23 April 2024

We Should Praise Our Lord Jesus

This morning, the angel came and took me to a place in Purgatory, where the first thing I noticed was the multitude of jugs! There were so many of them; they were very dirty, old, and made of aluminium.

I asked the angel, “What are all these jugs doing on the floor?”

The angel said, “You have to make them clean and polish them.”

“Alright, I’ll take three, and I will clean them,” I replied. Cleaning the jugs is to help the Holy Souls.

I took three jugs from the very front. The angel said, “Come with me, and I will show you where you can get soapy water and steel wool to clean them.”

The angel led me to a beautiful house nearby. I knocked on the open door. I nearly stepped inside, but I thought, ‘No, show respect—I better ask if they can lend me some soapy water and steel wool.’

As I stood there, I could see that the soapy water and steel wool were already on the floor down the house hallway. I stepped inside and took the water and steel wool, and I went back outside, placed the water on the ground in front of the house, knelt, and started cleaning the jugs.

When I first took the jugs, they were little, about twenty-five centimetres tall, but the more I cleaned them, they grew taller, to about half a metre.

While I was cleaning, a man came out of the house and said, “I have no privacy anymore since all these people take over,” indicating with his hand in a sweeping motion.

I said to him, “Don’t be upset. One day, you’ll be happy, and you will not regret it.” I did not recognise this man. He then walked away. The man wore an elegant suit and carried a briefcase in his right hand. He was very distinguished-looking. I thought to myself, ‘That person is not a soul.’

While kneeling and cleaning the jugs, making them shiny, I looked over at the many dirty jugs still needing cleaning. I said to the angel, “Oh my, by the time I do all of them, it looks like I will be here forever. There are so many!”

The angel said, “Well, next time.”

Suddenly, a little toddler, about two years old, appeared. He held a square plate in his hand on which sat a thin square pastry. He said, “Would you like to taste my apple pie?”

“Ohh,” I said, “Not right now, I’m busy. But maybe later on.”

He kept moving around me with his apple pie.

I thought, ‘Oh, children, they touch everything and then make pastry with their unwashed hands.’

He said, “You promised you would taste my apple pie. Taste it. I made it myself.”

I said, “Oh, good boy.”

I chipped off a little bit of the corner of the apple pie and tasted it.

I said, “Oh, it tastes good.” The toddler smiled and was happy. Before tasting the apple pie, I was quite overwhelmed and depressed by the amount of cleaning I had to do. But after tasting the apple pie, my spirit lifted, and the depression completely left me.

He continued to surround me while I was kneeling and polishing the jugs. As I finished cleaning, a Confessional Box made of copper-looking material appeared before me. It also needed cleaning and polishing.

The angel said, “Blessed Mother is very particular. Try to get off as much of the marks as you can.”

I said, “Yes, I will make it clean.”

I polished and polished, but you know, copper, you can’t get rid of all the smudges—little marks remain in places. I could not reach the top of the Confessional as it was very high.

The little boy said to me, “See, this is the Confessional Box. They collect dust because hardly any people use them.”

Admiring and looking at the Confessional, which I had just cleaned, I knelt again and said, “I had better get rid of this soapy water and steel wool.”

The angel said, “Get some clean water. You don’t need any steel wool.” Suddenly, a clean, beautiful, round dish of water appeared in front of me where I was kneeling. The angel then brought me a little pink-coloured sponge.

The little toddler remained around me the whole time. He stood near me and asked, “Would you like to wash my hands?” Oh, I was so touched looking at his beautiful little hands. After I washed them, he then said, “What about my face?”

I said, “You don’t need to wash your face.”

He said, “No, no, I want you to wash my face.”

I then washed his face with the little sponge. He said, “I am like a child, and I get dirty too, touching things and eating.”

As I was washing the toddler’s face, a man in a suit appeared next to us, the same person who had left the house earlier, but this time he did not have a briefcase. The toddler looked up and said to the man, “Hello, Father.”

He responded, “Hello.”

The man looked down at me with a stern look, then left and returned to the house.

At that moment, as I washed the toddler’s face and admired his beauty and rosy red and chubby cheeks, he looked directly into my eyes—his little eyes pierced straight through me, deep into my soul. The look was so overpowering that I knew He could see my whole inner being. Then, at that moment, I realised that the Toddler is our Lord Jesus! The Man in the suit is God the Father!

When I finished washing our Lord’s little Face, suddenly, our Lord appeared to my right as a grown Man, about twenty years of age. The little Toddler and the apple pie disappeared. I looked up to our Lord Jesus, and He smiled. Suddenly, a saintly lady appeared, and other people were also present. She said, “I am a Saint from Heaven, and I am from the Caribbean.”

I said, “Oh, pleased to meet you.” She did not say her name.

She pointed to our Lord Jesus and said, “He is such a good Man. Such a good Man and God. He saved and redeemed millions and millions of people already. Everybody should be so grateful to Him, praising Him, and loving Him. How many millions of people He redeemed—He is such a good God.” I could see our Lord was so happy when she said that.

She was praising our Lord as she was telling me this.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for Your goodness and Your mercy.