15 May 2021

Family Prayer Group Gathering at Maroubra

This morning, as I was preparing to visit a family I had not visited before, our Lord Jesus came. Smiling, He said, “You will have a successful day.”

Joyce invited me to attend a family prayer group gathering in her home, pray the Holy Rosary, share with them the Holy Word of God, and talk to them about the Messages that I receive from Heaven.

It was a beautiful family gathering with many young people listening and praying together. Our Lord Jesus was very happy, and He blessed everyone present.

Lord Jesus said, “I am pleased with their prayers, but tell the family to continue praying.”

Our Lord also talked about the men who were present. He was very pleased they all came.

Our Lord said, “The men should go to confession. They hesitate a little.”

God loves them very much, and he wants to encourage them.

Thank you, Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother Mary, for a beautiful day of prayer and sharing Your Holy Word.