19 March 2018

Suffering for Holy Souls


The daily experiences I have with the Holy Souls involves me enduring much physical suffering, so as to help and guide them through their purification and to ultimately lead them to their Heavenly Home.

In the evenings after I finish my prayers, I say to the Lord, “Bless me Lord, so that I can have a good night’s sleep.” But it is not meant to be. My room is always filled with Holy Souls. They are there waiting and watching. They call me by my name, but I try to ignore them, as this is never ending, and it has been this way for many, many years.

Usually the next day when I attend Mass, I offer all the Holy Souls that were in my room, at the Holy Mass, and I tell them to stay there and not come back. The next day, again my room is full of Holy Souls.

Now, during Lent, I asked our Lord, “Are these the same souls that were here yesterday?”

Our Lord answered, “No, they are different ones. They come to your refuge and they seek your help. Especially now that we are approaching Easter, they all wish to go to Heaven. That is why I increase your suffering during this time of the year. Also, you must realise that people die every day. They all need help and guidance.”

Jesus always guides me and encourages me during my suffering and consoles me. He says, “Do not decide to do anything on your own, because you will then have trouble, but offer to Me and I will guide you and decide what is right and what is wrong for you to do.” Jesus decides for me, who I am to pray and to suffer for in order to protect me from any attacks from the evil one.

When I go through the physical pain in my body, which is so intense that I keep tossing and turning in bed, our Lord would come and say, “Keep still, so that I can work better on you.”

I said, “Lord, it is so painful, that I cannot take it anymore.”

He would allow me to suffer most of the night and then He would take the pain away and give me a few hours of restful sleep in the early morning. Even though, most of the night I had endured all that pain and suffering, with very little sleep, when I am about to get up in the morning, I would usually have energy and be able to go about my daily routine and complete my chores, because our Lord gives me His Grace and Strength.

Blessed Mother showed me how all this suffering I go through is used to cleanse the Holy Souls and help them to go to Heaven.

She usually takes me to see the souls in Purgatory and to show me how they suffer. She would then take me to the side, to a little kitchenette and show me many, many dirty dishes that need washing. These dirty dishes represent the sins of the Holy Souls; the sins they did not repent of before they died. Through all my sufferings, prayers and Holy Mass offerings for them, these dirty dishes are then washed and become spotless.

After washing them, Blessed Mother and I step back, and we look at all the spotless dishes and she says, “Are they not all beautiful, all spotless and clean.”

I asked, “Blessed Mother, there were so many souls here and now they are gone. Where are they now?”

She answers, “Now they are all happy, raised to their Heavenly Home. See, with all your suffering you produce good fruits and at the same time you console my Son Jesus.

Thank you, Lord Jesus for your Grace.