22nd January

The Blessed Mother, Mary most Holy, during prayer, she told me, “My daughter, once more I come to warn the people that they must pray more. Look what is happening to this country of Australia. Are they blind not to see that through this drought and fires, the land is all parched and dry? They must plead to Almighty God the Father, that this catastrophic event will not come upon you all, and to stop offending God for He is too much offended already by so many sins committed in this country and all over the world. Man must not rebel against God for He created you all.”

“The devil is leading you all where ever he wants and people permit themselves to be lead in the darkness of infernal sin. Tell people if they do not change and pray then the just hand of God shall reach upon you all soon. How I plead with you, my children, to pray. At least my faithful children. Help to save others, through your sacrifices and prays, who are blind and deaf to Our call. Tell my children that I still cry, and to take these Holy words seriously.”

“I love you, my children, please console my Immaculate Heart which constantly bleeds for all of you. My daughter, fear not to tell others. We are with you always to guide you and protect you. I Bless you all, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

I answered, “Thankyou my beautiful Mother Mary. Please save us and help us.”