13 March 2019

Underground Caves in Purgatory

During my morning prayers, an angel appeared and said, “Come with me. I will reveal to you souls in Purgatory which you never encountered before.”


Suddenly we found ourselves in a very remote place that looked like a park. It was quite dark, like dusk. The angel said, “Just wait here, and there will be somebody who will desperately seek your help.”


As I waited, a lady suddenly appeared. She looked about fifty years old. She wore a sleeveless black dress. Overall she was poorly dressed and looking quite raggedy. She stood in front of me and was leaning back on what looked like a rock. Her face appeared normal, and her head was turned to the side, not facing me directly.


She said to me, “I know I am not worthy of looking at you, but I need your help.” She then turned her head to face me.


I asked her, “Why are you dressed so poorly and raggedy? You look like a beggar.”


She answered, “Sometimes we have no choice.” She again turned her head to the side, to look away from me.


I said, “I promise you I will help you bit by bit, not all at once, and I will dress you very elegantly and beautifully. You will see, you will see, little by little.”


I then asked her, “What about your husband, is he here with you?”


She answered, “He is here, but not with me. He is further away.”


I asked, “Do you have any children?”


She replied, “Yes, two girls.”


I said, “How old are they?”


She said, “One is nine and one is seven.”


I asked, “Where are they?”


As I asked this last question, a shawl suddenly appeared around my neck and shoulders. It was a pure white woollen shawl.


I could see the lady was shivering and shaking. She said, “I am so cold.”


I asked, “Would you like to have my shawl?”


She replied, “Yes, I would like to, but I don’t think I can have it.”


I said, “Yes you can.”


I removed the shawl from my shoulders and gently placed it around her neck and over her head. Her shoulders remained uncovered.


She said, “Thank you very much. I already feel better.” She then walked away with the shawl.


The angel then explained to me, “She was too embarrassed for you to see where she lives. The souls here are all underground, that is why she came out herself to talk to you. There are many souls here in underground caves, waiting for somebody to help them.”


The angel then said, “Let us get out of here before they all start to come out.”


I felt cold and creepy in this part of Purgatory. I offered a three-day novena of prayers and Holy Communion for this particular soul and offered her up to our Lord at Holy Mass.


I pray that our Lord will be merciful to her and others too.