1st January

St. Raphael Slovenian Church.

The Blessed Mother came to me after Holy Communion and said, “I want to tell you My child, tell my people to pray much more and to do more penance. Oh My children, so little sacrifice and penance is being offered to God. People like to have a good life and all the worldly goods that the devil offers them. He does all this to confuse people and take them away from God.”

Then the Blessed Mother said again, “I try to lead you on the right path, but so few listen. I tell you that God is offended too much. His just hand is lowering down to correct you and this year there will be many catastrophic events happening everywhere throughout the world. God wants his people to bow down and ask for forgiveness of their offences and sins. My daughter, people are blind if they don’t recognise what is happening. Look at this city. All around is catastrophic fire and heat, and you are so restricted of rain. He allows this to happen. People must return and pray and repent. They must realise that God is in charge of all these things and of everything. Tell people that I urge you to pass this message to them and to listen to My word and to take these messages seriously. I am your loving Mother who cares for all my children, but you must listen to me and My Son. Don’t be afraid my child, go tell everyone these warnings. They are not yours, but Ours from heaven. We are with you always to protect you, I bless you and I give you guidance and peace”

I replied, “Thankyou My mother. I will do what You ask of me. I love You.”