10 August 2019

Father Valerijan: Messages from Heaven work in four stages

During my morning prayers, I received a special visit from Father Valerijan, who used to be my Spiritual director while he was alive. He looked like a young man, and he was wearing a priestly habit with a stole around his neck. He came accompanied by two angels.

He said, “Valentina, I come to explain to you how the messages you receive from Heaven work and what you must do.”

Father Valerijan was very serious as he was speaking to me.

He said, “I will explain to you. The messages you receive from Heaven work in four stages. First, you receive the messages from our Lord and from Heaven, that is stage one. Next, stage two, you write down the messages. At the third stage, you type the messages and distribute them to be read by others. The fourth stage is that you go to people to explain the messages to them. Speak to them about what our Lord desires for humanity.”

“You have to take this task seriously; do not neglect anything that comes from God. What comes from God is very precious.”

The angels were smiling while Father Valerijan was speaking to me.