19th January 2009

When I prayed this morning, in my offering, Mary most Holy came to greet me. She was very sad, a drop of blood streamed down from her eye, across her cheek and down to Her chin. I asked my mother, “Why are you so sad and weeping tears of blood?”

She answered, “My child, I am so sorrowful please console Me. These tears of blood are most painful.”

“I am so sorrowful to see the world sinking deeper and deeper into an abyss of sin, and rebelling in all directions and not acknowledging the existence of their God and Creator. How hurt and offended he is.”

I then asked our Blessed Mother. “When is Jesus coming? Maybe if He would give some sign to the world, then they will know of His existence.”

Holy Mary became more cheerful then with a little smile, “He sent Me to tell you the more you promote Me to people one to another to accept Me and spread My devotion from group to group, from person to person has to be spread throughout the world so that I will be accepted and then peace will come. God will send peace to the world. The world must accept Me as the true Mother of God and My Son Jesus, then it will all happen through Me.”

“My children, it is all up to you to help us. The quicker you spread this message the quicker Jesus will come.”

I said, “My Mother, what about those who reject this plan of devotion to you?”

Holy Mary smiled and said, “You pray for them!”

Then She left me quickly.