, “Today, we will offer the Holy Rosary for the intentions of our Blessed Mother.”

The next day at home, while I was saying my prayers, Blessed Mother appeared and revealed something very beautiful about the Cenacle Rosary prayer gathering as soon as we started to pray.

Blessed Mother came and said, “Tell Veronique, I was waiting for that moment where she offered the Rosary for my intention. It was for the horrible war between Israel and Gaza. At that moment, I quickly snatched my children away not to be killed, and My Son, at that moment, gave a miracle before the bomb hit that area. It was totally God’s intention.”

“I really thank you, my children, for offering the Rosary for my intention. The Cenacle Rosary is really powerful. If only people would understand what prayer can do, to help others, to save lives in danger, especially in this cruel and brutal war, where they hate one another.” she said.

“Let not prayer tire you down, my children. My Son loves you so much and always gives you graces for your own intentions as well, because He knows your needs. By praying, you receive a very special blessing today.”

“I, your sorrowful Mother, love you and grieve for the children in this horrible war. Console me for the many tears I’m shedding from my Motherly eyes.”

When Blessed Mother was sharing this message with me, she was giving me a vision of the crying and suffering of the people in the war zone in Gaza. She, herself, cried as a real mother.

Thank You, Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother Mary, most Holy, for the poor children in the war zone.

19 October 2023

This War in the Middle East Will Not End So Quickly

This morning, when I was praying, the Blessed Mother Mary most Holy came. She said, “Peace be with you from my Son Jesus, Valentina.”

“My daughter, I know my Son Jesus gives you a lot of suffering. We need you to help Him and to console Him, for many children are dying in this war because of the evildoers, for the evil that wants to destroy everything.”

“So many are dying unrepentant, but with His love and mercy, He still wants to save them, to save their souls. Accept what He sends you, and in that way, you console my Son and tell Him you love Him. Pray always to be united to my Son Jesus, and tell my children to pray and repent. Many events will happen in the world, and it will be very difficult and hard to go through them. This war will not end so quickly. It needs a lot of prayer so that Heaven can intervene for a peaceful solution.”

Lord Jesus, have mercy.



15 October 2023

Tell People to Kneel  

Today, during the Holy Mass, during the Eucharistic Prayers, when we started to sing Holy, Holy, Holy’, Blessed Mother appeared standing in front of me.

She said, “Tell people to kneel down. They should all kneel and realise how holy is my Son. He is so offended by seeing people standing up. My children, you don’t realise you are all sinners. You should beg God for His mercy. You should humble yourselves in adoration and praise, to my Son Jesus. He is so Holy.”

At that moment when we are saying the ‘Holy’ prayer, our Lord is on the Altar, and the angels are descending from the left, then moving to the front of the Altar and prostrating themselves, bowing right down to the ground with their arms crossed before their chests. They feel they are not worthy to look directly at our Lord because they know how holy He is. Usually, there are about six angels, and they are circulating, moving from left to right.

They stay there until the distribution of Holy Communion.

During the singing of the ‘Lamb of God’, when the Ciborium is carried from the Tabernacle to the Altar (in St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta), every person should be on their knees, making the Sign of the Cross and adoring and praising our Lord.

We should all be in adoration because we are all sinners.


15 October 2023

The Referendum  

On 14 October 2023, Australians voted in a referendum about whether to change the Australian Constitution to recognise Indigenous Australians by establishing a body called the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice. The referendum did not pass.

This morning, Lord Jesus said, “The referendum for Australia wasn’t right. People made the right decision to vote ‘no’. It would not have been good for Australia. It would cause a lot of confusion. It would not be good for the Government nor for the leaders of this nation.”

I was relieved and felt light in my heart. I said, “Thank You, Lord.”

But now there is another one-the Sydnod. Lord Jesus please intervene so that Your Will be done.

13 October 2023

Blessed Mother Asks to Use Our Rosary Prayers for the Middle East

About five o’clock this morning, Blessed Mother came. She said, “Remember that the sign given to the world is for the Middle East.”

Today, after the Holy Mass, we gathered in the Chapel for the Cenacle Rosary prayers. Blessed Mother appeared, looking very sad. She said, “My children, do you permit me to use this Rosary for the Middle East? For right now, me and Holy Michael, we are battling between good and evil. There is so much evil.”

Today, the Holy Rosary prayers were offered for our Blessed Mother’s intentions.

Comment: People, we need to be realistic. We are living in times which are very difficult, and a lot of things are unfolding. We should not worry so much for our own needs, but we should be praying for all the people that are suffering in this conflict.

Blessed Mother, pray for us and protect us from all evil.

12 October 2023

The Nations Must Wake Up From Their Stubbornness, Blindness and Pride

During my morning prayers, our Lord Jesus appeared and said, “I came down from Heaven to save you all—I was born and raised in Jerusalem among My people. When I came to the world as a little, very fragile Baby, I needed protection and love from My Holy Mother and St. Joseph. They took care of Me, and they love Me. My Life was always in danger. I grew up in the Holy Land to teach people of My Kingdom. Some people accepted Me, others rejected Me.”

Then our Lord, referring to the war in the Middle East, said, “And that is how this war started, and it reminds Me of King Herod, who killed all the innocent children. He acted so brutally with no feeling and no mercy. He wanted to kill Me too, but My Father in Heaven would not permit it.”

“So this, what is happening right now in Israel and Gaza, history repeats, and that is what offends Me and pains My Sacred Heart so much. Today is the same. I Am not accepted even in My Holy Land by all the peoplethey still reject Me, after two thousand years, as their Lord and God, Jesus Christ.”

“That is why there are so many problems among these nations, and it will continue until they finally wake up from their stubbornness and blindness and pride and realise that I Am the One, the only One and no one else, and they will feel how much they pain Me.”

Lord, we pray that all people will accept You and Love You one day and ask You for Your Mercy.

10 October 2023

People are Waiting for the Sign

This morning, while I was praying, Blessed Mother came. I asked her, “Blessed Mother, people are waiting for the sign that God will send to the world in October.”

Our Blessed Mother said, “Tell people right now, the biggest sign is on the top of the world—what is happening between Israel and Gaza, the war that is very dangerous, and it can escalate into a very serious war and kill many innocent people.”

“I am right there to console my children, and I am pleading for them to my Son Jesus, for Him to console them and to have mercy on them.”

Blessed Mother then, holding in both her hands, was showing me pages to read, saying, “Tell people to read the prophecy in the Book of Daniel, and in there will be an explanation of what is happening now.”

“Tell people to take this message seriously, to pray and to repent.”

Comment: When our Blessed Mother says, ‘on the top of the world’, she is referring to the fact that what is happening in Israel and Gaza is the most significant event in the world right now.

1 October 2023

Angels Come to Announce the Coming of Our Lord Jesus

This morning, while I was praying, three angels appeared in my room. They were all dressed in beautiful pure white. They said, “We were sent by our Lord Jesus to remind you that when you talk to people, tell them to repent. Why is Repentance so hard for them to accept? Nobody wants to accept it. They don’t understand the love of God, that He waits for them, to accept them and to forgive them.”

Do you know that our Lord’s Coming is not far away anymore? It is on the doorstep. He is already working on the New Creation that will take place on Earth. Our Lord is all excited, but He is also very sad because people do not want to accept Him.”

The angel explained, “Now you experience a lot of disasters in the world, but that is all part of the purification of the world. And the disasters will continue to come. That is a sure sign of the Coming of our Lord Jesus to the world; He wants to purify the world.”

“Be happy. It will be such a New Creation that people have never experienced before.”

Lord Jesus, come. Come to Your Kingdom.