1 May 2021

Stairway to Heaven landing in my Garden

Today I was trying to get my washing done, and as I looked outside, I saw an unusual beam of light coming from the sky, shooting right down and landing on my garden.

I looked up, and I was wondering, “Where is this light coming from?”

I was amazed as I watched this heavenly shaft of light in my garden. I could see inside the beam of light were white steps, stretching all the way up.

I said, “Oh My God, what is thatIt’s like the highway to Heaven.”

All the angels were descending to Earth down these steps. I watched when they would come to the last step, they would stop and smile, but they would not touch the ground. They were coming down and going up the white steps within the shaft.

That is how the heavenly people come to my house. They travel through the shaft of light, which is connected with Heaven. It is the connection between Heaven and Earth. I knew this from before when the angel showed me. But this time, I saw it myself.

I remember asking the angel, “How do the Holy Souls know where I live?”

He answered, “Well, it’s a special light which they can see, so they know where to go. It’s a place of refuge for them.”

The shaft of light is similar to the light seen in a photo taken of me during a talk, capturing a very narrow beam of light landing on the top of my head. This is the Light of God, given to the people of the world. However, the one I saw today in my garden, through which the angels and heavenly souls travel, was much wider in diameter.

Lately, I have also seen a lot of beautiful white doves coming directly into my garden. This was a couple of days ago, late in the afternoon. They would be there for a short while, and then they would fly away. This may be in preparation for the Feast of Pentecost.