18 January 2023

Prayers Needed to Melt the Frozen Hearts of Humanity Before they Perish

This morning when I was praying my Morning Prayers and making my offerings to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of our Lord Jesus, suddenly, the Angel of the Lord appeared.

He said, “The Lord Jesus has sent me to reveal to you what our Lord God compares people of today – they are frozen like blocks of ice. There is no life in those icy blocks, instead dead bodies living and walking on this planet earth, without God.”

In a vision, I could see the blocks of ice. They were huge, square in shape, and frozen within each block were what looked like wooden panels. Each block represented a person. There were thousands and thousands of blocks, all being tossed and turned. The body is like an icy wooden box and completely without God. Spiritually, this is how God sees these people.

I was shocked to see what was revealed to me by the Angel.

Later in the day, during the Holy Mass, Lord Jesus said, “Valentina, My child, offer Me and pray for what was revealed to you by My Angel about the frozen blocks of humanity. Pray for this humanity, living and walking on this planet earth, so that I can still melt them, melt their icy hearts and bring them back to life before they perish for good.”

“Now you know why I Am so offended, why I suffered so much for this humanity. How they offend Me! Tell them to repent before it is too late.”

Our Lord was very sad while telling me this message.

Our Lord then showed me one of the blocks of ice in a vision. At the bottom of the block, on one corner, the ice was starting to melt. I felt so happy seeing this, as this is a sign of hope.

I said, “Lord, how beautiful You are and how merciful, You melt the hardest ice and bring them back to life.”

He smiled and said, “All through your prayers, My children.”

Through our prayers, the ice is melting. I could see the warmness of the prayers and the healing grace of our Lord penetrate to the core of the block.

Lord, have mercy on the whole world.