Sunday morning. Our Blessed Mother appeared to me and said, “Come, My child, with Me and I will show you all the suffering souls, and you will see how much they need your prayers.”

Suddenly, we find ourselves in a very ugly place, a remote area, comprising of slopes, slippery, muddy and grey, with ditches flowing between them. There were a lot of people, mainly men, their ankles manacled by a thick chain, which was attached to a pipe, which seemed to me like a sewer. Their clothing was filthy. The chain was only a metre long and they struggled to climb the slopes only to have the chain pull them back again.

I said to Holy Mary, “Blessed Mother, why do they have to suffer so much?” “What have they done?”

She answered, “See, My child, these people are still tied to their worldly possessions. They don’t want to give them up. That is why they have to suffer so much. These were wealthy people and still, after they die, they don’t want to give up their worldly possessions. That is why they keep sinking into the mud. Above all, you must not be attached to worldly goods, because in God’s eyes they are worthless. You should not accumulate goods and don’t be greedy, wanting to possess everything. Be free of attachments and help others. That way you will be free and easy coming to the Lord and He will reward you in Heaven.”

I asked Holy Mary, “Blessed Mother, what am I to do for all these people, they seem so sad?”

She answered, “That is why I brought you here so you can pray and help them and tell others to pray for the Holy Souls to release them from suffering.”

We stood there watching them, and I said, “Blessed Mother, I feel so depressed seeing these people in such a horrible state. What is the point of living if we have to suffer so much after we die?”

She hugged me and replied, “Yes, My child, it does make you depressed.
Come, I will take you quickly to the Heavenly Father. This depression will be taken from you.”

Suddenly, we were walking through a beautiful place, like a rainforest filled with trees and ferns. I could hear birds singing and sunlight was shining through, leaving me with a happy, peaceful sensation.

Holy Mary said, “There, My child, you are feeling better now, aren’t you?”

I answered, “Yes, Blessed Mother, but I will never forget and I feel very sorry for those people.”

“People of earth, please take note of what I have said. These souls cannot pray for themselves. They need our prayers to release them.”

Lord, be merciful to all the Holy Souls.