22nd September

This morning while praying, I made my morning offering. During the previous night, I had been tormented very much by the evil one. I had kept calling to Heaven for help and relief from the endless torment that seemed never ending, but didn’t receive any help. I finished prayers and went into the kitchen to prepare breakfast when Our Lord surprised me. Accompanied by two Angels, He embraced me and said, “Come here, my little Jack with straight hair.” He and the Angels started laughing and I laughed too.

Then Our Lord said to the Angels, “See, last night she had all these things in her hair to make her hair curly, but because she was afraid of the devil, her hair is now all straight!”

I said to the Lord, “My Lord, if you had been tormented by the devil as I was. Your hair would be straight also.”

They continued to laugh at all this. Then Our Lord said to me, “My child, I came to guarantee you that he is on one side of the fence and that you are on the other side. I want to assure you that he cannot take you away from Me. I was there watching and will not permit him to harm you. If you only know the suffering you had and the fruits you produce, you would be more than happy. To endure the suffering that I permit, many, many Souls went to Heaven.”

Then my annoyance disappeared, and I prepared breakfast. I said to Our Blessed Mother, “I can’t believe that Our Lord would call me by a nickname.”

She appeared, smiling, and said, “My Son likes to have a little joke with His children to make them aware that He is part of your lives and wants to share everything with His children, even a joke.”

We should always trust Our Lord no matter what comes our way. He is always watching over us. We should not give up easily.