10th May, 2008

This morning while praying the Creed, Our Eternal Father came to visit me, accompanied by two Angels.

I was very excited, “O my father, I am so overwhelmed by Your Holy visit!”

He smiled, “My daughter, be happy. I come to console you. You have had a lot of suffering. (this is on account of poor souls who have died suddenly and are very confused) He offered His Holy Hand and I held it and kissed it.

I said, “This holy and beautiful Hand which worked so hard creating everything, the universe, heaven and earth and all that lives in it. My Father, I want to tell everybody that you come to visit me.”

He smiled, saying, Don’t tell anybody because you will not have peace any more. I Am like a magnet and I attract people to you because of Me.”

One Angel on God’s right side said, “Father, You have some writing to do.”

He handed God the Father a beautiful gold pen. The Angel held five sheets of type written paper, holding them in front of God the Father. He began writing down the sheets one by one writing yes and no on the first paper.

The Angel turned the paper and on the second page He wrote numbers, and so He completed the five papers.

Then the Angel said “Father, I have to report this to You. By passing through the street of this city, by the side of the road I saw a man and a woman, both nude, making love. It was very shameful to see, because people were passing by.”

God the Father was listening carefully but He was very calm.

When the Angel had finished God turned to me and took my hand and said, “My daughter, humanity in the world is behaving badly and shamefully. There is so much filth and corruption. I will end it all soon. I can no longer watch this.”

Then He and the Angels left me. I felt so happy for weeks after this. I understand that sin and corruption will be brought to and end and those who are willing and worthy will be purified. We must pray constantly for mercy that we will be worthy of God’s love.

Concerning the sheets of paper, I understood that God the Father was approving or disapproving lists of disasters, which were to happen throughout the world. The numbers were dates to come.

This was all was meant to see. I asked our Lord Jesus, “Why all these big disasters in which so many people die?

He answered, “AII this is for a good reason and purpose. Only I know why. Pray and be happy. Above all this that happens, you must trust me.”

Always say, “Jesus, I trust in You.”