13th MARCH, 2013

Vision of a visit from St Pio of Pietrelcina (Padre Pio)

This morning, I prayed to God the Father Almighty, giving thanksgiving for the new day.


The Angel appeared saying, “I will take you with me.”

I thought another visit to the Holy Souls in Purgatory. Instead he took me to a different place. I know it was Heaven. He led me to a building with steps leading up to a door.

Smiling, he said, “Would you like to meet St Padre Pio?”

I was very happy and said, “Oh yes.”

We entered into a long hall. I noticed closed doors the length of the hall.


Suddenly, a door opened, and the Saint appeared with an Angel. He looks young with dark hair, dressed in the Franciscan habit.

My guardian Angel said to him, “I introduce you to Valentina.”

He smiled, saying, “We already know each other, come in” as he ushered us in. There were other people accompanying him. The room was large, L-shaped. There were three chairs arranged in a row.

He spoke to me in Italian, “Sit down Valentina”. I sat down on one of the chairs. A woman entered and sat on the middle chair. St Pio took the other chair and my Angel stood facing us, and he said, “Valentina, would you like to confess to St Pio.”

I answered, “Oh yes, I would love to.”


He said, “Come on, Valentina, tell us all that bothers you.”

I said, “There is something that worries me a lot. I had a vision walking on a steep, narrow country road. 1 noticed a neglected building and entered in. It was a church!”

“Inside was a beautiful tabernacle. It had glowing rays of light issuing in all directions. I fell on my knees and adored and praised our Lord.”

“Then I felt a tap on my shoulder and a person asked me, “Would you like to go to confession?”

I stood up and walked to the side and was told to kneel down on a kneeler. A grey haired man approached and sat behind a partition. 1 started speaking, and then he rose and walked away saying, “Wait, and don’t move I will come back.”

I thought to myself what priest would leave you waiting in the middle of confession, I was confused.


I felt sad, thinking he didn’t pay attention. He came back, asking me to say an Act of Contrition. I mumbled it, feeling distracted. Then he said, “I bless you.” He turned His head around to me and said, smiling, “Jesus loves you very much.” dismissing me without giving me any penance. Later, back home, I wondered, “Where did he come from?”

St Pio listened to me and then said, “Valentina, the road to Heaven is steep, very narrow and rocky. You must speak to people about this too. ST Padre Pio repeated this many times. You were wondering who that priest was. It was God the Father Himself. He came to console you. You went through a lot-of suffering concerning your family, sickness and death. Be courageous, don’t despair. God loves you very much, trust only in Jesus Christ.”


“A lot of things will happen in the world. God is offended very much because people sin on an enormous scale. They are not afraid of losing their souls.” He recommends for this intention. One Our Fathers, Hail Mary and Glory Be, and repeat seven times. “I intercede for people who pray to me, especially Italian folk.”


We were getting ready to leave, standing up. St Padre Pio said, you can see I am very busy, these souls you see here are from Earth asking for my intercession. I could feel it was time to depart.

Then I said, “St. Pio I thank you so very much receiving us and for the grace given us to meet you. I asked, St. Padre Pio I don’t know how to call you, you are so Holy. He said, “Valentina call me by my name as simple as that.” He then accompanied us to the door.


“All Glory is to my Lord and yours,” he said.

After this, I was walking with my head in the clouds feeling such a great sense of peace and happiness for more than a week.

I love Saint Padre Pio. I always feel very close to him. He is a very humble saint. He is very happy to intercede and pray for us here on earth.


Thank you my Lord Jesus for these graces you give me to speak to Saint Padre Pio. How a wonderful God you are. I love you.