19th June

The Holy Virgin Mary spoke to me today and said, “Tell people to repent, not to postpone. What is the point of coming to Church for Holy Mass, if they don’t repent and live in sin, which stains their soul so that it is not clean before God? Your life is short here on earth and you are never ready, when God calls you and judges you within a minute and shows you your life. How embarrassed you are for all the faults you have committed and for the long purgatory and sufferings you prepared for yourselves.”

“How sad I am my children, when you don’t decide rightly and prefer to go the wrong way when temptations lead you, rather than along the road of life, which leads to God. My little daughter, tell people to make sacrifices, do penance and be converted. You don’t have much time. Great events will soon take place and terrible things are to come. Let people get ready and think more about their souls, not only about their bodies.”

“This is my warning, and tell them that I wish them to be converted as soon as possible. These are my Holy words: penance, penance, penance! (Three times she repeated this word: ‘pokora’ – penance). I am your Mother and I want to save you. Take notice, listen to me, don’t laugh. Why are you already preparing your own judgement here on Earth!”

In this vision I saw a lot of water, which was flowing fast and covered all the lands and the trees were all milled under and the mud was moving fast and there was a storm. The sun also was shown to me, red like blood. Around the sun was a big circle, black, something horrible. I understood that these were not good omens.

The Holy Mary, our dear Mother, continuously warns us about the future that people may make peace with God and live according to God’s law. And if we live injustice, there is always hope for all of us.

I replied, “Thank you our dear Mother Holy Virgin Mary, our Mediatrix. Pray for us!”