17 May 2016

In the morning, during my prayers, two angels appeared in my room.

They said, “Valentina, we are very worried for you, and we are very concerned for you.”

As they were speaking to me, each angel came up close and together they embraced both my shoulders with their hands, and gently caressing them, they tried to console me, one angel to my right shoulder and the other angel to my left shoulder.

I didn’t understand why they were consoling me until later that afternoon, when I had a minor accident whilst getting on a bus to go home.

That day, I had to go to town to get some medication from the chemist for my son, and to do some grocery shopping, to buy bread and milk.

After I finished, I walked to the bus stop to go home. The bus pulled in and I was about to get on, when the bus driver failed to lower the step so that I could get on safely. I hit my right leg on the sharp steel trimming on the entrance step.

Suddenly, I could see blood on the steps. I cut my leg and was bleeding quite heavily from the deep wound in my leg.

The driver got out of his seat to assist me, and offered some paper tissues to cover the wound and to control the bleeding.

After the shock, I finally got onto the bus and headed home. After I came home I called out to my grandson, Christopher and asked him to go and call his uncle and ask him to come over.

After he came, he took me to see a doctor at our local medical centre.

The doctor examined the wound and said, “Ooooh, this is very nasty. I can see the bone. What have you done to yourself?”

The medical staff treated the wound with antiseptic solutions. They also gave me injections to numb the injured area so that they could stitch up the wound which was very deep.

Whilst waiting for the injections to take effect, the Holy Cross appeared before me.

I said, “Oh my Lord, my God don’t let my leg get infected!”

My Lord said, “Offer Me your wound, of which you only have one, which is painful I know, but think of how many wounds I have all over My Body, and they were very painful, they were unbearable. Unite your wound with Mine. In this way My Wounds will heal your wound. My children, because they are so Sacred, honour My Holy Wounds.”

After surgery and treatment by the doctor, my brother-in-law drove me home.

That evening the wound was very painful. I went to bed but I had a sleepless night. I couldn’t sleep because of the intense pain. I would try to pray, but would be distracted by the pain and the shock of what happened earlier that day.

Suddenly, two angels appeared in my room.

The angels stood side by side next to my bed, and were pointing to my injured leg and talking amongst themselves, discussing which one of them would be in charge of my leg.

One angel said to the other, “This leg is mine and I am in charge of it.”

The other one responded, “No , it is mine, and I am in charge of it.”

I was in so much pain while I was listening and looking at them, and was a little amused at their behaviour.

I said to them, “Stop fighting over my leg and my wound! It is mine and I am in charge of it. I am the one in great pain right now and you’re trying to decide who will have my leg.”

“Have half each”, I said.

In my heart I understood immediately that they want to use the pain in my leg for some very needy souls that need to be redeemed.

After some time, the angels left my room. Then I could hear our Lord Jesus speak to me, “Offer Me all your suffering. Do not hold any of it from Me.”

In all of this I understood, every once in a while, our Lord wants great suffering from me to be offered up to Him. I usually have my daily suffering which our Lord asks of me, but this was a greater suffering.

Our Lord said, “One day I will explain to you, when you are in My Holy Presence, why you had this suffering, and you will be more than happy that you endured it.”

I didn’t feel comfortable to go out that day, but sensed that I had to go, because my suffering was necessary to save certain souls, possibly from condemnation.

After a day or so, I noticed a clear liquid exuding from a couple of places from the wound. During the re-dressing the medical staff could not understand why this was happening and where the liquid was coming from.

The liquid was streaming down in the form of a tear. One tear was coming from the centre of the wound. The other tear was coming from the edge of the wound.

In my heart, I heard Blessed Mother say, “These are tears from me and my Son; tears that we cry for the world, such a sinful world.”

The tear coming from the centre of the wound was from Jesus and the tear coming from the edge of the wound, was from our Blessed Mother.

Lord have mercy on us and on the whole world.