18th JUNE, 2006


In St Margaret Mary’s Church, during the Mass.

I had a vision of an Altar. On it I saw a gold paten and chalice. The celebrant was tall with dark hair. His vestments were so beautiful and white. The chasuble was embroidered with colours in the form of a cross entwined with the vine of the grape and ears of wheat.

When he consecrated the Host, it appeared as white with pink in the centre, which I understood, was the Blood of our Lord. He took the Ciborium and lifted with his hand the Hosts and placed them in the paten.

As he was doing this, particles and some Hosts dropped from his hand and flew onto the corporal beneath. He picked up the Hosts and placed them on the paten.

The Angel who was present and watching the Priest’s actions was very annoyed.

Then our Lord spoke, “See, My child. In the past, the Pastors who served Me were so careful not to drop the Host or to be negligent. They were very careful. With great care they handled Me. They were very careful with My Precious Body and Blood. All that has changed. Not much value or reverence is put into the celebration of Holy Communion.”

“Some Priests still do, others don’t. How they offend Me. Everyone handles Me. Things will grow worse before they will change. Console Me for this great blasphemy and sacrilege that I, Your Lord, see in your churches.”

Lord I do offer everything to You, for I know it is best for me and others who love You.