23 February 2024

We are Now in Very Dangerous Times

In the morning, while I was praying, the angel came and said, “Our Lord has sent me to tell you to come with me.”
Suddenly, the angel and I found ourselves in Heaven, standing with a group of saints and angels.
They said, “The times you are living in now are very dangerous. Right now, you should pray very much for President Putin. He is very close to sending a nuclear missile. He is very determined to do so, and it can happen at any time.”
“You people on earth, you take things too easily and don’t care much about this. Putin is very angry at everything and everyone. He hates the West.”
Then one of the angels in the group said, “You know, when the people will find out about this, many will try to come to Russia to be protected there. They will think that this is the only safe place in the world, while the missiles will hit the western world.”
While we were standing there, Father Valerian, my late parish priest, suddenly appeared and stood with us in the group.
He had a sad look on his face. He came up very close to me and said to the group, “Why I have come is to talk to Valentina and to warn her of this danger. She must warn people to take this message seriously and to tell people to become more spiritual. Nothing is more important now than to become more spiritual and to be united to our Lord Jesus in prayer. That is the only solution for your protection. Prayer and repentance are what our Lord Jesus wants from all humanity. Maybe if people pray and change, there is still hope that our Lord can save you from this dangerous situation that is upon you all.”
After meeting with the angels and saints, the angel accompanying me said, “Come with me. The Blessed Mother wants to see you and talk to you.”
We had walked a short distance when we suddenly came to a beautiful place and found ourselves indoors. There I could see Blessed Mother surrounded by Saintly ladies talking to her.
As we approached Blessed Mother, I could hear her say to one of the saintly ladies, “Bring me a container.”
The saintly lady returned with a beautiful dish and placed it in front of Blessed Mother. It was like a bowl of pale blue colour; inside, I could see all white ingredients—similar to semolina. With a wooden spoon in her hand, Blessed Mother slowly began to mix the white ingredients.
I thought to myself, ‘What does that represent? If the ingredients are white, then it must be something good.’
All of a sudden, two little boys, about nine years of age, appeared around Blessed Mother. One of the little boys was our Lord Jesus, and the other was His guardian angel.
Little Lord Jesus came up very close to His Mother while His little guardian angel stayed behind Him. Lord Jesus took the spoon from His Mother, Mary Most Holy. She permitted Him to stir. I watched as He slowly started to stir the ingredients. As He was doing this, He looked around with a cheeky look.
I thought, ‘Oh, any minute, He will be throwing chunks of the mixture at the people.’
Suddenly, He stopped mixing and started to throw chunks of the mixture at people standing around, including the angel and myself.
As I was thinking to myself, ‘..and we deserve it..’ a huge chunk came flying towards me, landing on my chest.
Then He stopped, and Blessed Mother said, “My Son knows how much you worry when you receive a very serious message, so He likes to cheer you up and to play so that you don’t think about this too much.”
Our Blessed Mother confirmed the message, saying, “Warn people and tell them this is a serious message. Tell people to convert and to change and to pray.”