10th February

Our Lord Jesus said, “My children, how I suffered for all of you in My Passion and Crucifixion. Just stop and think step by step and stop and think again. My suffering was so great and unbearable. I did all of this out of love to save you and redeem you, but how sad is your Lord in the world today. Not many think of Me or remember Me. The worldly goods and material things take you away from Me. More and more they push Me away. They don’t need their God any more, but I want to remind you again of My Passion and Suffering. Look around the world and see the signs that I give you. They are here and there and they will increase until humanity will bend their knees and ask for forgiveness and mercy. I suffer myself so you all must suffer. Only then they will recognise Me as their Lord and King.”

I replied, “Lord have mercy on all humanity.”