20 September 2020

Heaven Prepares for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

This morning while I was praying at home, the angel appeared and said, “Come with me, our Lord and Blessed Mother would like to share something beautiful with you.”

As we left together, the angel said, “Today, you will be very happy because our Lady, Blessed Mother, will show you something very beautiful, something very joyful. You receive the grace to witness, before our Lord’s Coming.”

Suddenly we found ourselves in a place which I knew immediately was Heaven.

We came to a beautiful building, which was of considerable length. I have never seen such a long building. As we entered, I was overwhelmed by the breathtaking beauty of the interior. Elegant marble flooring extended the full size of the room. Along the left and right walls, suspended above the ground, were very tall exquisite glass displays, containing clothing and other objects. The glass sparkled like pure crystal. There would be one glass display, and then there would be a partition with nothing on it, followed by the next glass display and this continued along the length of the room.

Blessed Mother greeted us and said, “Come, my daughter, I wait for you. I have a lot of beautiful things to reveal to you today.”

“First of all, you have to help me to prepare the tables for the beautiful wedding banquet,” she said.

There were other saintly ladies also helping. Blessed Mother was very active, moving around, busily organising things. About a quarter of the room had round wooden tables, and the rest of the room was empty.

Blessed Mother said, “See, all these tables, I want you to help me to refresh the tablecloths.”

The tablecloths were all white. We started removing the old ones and covering each of the tables with fresh ones.

While we were removing the old tablecloths, Blessed Mother instructed us to place them on a particular sofa chair, the only chair in the room. I thought the cloths would be taken away for cleaning later on.

All of a sudden, our Lord Jesus appeared as a ten-year-old. He leisurely came over and sat on top of the tablecloths that we had just placed on the sofa chair. He was watching us and acting like a child of his age, completely relaxed as he sat on top of the tablecloths.

I said to our Lord, “You shouldn’t sit on them; we have to take them away to be cleaned.”

He said, “Why not? I can sit anywhere I want to! “

Blessed Mother smiled at our Lord and gently said, “Just let Him be.”

Our Lord said, “Do you know that I have just come to watch you all, and also to tell you that I Am never far away, I Am always with you.”

We covered all of the tables except for one. This table was smaller than all the others, and there were not enough tablecloths to cover this last table.

Blessed Mother said, “Go over to the displays, and that is where you will find another one.”

We all went together, following Blessed Mother. Suddenly she started singing, with a full voice:
“O Glory, O Glory, O Glory and praise to You my Lord.”

With her hands raised, glorifying our Lord, she kept repeating the above words. She was so joyful and happy. The Child Jesus did not come with us, remaining on the sofa chair.

I whispered to the saintly ladies, “What a beautiful voice Blessed Mother has. I’ve never seen her so happy!”

Blessed Mother heard me. She turned around, came to me and hugged me.

I said, “Blessed Mother, what happened to you? Why are you so happy?”

I have never seen Blessed Mother so happy. Usually, I see her with tears in her eyes.

She replied, “You, too should be happy and joyful. It is the Second Coming of my Son! It is at hand! It is so near, and we are preparing. You too should sing, and praise the Lord Jesus. All Heaven is happy and is preparing for the Second Coming.”

After that, I asked the saintly ladies, “Are we allowed to go and get the tablecloth?”

They answered, “The Blessed Mother said so, she has allowed us to.”

When we came to open the huge glass display, my guardian angel appeared and said, “Now it is time for you and me to go. It was enough for you to witness what is coming.”

The last table was not covered and will not be covered until the Prophecy is fulfilled.

Later that day, during Holy Mass, our Lord Jesus said to me, “Valentina, what we showed you this morning is all Truth. We want you to witness all that is coming. But aren’t you happy and privileged that you are chosen for this time? You were chosen for the End Times to witness all that is coming to the world. You should be very happy and joyful because this is something beautiful that will transform the world.”