12 June 2021

Image of the Sacred Heart to be placed everywhere in Public Places

This morning when I said my prayers, our Lord Jesus appeared. He wore a white tunic with a red mantle. His Sacred Heart was exposed on His white tunic. With His right Hand, He pointed to His Sacred Heart and said, “I come to reveal to you why I give you so much suffering lately. It is to console My Sacred Heart that is so painfully wounded because humanity offends Me so deeply. There is no remorse for their sin and evil doing. It is getting worse and worse in the world. People live so godlessly; it is paganism all over again.”

“I also come to tell you that the Chastisement is ever so near. I have no other choice but to punish the world, and you better tell the people, if they don’t change, that is upon them.”

I also want to tell you to place the image of My Sacred Heart everywhere in public places, in shop windows. Ask the permission of the owner if you can do so. Tell people that My Sacred Heart is deeply wounded, and I wish them to change and come to Me and to know Me for the salvation of their soul before I send a great Chastisement to all humanity. That is why I urge people to change and to return to God, to know Him and to love Him.”

In a vision, our Lord showed me a man, very tall and unfamiliar to me. I watched the man approach a shop window where the Sacred Heart Image was displayed. He took the Sacred Heart picture of our Lord Jesus in his hand and started ridiculing and laughing at it. I heard him say in an abusive and mocking tone, “But who is He? Why should we honour and praise Him?”

Instantly, the picture changed from the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to that of a desert. The Sacred Heart was no longer visible. Our Lord told me that this man was instantly punished; his soul became like a desert.

Our Lord said, “This is an example of just one person, but there will be many like him.”

I was so shocked and saddened at what I saw, but I could see that the man did not understand the meaning of what just happened.

Our Lord is ever so deeply saddened and offended that I felt so sad for Him. He came to warn us. Our Lord really meant what He said about the Chastisement because the world is just too sinful.

Lord, please have mercy on all humanity.