18th April

Lord Jesus appeared to me when I was very sad and He said to me, “Why are you so sad my child? Do not let the things you see on the television frighten or worry you. Stay close to Me.” Then I said to Him, “My Lord and my God, everything I see and hear depresses me very much. Can’t You stop all this horrible suffering.” Then Our Lord said, “My child this was foretold a long time ago, that towards the end of this century these things will come. It can only be mitigated and stopped with your prayers my children.”

Then I said, “My Lord I cannot even pray when I see all this killing and suffering going on.” Our Lord replied, “Trust only in Me. There is more to come, more to experience each day, but you will easily overcome all these trials, if you only call on Me and trust Me. Never stay too long away from Me, because you will soon find yourselves lost. Run to my Sacred Heart. There is your refuge, there you will be safe. Courageously say, who can go against me when my Lord is with me. This will give you fall trust and love and protection from Me.”

I said, “My Lord in your presence I already feel better.” He smiled at me and then I said, “Thank you my beautiful Lord Jesus, full of mercy and love. I love You.”