10 June 2023

The Power of Prayer

Today we had a prayer gathering at Ingrid and Wayne’s house. During the Cenacle Rosary Prayers, our Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother Mary Most Holy suddenly appeared.

Blessed Mother Mary said, “This is a continuation of the Cenacle Rosary prayers from yesterday, that you prayed in your Friday prayer group, that you usually do.”

She smiled when she said, “My children, today you have come from different backgrounds and cultures, and you have united together and prayed to us so devoutly. You are very special to me and my Son, and we love you so much.”

Blessed Mother smiled when she said, “Jesus, My Son is smiling upon you all with joy, and He pours over you many blessings because we know that you love us very dearly too.”

Then Blessed Mother spoke about the world, “My children, the world at this stage is very bad and sinful, and it is going to get worse. We need your prayers, for evil is very active now. He tries to cause much damage and destruction everywhere, and for this reason we come to tell you to pray very much now.”

Prayer is very powerful now to blind the devil.”

“But always have hope and trust in my Son Jesus. He is always among you. He gives you a very special blessing, and you also console Him, for the world offends Him and rejects Him so much.”

Thank you, Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother. We love you. Please protect us and our families and everyone in the world.