12th May

This morning as I was praying the Holy Rosary, the Holy Mother appeared very sad her head was bowed down. She was silent for quite some time and I felt her sadness. I couldn’t understand why she appeared this way. So I asked Blessed Mother, “Why are you so sad?” She lifted up her head and smiled. Then she spoke saying, “I was waiting for you to ask me this.”

She continued, “See my child, all over the world I am appearing sad and I am crying. This is the only way I can get your attention so that all my children will come close to Me so that you are all with me so that I can lead you to God. How quickly you forget my messages. In your daily lives you are so preoccupied that you are distant from me. This is not as I wish. The evil spirit is very quick to lead you and how easily you are led away by him. He leads you far away from Me and from God. Tell My children that with all My sorrow, underneath that sadness there is a great happiness in My heart how much I love you My children, My wish is that you would stay close to me.”

She then went on to explain why She appears under Her different titles, “I remain only the one Mother of God and I wish my children to pray, honouring these different titles. It pleases Me that they not only pray themselves but that they spread devotion, honouring these various titles. That is the way I lead them to my beloved Son, Jesus.”

The Holy Mother said to me personally, “I am so happy that you silently honour Me and talk to Me, trusting in Me and sharing My concerns for all the world. Even when you don’t see me, I am with you, leading you. Be happy and courageous that I am blessing you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and that I am leading you to My Son.”

I replied, “Thank you beloved Holy Mother, Mother of our God and Lord, Jesus Christ.”