10 April 2020

Pope Francis

The angel of the Lord appeared to me at 3 am, he practically woke me up.

He said, “Let me show you what Pope Francis should do for the world.”

In a vision, I saw Pope Francis standing by himself in a very remote place, like a large open field. In the place where he was standing, the grass was not green, but a wintery brown. He was dressed in a long, white, Papal gown, with both his arms lifted very high up to Heaven, pleading to our Lord to have mercy on the entire world.

The Pope also consecrated the world to the Almighty Father and asked Him to help stop this terrible virus of deadly diseases.

The angel said, “Pray for Pope Francis. You must have hope that he will do all that you see and experience here, so that this will be fulfilled. He is the only Vicar of Jesus Christ and has the authority to do this, to consecrate the whole world. These are very serious crises that you are going through, and you all need help from Heaven.”

He said, “Pray, very much for Pope Francis.”

Let’s hope and pray that Pope Francis will plead to Almighty God to have mercy on us all and on the world.