1 July 2021

Honour My Precious Blood in this Month of July

This morning while I was praying, Lord Jesus came and said, “My child Valentina, I want you to honour My Precious Blood in this month of July. You will console Me, and you will benefit by doing so, and tell all My faithful children to do the same.”

“Ask Me to cover you with My Precious Blood, in these critical times that you are all going through. Even the Coronavirus I can stop if you pray daily. But I tell you, the governments and society place so much fear and pressure on all the people.”

“I want you to offer Me all your suffering that you all go through, especially not attending the Holy Masses due to the locking down of all My churches.”

Our Lord shook His Head and said, “This should not happen! This is all planned by the evil society. I want you to remain faithful to Me and to pray daily so that soon I will change things for the better. You will see!”

“Trust Me,” He said, “I, your Lord, have spoken the true Holy Word.”

I said, “Lord, please help. We love You, but we also have fear.”

He replied, “You should not have fear when you trust in Me.”

Thank you, Lord Jesus.