17 July 2022

Blessed Mother Weeps for Her Children

Today, in the Cathedral, when I came to pray in front of the statue of our Blessed Mother, Mary Help of Christians, I said, “Glory be to You Baby Jesus and to You Blessed Mother.”

Immediately, our Blessed Mother shed a huge tear that rolled down her right cheek. I said, “Oh, Blessed Mother, you are upset! Why are you crying?”

She answered, “I am crying for my children because they are disobedient and stubborn. They do not turn to my Son Jesus and repent. Sadly, I have to tell you so many of my children are dying, and they are losing their souls. They go to perdition, from which there is no way out. Right now, in the world, the devil is so powerful. He spreads his evil all over the world, telling people lies. With his cunning lies, he deceives so many of them, and they are blind to all of this. Tell my children to turn to God and to change their way of life.”

“You have to pray very hard for the conversion of sinners.”

“Day by day, the war in Ukraine is getting worse. In many churches around the world, they do not pray for this war to stop. They do not offer prayers, nor do they offer the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass.”

“Look around you. The whole world is suffering economically because of this war. Hunger is increasing; in some places, people have nothing to eat. That is why I cry when I see my children in such suffering. Many world leaders and many of the rich just permit this to happen. They do not want to know. The world is becoming very selfish.”

“In Heaven, my Son is so upset. He cries when He sees the suffering and misery of so many, and such little attention is given to that. Very little prayer is offered up to Him.”

I said, “Blessed Mother, but our Lord Jesus promised that He would come soon and bring justice and peace to the world. When is He coming? Many people are waiting for Him.”

Blessed Mother answered, “He will come in good time but not yet. My children, after all, you have to make a pure white road for Him to descend upon.”

She said, “Encourage one another to go to Confession and to pray. Jesus loves you all very much, but He waits for you all to come to Him and to convert. In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph. Never give up.”

Blessed Mother always says, “Renew your Consecration daily to My Immaculate Heart and through My Immaculate Heart, it goes to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. That is the salvation of the soul.”

She said, “Pray, pray, pray the Holy Rosary, which is so powerful against the evil. The greatest prayer is the Rosary which blinds the devil then he has no power over you. Help me to save souls in the world.”

While Blessed Mother was telling me this message, in a vision, I could see a beautiful straight white road descending from Heaven to Earth, ready for Jesus to walk upon. The pure white represents repentance and prayer. The tears that Blessed Mother was shedding were for her children, who were falling straight into hell.

Thank you, Blessed Mother. Pray for us.