16 January 2021

Prayer is Most Important in the World Today


This morning while I was praying, the angel came and said, “I want you to come with me, the Blessed Mother of our Lord would like to see you.”


Suddenly, we found ourselves in a beautiful heavenly garden. We were surrounded by many small trees, like a forest, and lush green grass covered the ground, it was all alive. I could feel so much love and peace; it was everywhere. I was inhaling all the peace and love; it was so beautiful.


A group of saintly ladies were waiting for us, and amongst them was Blessed Mother. She was wearing a mixture of deep green and blue, like peacock colours. Her head was not covered, and her flowing hair appeared chestnut blonde reflecting her holiness.


Blessed Mother smiled and said, “Valentina, we were waiting for you. Since there is so much confusion and trouble in the world today, we invite you to say a Rosary with us here in Heaven. The world will not get better unless the people in the world pray and change. The world is so sinful, but prayer can ease a lot of the suffering, and things would become better if people would pray.”


Our Blessed Mother was so happy and so joyful. She then said, “Let us kneel down and pray for the world.”


As we all knelt on the ground, Blessed Mother knelt right next to me, and then, with one voice, we all joined in prayer.


During the Rosary prayers, our Blessed Mother kept saying to me, “Valentina, louder! Louder! We can hardly hear you. Raise your voice above other voices, don’t be shy, don’t be afraid. Give encouragement to people, tell them they must pray. Spread the Rosary, which is so essential for the world now.”


“Prayer is the most important thing right now, more important than anything else in the world,” she repeated.


I knew straight away what our Blessed Mother meant.


Again, she said, “On earth, don’t be shy, be courageous, nobody can harm you. Tell people to pray and to spread the Holy Rosary and encourage them to pray.”


Suddenly I found myself back home, and I was still repeating the Rosary prayers; I was praying the Hail Mary. The Rosary touched my heart so deeply that I could not stop praying it. There was something so joyful in me that I just wanted to pray and pray all day long. It was like a magnet, so powerful, I was so drawn to the Rosary and to pray.


I felt so much love for the Rosary and how beautiful it is! It is made by Heaven, and through the Rosary, your whole soul is praising God as you reflect on the life of Jesus Christ.


So deep in your soul and heart is the meaning of the Holy Rosary and so powerful too.


By praying, we can stop many things from happening in the world.