17 December 2023

Today Blessed Mother is Joyful

Today, the Blessed Mother was very joyful and happy. She said, “Share the message (about the Holy Birth of my Son Jesus) to people and to priests. Whenever you go to speak to people, speak the truth and explain to them how my Son came to the world. Keep repeating this, and don’t ever get tired of repeating.”

He was conceived by the Holy Spirit in my womb, the same way He was born by the Holy Spirit.”

“People in the church do not all recognize that He was born in a different way (to humanity). Even if they would know this, they would dismiss it because they think that humanity would not understand this.”

“How sad it makes me when people accuse me of being as low as an ordinary woman. They don’t recognize that my Son is divine and so holy. They forget that He is our Creator, and He can do anything He wants, and He will not ask humanity for permission.”

“Oh, my children, you have so much to learn about my Son Jesus. Pray that the blindfolds will be removed so that the Light will come forth to diminish the darkness. The world is in so much darkness.”

Thank you, Blessed Mother, for teaching us.

(As I was dictating these words, a white gold light appeared, circling above this message)