11th March 2018

God the Father is offended by Modern Fashion


Our Blessed Mother said, “My daughter, I come to you to tell you I cry for my children all over the world. They allow themselves to be guided by the ugly spirits, the devil, who with his cunning ways, he tricks them and guides them wherever he wants.”


“Just look at the fashion that people follow and wear these days, especially the ladies. So short are the dresses. The fashion exposes their flesh and nakedness, and because of this fashion, the ladies deceive many men. They cause them to sin terribly.”


“The same fashion that the young people wear in public these days, they also wear to church and everything is accepted. The priests do not say anything. My children, our Almighty God and Father, is very offended, to see all of this.”


“There is no dignity or shame anymore. Please speak to the people. We give you authority to tell ladies about the fashion they wear which is too short and indecent.”


I said, “Blessed Mother, my mother, how can I tell people all of this? I can offend them.”


She answered, “Not if you tell them gently, the way we tell you. It won’t offend anybody.”


Thank you Blessed Mother for giving us this message. Have mercy on us.


We should all ask for God to be merciful to us.