22 July 2015

Gates of Heaven

While I was saying my morning prayers, our Blessed Mother appeared to me.
She said, “How bad the world is today, and how sinful it is, and it is getting worse. Encourage people to pray more and encourage them to convert.”
She said, “Pope Francis is working very hard right now to proclaim the Word of God and to encourage people to turn to God, to think of Heaven, because Heaven is your Home My children.”

She then showed me a huge Garden with the gates wide open and said to me, “Tell the children to decide now, to prepare and change their lives, to live more spiritual lives rather than materialistic lives.  My Son will soon close the Gates.”

In my heart I felt this was very serious. I knew that once the Gates are closed, there is no more Mercy for humanity.

Our Blessed Mother said, “I am very sad for the world. I cry so much for the children who are lost.”

She asked me to console our Lord and to spread Her message.