12 December 2021

One must be Patient To Merit all the Graces

I received this message in October 2021. While I was praying the Holy Rosary, a very saintly lady visited me this morning. She was very pretty and friendly and was wearing a light blue coloured dress.

She came up close to me, smiled and embraced me. She did not tell me her name. We were both very joyous and happy as we embraced.

She said, “I was sent to you by our Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother Mary Most Holy. I have a message for you.”

“You have to be more patient. You will receive some graces for what you were praying for, but not all.”

In a vision, she showed me a lady amongst a group of people. The saintly lady explained the vision and said, “This woman, she is very fortunate because she received all the graces from our Lord Jesus. She accepted everything with patience and never complained.”

“Try to be more patient and accept things that our Lord sends you because Lord Jesus loves you. He also gives you strength and helps you to go through the situations you are in, in your daily life.”

Once again, she extended her hand to reveal the same group of people, and among them, the lady who received all the graces from our Lord Jesus.

I said, “How blessed she is.”

In the vision, I could see the lady in a church, kneeling, with many people around her, and she was the only one to receive all the graces.

Lord Jesus is teaching us that we must be patient in our daily lives to merit all the graces that come from Him.

Thank you, Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother, for this beautiful teaching.