This morning at Sam, I was wide awake and I started to pray the Holy Rosary. My niece was beside me asleep.

All of a sudden, someone shook me by my shoulder and I could hear them saying to me, “Lift Me up, lift Me up.”

I turned around and saw a little Boy standing beside my bed next to me.

I turned to Him and I said, “But I don’t know You.” I thought, He may be a little soul that needs my help and prayers.

This little Boy said, with a very sad expression on His face, “How come you don’t know Me. Everyday you tell Me how much you love Me and you praise Me, yet you say you don’t know Me?”

I had a shock as I then recognised our Lord as the Infant Jesus. I felt very sad because I had denied knowing Him.

Again He repeated, “Lift Me up, lift Me up.” He said, “I am like a child that wants to be lifted into the arms of adults. I’m consistently begging for people to lift Me up but people remain indifferent, they find excuses not to lift Me up.”

“You praise Me every day, you lift Me up every day. 1 want you to lift Me up to the Most High above all. No one can harm you I am always with you. Lift Me up and don’t be afraid.”

Jesus loves when we praise Him. In this way we console Him. He begs us to talk about Him and not to deny Him. When we do this we lift Him up to the Most High. Lifting Him up is to glorify Him.
I said, “Glory to You Lord Jesus that You may be praised forever and