17 January 2021

Baby Jesus and the Signs on His Right Foot


During the night, I suffered extreme pain in my leg. It was unbearable. I kept saying, “Lord, how am I going to go to church if You don’t give me a little rest?”


Towards the early morning hours, the pain started to leave me as our Lord took a lot of it away. As I was beginning to feel better, I decided to pray my morning prayers.


Suddenly, Blessed Mother appeared holding Baby Jesus in her arms. He looked so beautiful. Blessed Mother said, “I come to console you. I come to bring you my Son, to give you courage so that you do not think of your suffering.”


She asked, “Would you like to hold my Baby?”


“Oh, I’d love to,” I replied.


“He wants to come to you,” she said, as she gently placed Him in my hands.


I said, “Oh Blessed Mother, I am not worthy, but feel very privileged that I hold Baby Jesus.”


She said, “He loves to come to you because you console Him.”


I was touching His little Feet and playing with Him. His Eyes were so big and full of love and passion.


I said, “Blessed Mother, how beautiful! There is no baby so beautiful as Baby Jesus.”


She said, “No, there is no-one anywhere as beautiful as He is. You must understand that He is Almighty God, and He is so holy.”


Baby Jesus was radiant, dressed in a white satin outfit. His little Feet were bare. He was so calm, so peaceful and serene.


I admired and played with His little Feet when suddenly, I noticed on His right Foot markings. They were like wounds that had healed and a mark left behind, like little signs.


I asked Blessed Mother, “Why are these marks on His little Foot?”


She explained, “He was already born with these signs. These are Biblical Signs that represent that He is God, and He is Christ, and He is very holy.”


I could see on each toe the following signs:


‘C’ represents Christ.





I couldn’t see the sign on the littlest toe as it was too small.


The signs are on His right Foot because this represents power and strength, that He is God, and He can put His Foot down to crush evil. Each sign has a different meaning.


For quite a long time, we were sharing in the joy of Baby Jesus.


Thank you, Blessed Mother and Baby Jesus for the beautiful grace that you reveal to me.