2 November 2017

2 November 2017

All Souls’ Day


Today I had the intention of going to the Cemetery to visit my late son and late husband.


I was preparing to go to the florist to buy some flowers. My brother-in-law offered to drive me. He waited outside with the car and asked if I was ready to go. I said to him to wait a few minutes so that I can get my wallet from inside my home.


I rushed into my house to get my wallet. When I came to the kitchen our Lord said to me, “You cannot do that. There is a much more urgent need for you to go to Mass right away! Offer Me all the souls that were amongst during the night and for whom you suffered.”


All night I suffered the most terrible pain on the right side of the back of my neck. No matter which pain killers I took, nothing reduced the pain. I had to endure the pain for these souls.


Jesus said, “These souls have been retained in Purgatory for a long time. They were making reparation for the debts attributed to their sins while they were still alive.”


“But today their liberation is coming. That is why I urge you to go to Mass. You have to offer them to Me so that they can come into the Light. Most of these souls will go to Heaven today. Quickly, go to Mass and offer them to Me, they are waiting to go to Heaven.”


Our Lord Jesus said, “While your intention was to go to the cemetery, you can go another time. Your family and relatives are safe. They are already with Me.”


A minute later, my brother-in-law walks into my kitchen and says, “Sorry Valentina, I cannot go anywhere. My car will not start.” He then ran out.


I exclaimed, “Lord Jesus, what are You doing?”


Jesus answered, “I had to stop the car because your priority is to go to Mass and offer Me the Holy Souls. This is very urgent.”


I did what our Lord asked me to do and walked to the bus stop to catch the next bus to Parramatta.


I arrived at Mary Mackillop Chapel before Mass had started. I was just in time to pray and to offer the Holy Rosary and Litany to our Blessed Mother for the Holy Souls. These prayers, in union with the Holy Mass and physical suffering all benefited the Holy Souls.


In the meantime, my brother-in-law organised for his car to be fixed. I said to the Lord, “Lord, that will cost him a lot of money.”


Lord Jesus responded, “Do not worry, I shall compensate him.”


Our Lord said that when we attend Mass and offer our prayers and sacrifices on All Souls’ Day, many, many souls go to Heaven. This is a special Grace and Mercy given to them by God.


Lord have Mercy on the Holy Souls.