12th August

The Holy and Blessed Virgin Mary said, “My daughter I come to warn you again. How sad I am to tell you this message. I wish you to speak to all my children and tell them how essential is prayer and sacrifice in these critical times that you live in. There is no peace but corruption everywhere. The dragon, the evil one is raging, he succeeds. He tries to destroy everything. So easily people allow him to lead them. In his cunning way he is offering them all the goods of this world. People are becoming more and more materialistic. Their greed, pride and all their pleasures and entertainment these are their Gods. But for their souls, they give so little thought. They do not think about when this life ceases on earth what will happen to them. For this life is short, it ends quickly and you have so little to offer to God.

See my child how hard I try to persuade my children to change their lives for the better, to pray and to sacrifice something for God. Let people look at their lives and change and not live in sin, but to adjust and to live more in holiness and chastity. God is purity and chastity, He wishes that his children be the same and live by his Commandments.

It is useless if a person gains the whole world and loses with sin, his soul. Then he loses eternal life in God. My Son is so offended, how much He is offended. How long can He hold back. Only through your conversion and prayer He can be merciful and you can be saved from punishment. People think if they pray one “Our Father” and one “Hail Mary”, their petition will be granted right away. No, my children, God wants you to sacrifice more, convert and pray from your heart. Only then are graces given out of His love and mercy. God chose you Valentina to speak the truth that We tell you. We are always with you, I bless you. Go in peace.”

I replied, “Thank you my loving Mother, please pray for your children.” Then she turned around and smiled at me and she said, “Pray the Holy Rosary every day. That way you will defeat all the evil that is around you.”