18th May, 2006

I had to run and hurry to Mass this day. I had asked our Lord for help, but none was offered to me and I arrived at the church hot and out of breath.

Our Lord spoke to me, “Aren’t you going to thank Me for being here?

I said, “Lord, I do thank You for the grace You have given me for being here.”
He answered, “My child, will you permit Me to use the sacrifice which you have just done? It is to console Me for this movie, ‘Da Vinci code’, which is showing all over the world. Shamefully, they expose Me with these false stories. They crucify Me all over again.”

He was so sad, I saw tears in His eyes, “My child, please console Me and defend Me. You don’t believe these stories do you, which they make up, spreading poison all over the world?”

I said, “Never Lord, I would never believe such a lying story, ridiculing You.”
Our Lord said, “Ask people to pray for the intention of stopping this false story.”
Please console and support our Lord.