19 August

Lord Jesus said, “My child, today I will teach you of My intimate Presence and Love, I am like a child who wants constant attention and love from its parents and those who love it. My child, when you think of Me and you tell Me that you love Me, I follow you everywhere you go and We are One.”

“There are times you think I am far away from you and do not hear you but My child, I am right next to you. When you decide to do things without Me I am sad and watch you at a distance. When you turn away from Me I am very sad and I wait for you to turn to me and ask Me again to be with you because you miss Me. Even when you have a cup of tea and you do not think of inviting Me to be present, I am standing beside you and watching you sadly.”

“Remember, My child, learn to invite me every moment of your life to be present with you. Let Me console you. Let Me give you joy. Let Me guide you. Let Me love you. Let Me give you peace. Let Me live in you. Together We are One. You can do nothing without Me because everything you do comes from Me and everything you receive comes with My love and blessings.”

I replied, “Thank you, My Lord Jesus, for all your graces and blessings.
I love you.”