13 August 2023

Blessed Mother asks I pour Water into the Fountain

This morning I suddenly found myself in Heaven. I was among people in what looked like a church. Blessed Mother was there praying. I looked at myself and saw I was dressed in a beautiful, creamy-white coloured gown made of soft material. There were saintly ladies around me, and we were all dressed in the same creamy-white gowns.

Blessed Mother said, “I am preparing for a lot of souls to enter Heaven for the Feast of my Assumption.”

Then Blessed Mother gave me what looked like a vase, which was not that tall, and when I looked at it, it was filled with Holy Water. Blessed Mother said, “Valentina, this is for you. Go out into the garden as far as you can, and there in the corner, you will find a little fountain. I want you to pour out this water into the fountain. Then come back.”

I started running quite fast, carrying the beautiful vase filled with the beautiful crystal clear water, which I knew was Holy Water. It was a fair distance away, about a hundred metres.

I came to the little fountain; a lot of beautiful greenery surrounded it. Holding the vase with both hands, I gently and carefully tipped over the vase and poured out the water into the fountain, just as Blessed Mother had asked me to do.

I had some water left over in the vase, so as I walked back, I started sprinkling the remaining water all over the grass around me.

That represents the cleansing of the sins and purification of the Holy Souls, and also blessings and graces to the world, because that is the Living Water from our Lord Jesus. The vase was not clear glass but was the same colour as my dress, soft creamy and embellished with some beautiful etchings, all in the same creamy colour.

As I returned the vase to Blessed Mother, I said to her, “Blessed Mother, but I still don’t feel happy. Why do I feel like that in your holy presence?”

She said, “My child, you feel like that because my Son put the sadness in your heart so that you can feel our sadness, the way we feel sad for the world. You are part of us, and you know our feelings, how sad My Son is for the world, and in that way, you console Him.”

After that, the angel brought me back home, and again I asked myself, “Blessed Mother, my Mother, why do I feel so sad?”

I kept repeating this because it was such a strong feeling of sadness.

Then I understood—it was given to me to carry with me so that I would not forget the sadness that Blessed Mother and Lord Jesus feel for the world. The world is in a grave state of sin, and people are behaving so badly.

Blessed Mother, pray for us, and Lord Jesus, have mercy on us and on the whole world.