15th November, 2004

This morning while praying, an Angel came and said, “Praise God with all your hearts for He is worthy to be loved and praised. From generation to generation. He showers you with His goodness and kindness abundantly every day of your life on earth. His mercy and love are everlasting gifts to you all. You people are so blind to all that God does for you. No appreciation!”

He said, “When your life ends on earth you experience the truth that is God Himself that reveals to you the true word, then you are sorry for not loving Him enough. The souls have to learn in Purgatory how to love God and suffer for the many faults they committed during life.”

The Angel said, “Purgatory is over packed with suffering souls. Tell people to pray for them to release their suffering. You all have a duty towards one another to help to be released from agonising pain, before they are purified to go to eternity.”

“Praise and love God almighty, for all His love and goodness. His goodness He sends you through His merciful love. His blessings and love are everlasting.”

I answered, “We praise You and bless You for all Your love.”