12 August 2015

St Mary McKillop’s Chapel, Parramatta
Our Father who art in Heaven
At the beginning of the Mass I offered my sister, her daughter and her grandchild. They were all very sick with the cold. I sat in the third row from the front.

During the Mass, while we were standing and praying the ‘Our Father’ prayer I experienced a beautiful vision.

Our Lord told me many times, when we say the ‘Our Father’, we call Him and He comes down from Heaven to us and He listens to us and He is very joyous.
It was a vision of our Lord Jesus Christ. He was standing not far from me and He was facing the altar.

I could see my sister Angela, baby Lucian and my niece Michelle. They were standing in front of our Lord, facing the altar.

Baby Lucian was looking directly at Jesus, so was Michelle, she was next to the baby.

I could see our Lord, how He gently raised His hand towards my sister Angela, (she was really sick with a touch of bronchitis) and He moved His hand gently along the contour of her back without touching her. He then repeated the same along the front of her.

In my heart, I understood that he was healing her of the sickness. (That afternoon, whilst seeing the doctor, she found out that she had bronchitis).
Our Lord was now smiling and looking at baby Lucian, who was five months old, and then, with the Sign of the Cross, He blessed him.

He then smiled at Michelle, and asked her, “Michelle, would you like to receive My blessing?”

Smiling at our Lord, she said joyfully, “Oh yes please.”

He also then blessed her with the Sign of the Cross.

I was so overwhelmed watching this vision.

I was looking at the Lord in front of me, that I didn’t realise that the people around me were now kneeling down and that it was time to receive Holy Communion.

I can describe our Lord Jesus.

He was wearing a brilliant white tunic. Over the tunic He was wearing a very pale cream long vest, all the way to the ground.

Around His neck He was wearing a white stole, which had a beautiful, golden, yellow embroidery, all the way along the length of the stole.

Our Lord is very tall, with beautiful wavy dark hair. He was very joyful.
I can say that our Lord is truly present at every Mass.

For a moment, I was in two dimensions. I almost called out to the Priest, who was offering the sacrifice of the Holy Mass, “Father, here is our Lord Jesus. Can’t you see Him. He is truly present here in our church.”

Then I realised that the people around me could not see the vision that I could see.

Thank you Lord Jesus for all your blessings and graces and healing.