15 March 2024

There Is No Way Out for the World

Today, our Cenacle Prayer Group prayed the Stations of the Cross after praying the Cenacle Rosary.

Later in the evening, our Lord Jesus said, “My children, I appreciate that you console Me so beautifully and think of My Passion—most of the people in the world do not think of Me and how much I suffered for all humanity. They reject Me and completely rebel against Me.”

“The message that I gave you and you put out—the warning for the world (Message from 3 March 2024)—tell people that it is a serious message and not to ignore it. It is coming. It is coming. There is no way out—I have to purify the world. The world is in a terrible state and has never been as bad in history as it is now.”

“Encourage people to repent and change. You have no idea how beautiful it is going to be to enter the New Era of Peace. You are now going through these difficult times, but the prophecy I have told you must be fulfilled. Whatever comes your way, bear it with patience and love. Don’t be afraid—I Am always with you to protect you and guide you through all that is coming, and that is upon you.”

I asked, “Lord Jesus, how is this going to affect our world? Will it affect the buildings? Will they all be ruined and completely destroyed?”

Our Lord answered, “Not so much the buildings; some will be ruined, but mostly it will affect the person because there will be a great transformation that has never happened before. Those who are spiritually prepared will be affected less, but those who are not, who are far away from Me, will suffer great consequences. Fear and confusion will overcome them; they don’t like to change; they would rather live like they used to, rolling in the mud! So you have to pray very hard, My children, for these people to let go of their worldliness. Pray for their salvation.”