11 February 2024

The Joy of Blessed Mother When We Gather Together in Prayer

Today, during the Cenacle Rosary prayers, the Blessed Mother appeared. Looking joyful and smiling, she said, “Valentina, my daughter, tell Veronique we are very happy that she invited us to her home. Me and my Son Jesus—we thank you for coming together and for the beautiful prayers that all the group offers to us, especially when you place your intentions for our own needs.”

“Valentina, we are very joyful when you share the Holy Word and Teachings that me and my Son give you and that you all share and which will benefit you all one day.”

“One day, you will all understand the meaning of the fruit that benefits your soul.”

Blessed Mother smiled and said, “Me and my Son Jesus are fully present among you. Valentina, my daughter, can see us while we are present. My children, pray very much for humanity, for many are living in terrible sin that offends my Son so much.”

“We love you, and we bless you on this very special day. It was on the 11th of February in Lourdes that I appeared to my little daughter Bernadette and revealed to her my Immaculate Conception.”

Thank you, my beautiful Mother, we love you very much.