12 July 2021

Corpses of Soldiers


In the evening I was praying the Litany and a decade of the Holy Rosary for the Holy Souls. I mediated on our Lord’s Crucifixion, when all of a sudden, a vision appeared in front of me.


It was disturbing. I could see so many corpses, all dead soldiers. There were so many of them everywhere, fields and fields, hundreds and hundreds of soldiers. They were all lying on the ground, with their guns scattered beside them. It was such a depressing vision; it appeared as though the ground was all drenched from a lot of rain. I tried to dismiss the vision by looking away.


I continued to pray, when all of a sudden, another vision came, the same as the first. This time I heard the words, ‘a lot of soldiers will die.’


I questioned our Lord about the vision but all I heard was, “Wait and see.”


Lord Jesus have mercy on us.