11 March 2020

God is my Father that I Love

This evening as I finished my prayers, I thought that I would have a good night’s rest, but then I realised it was not meant to be. I had a terrible physical pain suddenly come over me. It was like I was walking over very hot coals. It was so painful. I tried to pray, but I couldn’t as the pain was so intense, it was unbearable.

Suddenly, God the Father came to me. He said, “My daughter I come to talk to you to give you courage, and I come to tell you that tonight I your Father permit and give you a very intense pain. I know that it is very painful, but I will stay with you and I will explain to you why you have to suffer and for what reason?”

“It is for the people who die from this disease. So many!”, He said.

“Tonight, I use your suffering for the Italian children that I love so much, but I share with you, most of these children do not believe in Me anymore. They live carelessly and without God!”

“However, I still love them, and I want to save them, so I send these diseases to them hoping that they may come to ask Me to help them, but they completely ignore Me.”

I asked God the Father, “Father, how can they love you for sending them this terrible disease? They will hate you even more for doing this.”

God the Father replied, “My daughter, when people deny Me and reject Me, I have no other means or choice but to send them some kind of punishment, to wake them up and to show them that I exist and to save them, and to tell them that I the Creator loves them so much, My children.”

“I send to the whole world, my prophets so they can tell them and teach them that I exist and I give them a sign with extreme weather and sicknesses, and still they don’t come to ask, ‘Father forgive us for all the wrong that we do to You.’ You know I am willing to forgive them and to tell them how much I love them.”

Then I observed as God the Father paused for a minute. I could see how He suddenly had difficulty swallowing, which was caused from the pain for the world.

God the Father continued, “Watching the world now, so sinful and corrupt, that it breaks my Heart. I share in My sorrow with you, and the pain that I give you, consoles Me greatly.”

‘I know My daughter you love Me very much, and you speak to Me, about all your sadness and all your joys, and you always thank Me for everything, and most of all you always pray for others and you ask Me to help them, and I listen to you. I want you to tell My children to repent of their sins and to be free of the evil that attacks them daily, so badly.”

“Tell My children to pray and to trust Me. Things can change for the better. There is still hope,”
He said.

Father have mercy for the world and protect us from these diseases.